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It’s incredible how so many talented wedding vendors can come together to create one cohesive styled shoot. That is exactly what happened for the recent winter styled shoot at Willowbrook Mill in beautiful Northport, MI.

The shoot stemmed from a simple idea; we wanted to show off how beautiful a winter wedding in Northern Michigan truly could be. Winter is the most overlooked season, but truly one of the most beautiful. That idea blossomed with each wedding professional that joined in the planning process.

I want to share with you how amazing each and every vendor was. These vendors are top notch and we were honored to work alongside of them.

Stacy at Juniper and Lace Events went above and beyond (like she always does) organizing, planning, and orchestrating the day. She took the idea and ran with it. Connecting more and more vendors to the shoot; growing it to the impressively styled shoot it became.

Even the models themselves were wedding professional, it was great to get them out from behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Katie is a talented esthetician and JP is a fantastic photographer. They are an adorable real-life couple that made the shoot what it was.

One Oak Bride provided the wedding gown. The first dress that One Oak Bride had picked didn’t arrive in time, but instead, this showstopper of a dream dress was picked for the shoot. It was the happiest accident that could have happened.

307 Events provided the amazing decor and b-e-a-utiful floral. The rich berry colors with touches of hunter green and navy blue had our hearts fluttering. It was incredible to see the set up for the lounge area by the fire, the reception table, AND the outdoor ceremony space.

M.O. Hair and Beauty lounge enhanced Katie’s natural beauty. They way they do hair and makeup is an art form in itself. The soft color make up palette meshed wonderfully with the beautiful updo they did in Katie’s hair. Even as the day progressed and the winds picked up it still looked amazing!

Holly Thomas Design created a whole design suite that went perfectly along with the aesthetic of the decor, colors, and feeling of the shoot. The watercolor floral on the invitations, menu cards, and hand lettering on macaron desserts were so beautiful I felt like it all should have been framed afterward.

Miner’s North Jewelry provided their signature line, the always sparkling Lake Shore Diamond collection of men’s and women’s rings. The shine and sparkle of that cut really added that wow factor to the images.

Grandview Catering ran with the idea of winter, comfort foods. Let me describe a few of the tasty items they made (have a napkin handy to catch the mouth-watering). Appetizers were short rib mini pot pies, deconstructed lobster mac & cheese bites, and roasted cauliflower soup sippers. Then for dinner?! They went all out creating winter vegetable hash, pistachio crusted lamps chops, and herb & garlic roasted game hen. Yum in the tum!

Willowbrook Mill was the perfect space to host the styled winter wedding. Each location that we used (the cocktail hour/lounge space, the mill/outdoor ceremony location, and the stunning reception area) was beautiful to begin with. Adding the decor just amplified the beauty of each area.

Gigi and LaClede provided the fur that kept Katie warm during the hours we spent outside for the styled wedding. It had that classic, cozy winter style while adding a beautiful texture to photograph.

That French Place outdid themselves with the beautiful watercolor inspired brie and fit macarons that served as place cards for the table. They were delicious and beautiful, with a fig filled center to boot! They also brought along a chocolate ganache pie that paired perfectly with champagne in the evening.

LM Visuals traveled up from Grand Rapids to capture the videography of the event. They were wonderful to work alongside of and were efficient in putting together an incredible film. I can barely wait to show you the film (and big news) tomorrow!

The Styled Shoot Team truly came together perfectly to show of the grandness that a winter wedding in Northern Michigan is. We can’t thank each of them enough! Hugs!!

