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100% chance of rain for the entire day. That is what the weather channel was calling for on Ben & Mollie’s wedding day. The rain was coming down heavy as we made our way to Anderson, IN. The girls were getting ready in Mollie’s family home, the guys were at the country club of Ben’s father’s neighborhood. As we were photographing the bridal party getting ready we noticed something magical start to happen. The heavy rain was passing over and only a small sprinkle of rain came down occasionally from that point forward. As they arrived at the church the rain stopped altogether. The ceremony started out with laughter and hums of ‘awwwww’ as the ring bearers and flower girl made their way to the front of the church. Then the doors in the back of the church. Mollie wowed as she walked down the aisle with her father to her husband-to-be. The ceremony had beautiful readings, special moments, and a few tears as Ben & Mollie joined together in marriage. After it was announced they were husband and wife they high fived and then proceeded to their first kiss. It was a moment of pure joy.

A short trolley ride to Noblesville, IN had the bridal party arriving at the beautiful Mustard Seed Gardens for the reception. The garden smelled like spring as the blooms were just starting to blossom. We brought the ladies near the lush green trees to capture them. Mollie picked out the most incredible dress for her ladies, it’s the same dress that can be tied and shaped several different ways. It was absolutely stunning on all of them. The wedding dress Mollie wore looked stunning on her, she even had pockets in the dress! The bridal party joined in a few portraits before heading off to cocktail hour. We walked around the garden with Mollie & Ben, capturing them along the way. On several occasions they had us laughing until our jaws ached. The day was truly about love, laughter, and happily ever after.

The inside of the barn was perfection. Tall ceiling, epic details, beautiful draping. The dinner that was served was delicious and to top it off they had a donut bar filled with all sorts of tasty treats. Mollie & Ben really know how to put together an amazing reception! We ended our time at the reception by sneaking them down the road a little ways for a few final portraits. It was a nice way end our time with them. Big congrats again to Mollie & Ben on their marriage! We were honored to travel down to Indiana to capture their amazing day. Enjoy and take a moment to also look back at their hot (literally hot, summer day) engagement session.

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You know when everything alines just perfectly to create magic? That is the best way to describe this amazing Sleeping Bear Dunes wedding near Traverse City. When first meeting Justin & Amanda it was easy to see the love between these two high school sweethearts. They joyfully strolled along the Lake Michigan, taking in the warm sunshine. Amanda stunned in a designer dress by Jillian Fellers Bridal. The flow of the dress as the wind collected in the fabric was mesmerizing to watch. Amanda had her soft curls and glowing make up done by Memorable Occasions. Justin looked dapper in a suit rented from Natalie’s Bridal & Tuxedo in Traverse City.

Nearby the team from Sincerely Ginger Weddings  put together the beautiful decor and styled the details. Rachel, the owner of SGW, has a knack and eye for the details. The table had gorgeous gems/crystals from Korner Gem and stunning floral by the amazing Stems & Sprigs. The cheese platter that was indulged in later was from The Cheese Lady and wine from Chateau Chantal was sipped on as they enjoyed the incredible views. It was lovely to see how well the invitation suite from Sable & Gray Paper Co and the delicious cake from Simply Sweet by Jessica worked into the style/decor of the wedding.

Justin & Amanda spent most of their time along side the water, but as the sun began to set they had an idea. They changed into casual clothing and gathered their paddle boards. The sun was setting fast as they paddle out into Lake Michigan. It truly is unreal how strikingly beautiful those images are, especially as the paddled close enough to give each other a big kiss. It was truly the most incredible day, filled with magic. We loved being able to capture their love along the lake shore. Enjoy!



The weather in Traverse City was strange this year, it barely snowed but when it did snow it came in heavy. That is what Brittany and Nick experienced on the day of their engagement session. Prior to their session they were concerned that there wouldn’t be any snow. They came up to Traverse City for their winter engagement session and were greeted with snow and strong winds. Thankfully they embraced the winter weather and snuggled up close for the pictures. The falling snow was the perfect addition to their beautiful engagement pictures.

Their session started in the morning down at the Duncan L Clinch Marina in downtown Traverse city.  There was such beauty in the overcast sky and empty harbor as the happy couple walked around. The strong winds, however, made it difficult to stay outside for too long. So we brought Brittany and Nick into the winds and away from the winds.

Away from the harbor the snow fell softly into Brittany’s beautiful red hair as Nick playfully nuzzled kisses on his wife-to-be. It was a nice change from the blowing winds by the water. With all the snow coming down it only made sense to stop for a few minutes and have the couple build a small snowman. Afterwards, Brittany and Nick warmed up and changed outfits. The sun started to peek through the clouds as we made our way out to the trails nearby. It was a great way to finish up their cold, but wonderful winter engagement portraits.

Thank you again to Nick & Brittany for embracing the cold and rocking your engagement session. We can hardly wait to photograph your upcoming wedding in Gaylord this year! Enjoy.

Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0001Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0002Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0003Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0004

The wind was blowing so strong at this point, but it was beautiful.

Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0005Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0006Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0007Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0008Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0009Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0011Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0010Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0012Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0013Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0014Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0015Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0017Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0016Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0018Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0019Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0020Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0021

The powdery snow made it difficult to create a snowman, but the managed to still create one.

Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0022Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0024Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0023
Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0025Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0026Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0027Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0029Traverse City Winter Engagement Pictures_0028


It was such an honor to photograph Amber and her husband Chuck for their pregnancy pictures on a cold, snowy morning. Amber has been around since I first started out with my business. When I needed someone to model for me she happily jumped in front of the camera. When she got engaged we photographed their engagement portraits and their winter wedding. Now she’s in front of the camera for her beautiful pregnancy portraits. It’s been a beautiful photographic journey and it’s only just begun.

I joined Amber and Chuck (and their adorable pup Marcel) on a sunny winter’s day. Amber looked stunning in her floor-length blue dress, something she picked up to wear for her baby shower. Chuck coordinated perfectly with his plaid shirt that had subtle touches of teal in it. The breeze that day was chilly, but the shining sun helped keep them warm. The beautiful trees also helped block the wind and provided a beautiful surrounding for the parents-to-be. After a quick warm up, and outfit change, Amber & Chuck joined me back outside to finish up their maternity photos. They even brought along a little pair of cowboy boots the have for their son. It was adorable.

Thank you again, Amber and Chuck for all the fun that day! We can hardly wait to meet your son and photograph him for years to come. Huge congratulations again, your little baby boy, he will be here so soon. Until then enjoy sleep and the silence. Hugs!

Winter pregnancy portraits_0001Winter pregnancy portraits_0002Winter pregnancy portraits_0003Winter pregnancy portraits_0004Winter pregnancy portraits_0005Winter pregnancy portraits_0006Winter pregnancy portraits_0007

Her simple cross, her beautiful wedding ring, that gorgeous smile, and the perfect baby growing inside–love it!

Winter pregnancy portraits_0008Winter pregnancy portraits_0009

Such a unexpected and sweet moment between the parents-to-be.

Winter pregnancy portraits_0010Winter pregnancy portraits_0011Winter pregnancy portraits_0012Winter pregnancy portraits_0013Winter pregnancy portraits_0014Winter pregnancy portraits_0015

The image below makes me laugh every time I look at it. Amber know the perfect way to quickly warm up her cold hands.

Winter pregnancy portraits_0016Winter pregnancy portraits_0017Winter pregnancy portraits_0018Winter pregnancy portraits_0019Winter pregnancy portraits_0020Winter pregnancy portraits_0021

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