Northport Wedding_0002Northport Wedding_0003Northport Wedding_0004Northport Wedding_0005Northport Wedding_0006Northport Wedding_0007Northport Wedding_0008Northport Wedding_0009Northport Wedding_0010Northport Wedding_0011Northport Wedding_0012Northport Wedding_0013Northport Wedding_0014Northport Wedding_0015Northport Wedding_0016Northport Wedding_0018Northport Wedding_0017Northport Wedding_0020Northport Wedding_0022Northport Wedding_0021Northport Wedding_0023Northport Wedding_0024Northport Wedding_0025Northport Wedding_0026Northport Wedding_0028Northport Wedding_0027Northport Wedding_0029Northport Wedding_0030Northport Wedding_0031Northport Wedding_0032Northport Wedding_0033Northport Wedding_0034Northport Wedding_0035Northport Wedding_0036Northport Wedding_0037Northport Wedding_0038Northport Wedding_0039Northport Wedding_0040Northport Wedding_0041Northport Wedding_0042Northport Wedding_0043Northport Wedding_0044Northport Wedding_0045Northport Wedding_0046Northport Wedding_0047Northport Wedding_0048Northport Wedding_0049Northport Wedding_0050Northport Wedding_0051Northport Wedding_0052Northport Wedding_0053Northport Wedding_0054Northport Wedding_0055Northport Wedding_0056Northport Wedding_0057Northport Wedding_0058Northport Wedding_0059Northport Wedding_0060Northport Wedding_0061Northport Wedding_0062Northport Wedding_0063Northport Wedding_0064Northport Wedding_0065Northport Wedding_0066Northport Wedding_0067Northport Wedding_0068Northport Wedding_0069Northport Wedding_0071Northport Wedding_0070Northport Wedding_0072Northport Wedding_0073Northport Wedding_0074Northport Wedding_0076Northport Wedding_0075Northport Wedding_0077Northport Wedding_0078Northport Wedding_0079Northport Wedding_0080Northport Wedding_0081Northport Wedding_0082Northport Wedding_0083Northport Wedding_0084Northport Wedding_0085Northport Wedding_0086Northport Wedding_0087Northport Wedding_0088Northport Wedding_0089Northport Wedding_0090


Park Place Hotel Wedding_0001

It is one of the biggest honors as a photographer to capture the wedding of another wedding industry professional, let alone someone I am happy to call my friend. When I moved to Traverse City more than two years ago Whittney was the first person I connected with. I saw her amazing artistry that she creates with hair & makeup and was excited to hire her to be my stylist.

Whittney reached out to me a while back about capturing her New Years Eve wedding and showed me the gold sequin dress she planned on wearing and I was hooked!! The only thing she wished for was snow on her wedding day. And the days leading up to her wedding her prayers were answered. In Traverse City, we received nearly two feet of snow! It was absolutely magical looking.

I arrived at Whittney’s home as she finished getting her hair and makeup done by her amazing friends and family at Memorable Occasions. Before stepping into her dress, Whitteny surprised her daughter with a couple meaningful necklaces that brought tears to her eyes.

Across town Alex was photographing Justin as he got groomed and pampered by Chad at The Hair Code Salon. Afterward, he was off to the Park Place Hotel to finish getting ready.

Whittney and Justin opted for a first look (which is always our favorite to capture). The snow-covered streets and trees looked lovely in the background of their images. And the moment that Justin turned around to see his bride-to-be was amazing and literally jaw-dropping.

To warm up for a few minutes they traveled downtown to Espresso Bay, the place where they had their first date. They sat in the exact spot and reminisced about that first day—and talked about how far they’ve come.

Back at the Park Place Hotel, Rachel and her amazing crew at Sincerely Ginger Weddings were busy putting the final touches in place. They created a glamorous reception space that sparkled and invoked the magic that NYE is all about.

Prior to the ceremony prayers were said and the candles began to be lit. Whittney walked down the aisle with her daughter as Justin smiled from ear to ear. Between the romantic set up and the vows they shared with one another, there was hardly a dry eye in the place. It was truly a beautiful wedding.

Once they said, “I DO!” they invited all their guests up to eat, drink, and dance the night away as the countdown was on for midnight. From the top of the Park Place Hotel, everyone could easily see the annual cherry ball drop on the street below. Their guest huddled around them as the chant began! Ten, nine……three, two, one!!! Cheers rang out, glasses clinked together, and the newlyweds kissed as fireworks lit up the night’s sky. It was a celebration of epic proportions.

We can’t thank Whittney and Justin enough for all the fun that day. We wish you guys a lifetime of love, laughter, and happily ever after. Enjoy!

Park Place Hotel Wedding_0002Park Place Hotel Wedding_0003Park Place Hotel Wedding_0004Park Place Hotel Wedding_0005Park Place Hotel Wedding_0006


Park Place Hotel Wedding_0007Whittney’s daughter opened her gift privately in her bedroom. It was such a special moment. Park Place Hotel Wedding_0008Park Place Hotel Wedding_0009Park Place Hotel Wedding_0010Park Place Hotel Wedding_0011Park Place Hotel Wedding_0012Park Place Hotel Wedding_0013

Park Place Hotel Wedding_0014Park Place Hotel Wedding_0015Park Place Hotel Wedding_0016Park Place Hotel Wedding_0017Park Place Hotel Wedding_0018Park Place Hotel Wedding_0019Park Place Hotel Wedding_0020Park Place Hotel Wedding_0021Park Place Hotel Wedding_0022Park Place Hotel Wedding_0023Park Place Hotel Wedding_0024Park Place Hotel Wedding_0025Park Place Hotel Wedding_0026Park Place Hotel Wedding_0027Park Place Hotel Wedding_0028Park Place Hotel Wedding_0029Park Place Hotel Wedding_0030Park Place Hotel Wedding_0031Park Place Hotel Wedding_0032Park Place Hotel Wedding_0033Park Place Hotel Wedding_0034Park Place Hotel Wedding_0035Park Place Hotel Wedding_0036Park Place Hotel Wedding_0037Park Place Hotel Wedding_0038Park Place Hotel Wedding_0039Park Place Hotel Wedding_0040Park Place Hotel Wedding_0041Park Place Hotel Wedding_0042Park Place Hotel Wedding_0043Park Place Hotel Wedding_0044Park Place Hotel Wedding_0045Park Place Hotel Wedding_0046Park Place Hotel Wedding_0047Park Place Hotel Wedding_0048Park Place Hotel Wedding_0049Park Place Hotel Wedding_0050Park Place Hotel Wedding_0051Park Place Hotel Wedding_0052Park Place Hotel Wedding_0053Park Place Hotel Wedding_0054Park Place Hotel Wedding_0055Park Place Hotel Wedding_0056

Park Place Hotel Wedding_0058Park Place Hotel Wedding_0057Park Place Hotel Wedding_0059Park Place Hotel Wedding_0060Park Place Hotel Wedding_0061Park Place Hotel Wedding_0062Park Place Hotel Wedding_0063Park Place Hotel Wedding_0064Park Place Hotel Wedding_0065Park Place Hotel Wedding_0066Park Place Hotel Wedding_0067Park Place Hotel Wedding_0068Park Place Hotel Wedding_0069Park Place Hotel Wedding_0070Park Place Hotel Wedding_0071Park Place Hotel Wedding_0072Park Place Hotel Wedding_0073Park Place Hotel Wedding_0074Park Place Hotel Wedding_0075Park Place Hotel Wedding_0076Park Place Hotel Wedding_0077Park Place Hotel Wedding_0078Park Place Hotel Wedding_0079Park Place Hotel Wedding_0080Park Place Hotel Wedding_0081Park Place Hotel Wedding_0082Park Place Hotel Wedding_0083Park Place Hotel Wedding_0084Park Place Hotel Wedding_0085


I first met Hanna and Nick via Skype while learning about their September wedding at Black Star Farms. They talked wedding, photography, and then mentioned they were traveling to Traverse City the following week to visit family during the holidays. That was the perfect chance for us to photograph their engagement pictures, since they live out in New Jersey and wouldn’t be back to Traverse City much before the wedding.

The next week we met up with Nick and Hanna at the beautiful Loon Song Covered Bridge in Lake Ann. The bridge looked festive for the holiday season, dressed up with lights and a giant holiday wreath. Nick & Hanna looked adorable all bundled up in preparation for the cold, we love the boots the wore as they stomped their way through the snow.

Although the bridge was lovely, we wanted another option for them. So we drove down the road and met up with them along the lake in downtown Lake Ann. It was frozen over, yet that simple look was so beautiful. Then the snow came and made it even more magical than before!

We finished off their session the best way possible, with a drink in hand from Lake Ann brewing company. Nick, Hanna, and Alex enjoyed a local beer, while I treated myself to a delicious apple cider. It was a relaxing ending to a great session. Nick and Hanna are a cool couple, and as we got to know them more during the engagement session it got us even more excited to photograph their wedding. We even had the chance to meet up with Hanna’s family during our time together at the brewing company.

Thanks again Hanna and Nick! It was a blast to hang out with you guys. Enjoy!Loon Song Covered Bridge_0001Loon Song Covered Bridge_0002Loon Song Covered Bridge_0003Loon Song Covered Bridge_0004Loon Song Covered Bridge_0005Loon Song Covered Bridge_0006

I love the way Hanna’s make up photographed. She treated herself to having it done by Abby at M.O. Beauty Lounge! So pretty!

Loon Song Covered Bridge_0007Loon Song Covered Bridge_0008Loon Song Covered Bridge_0009Loon Song Covered Bridge_0010Loon Song Covered Bridge_0011Loon Song Covered Bridge_0012Loon Song Covered Bridge_0013Loon Song Covered Bridge_0014Loon Song Covered Bridge_0015Loon Song Covered Bridge_0016Loon Song Covered Bridge_0017Loon Song Covered Bridge_0018Loon Song Covered Bridge_0019Loon Song Covered Bridge_0020Loon Song Covered Bridge_0021Loon Song Covered Bridge_0022Loon Song Covered Bridge_0023Loon Song Covered Bridge_0024Loon Song Covered Bridge_0025Loon Song Covered Bridge_0026Loon Song Covered Bridge_0027Loon Song Covered Bridge_0028Loon Song Covered Bridge_0029Loon Song Covered Bridge_0030Loon Song Covered Bridge_0031Loon Song Covered Bridge_0032Loon Song Covered Bridge_0033Loon Song Covered Bridge_0034Loon Song Covered Bridge_0035Loon Song Covered Bridge_0036


Life is tough sometimes, that’s what Whittney and Justin had to experience a few hours prior to their engagement session. They considered postponing their portrait session, but they thought it might be a welcoming distraction. Within minutes of arriving at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, they relaxed and started really enjoying the session. Then after their engagement portraits, they went out for a date night.

For their engagement pictures, they were blessed with clear skies and even a bit of sunshine. Which was welcome after raining, for what seems like a couple weeks. They kept it simple by sticking with one outfit and it looked great on them. Very classy and cozy for that crisp fall air. The nearby trails were covered with beautiful fall leaves, while green trees lined the path. It was a great spot to start their session. The sun even peeked out for a few minutes to illuminate the trees. A short distance away, the newly remodeled Commons had the look of the modern country chic style reminiscent of the show Fixer Upper. It’s a style that the couples home is decorated with. And because these images will be hung in their home afterward, it’s great to keep that in mind when choosing an engagement backdrop. So the Commons was a perfect place to end their session at.

I kept thinking how amazing they are, not only individually, but more so together. It’s their compassion and strength for helping one another out that shows how incredible their marriage is going to be. After their engagement session, we were even more excited to capture their love for their upcoming winter wedding. Thanks again Whittney and Justin for being so awesome and for pushing through the hard times together. Enjoy!

Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0001Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0002Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0003Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0004Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0005Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0006Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0007Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0008Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0009Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0010Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0011

I love the way that Justin looks at his wife-to-be, very sweet.

Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0012Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0013Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0014Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0015Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0016Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0017Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0018Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0019Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0020Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0021Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0022


It was an absolute pleasure to capture the wedding of Alex and Nicole at the Grand Traverse Resort. I was hired to second shoot for Sabrina Leigh Photography and it was a pleasure because I’ve known her for years. We hired her a couple years back to assist/photograph while I was pregnant and kept in touch with her since then. So it was an honor to shoot along side Sabrina again, but this time in Traverse City.

When I first arrived at the resort I made my way to the suite where the groom and groomsmen were getting ready. These guys were hilarious, welcoming, and looked dapper as can be. I took the guys to a willow tree on the property as the bride finished up getting ready. When Nicole, the bride, arrived she was smiling ear to ear. As her soon to be husband, Alex, turned around he had the most beautiful reaction to seeing her in her wedding dress. Afterward, their bridal party joined up for a few portraits before everyone made their way to the ceremony location.

The Grand Traverse Resort has a stunning beachfront property overlooking Lake Michigan. That is were Alex and Nicole held their wedding. Since most of Alex’s family was French Alex and Nicole typed up the entire ceremony, including vows, so they could read along. They also had parts of the ceremony in French, it was incredible to witness.

After they said ‘I do’ they made their way back to their tented reception for cocktails with their guests. The decor inside was clean and beautiful. The green and white everywhere was simple but truly stunning. They kicked off the start of their reception with dancing, inside of dinner. It brought an energy to the room and showed off how much of a party was to come.

Lastly, right before I was done, we took the newlyweds out for some portraits at sunset. It was the perfect way to end an amazing day. Thanks again to Alex, Nicole, and Sabrina for the fun. Enjoy!

Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0001Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0002Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0003Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0004Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0005Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0006Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0007Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0008Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0009

Oh this moment was so beautiful to capture.

Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0010Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0011Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0012Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0013Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0014Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0015Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0016Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0017Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0018Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0019Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0020Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0021Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0022Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0023Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0024Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0025Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0026Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0027Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0028Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0029Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0030Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0031Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0032Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0033Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0034Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0035Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0036Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0037Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0038Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0039Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0040Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0041Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0042Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0043Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0044Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0045Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0046Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0047Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0048Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0049Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0050Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0051Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0052Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0053Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0054Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0055Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0056Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0057Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0058Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0059Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0060Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0061Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0062

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