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One of the best parts of our jobs is being able to work with couples year after year. For Mark & Elise, it all started by us capturing their engagement portraits and recreating the photo of them as children at the church camp where they met. Next, it was onto their stunning Northern Michigan winter wedding that has been published again and again. Their wedding was a very beautiful snowy day that was filled with love. We recently had the opportunity to photograph them with their adorable son (who is very close in age to our daughter) in Northern Michigan.

Mark & Elise are an incredible couple, but even more amazing as parents. It was great to capture the joy they have for their son and how he lights up when he is around them. Their son is in the toddler stage of life; exploring, adventuring, testing his limits–but knowing his parents are right behind to help him if he needs. He was so curious about the trails nearby and the water splashing up on shore. Thankfully Mark & Elise were happy to chase after him as he adventured around. The session was filled with love, laughter, and beautiful weather. We could not have asked for a more beautiful evening for their family portraits.

Thank you again to Mark & Elise for squeezing us into your busy schedule! We absolutely adored capturing your beautiful family along the shores of Lake Michigan. We look forward to capturing your family for years to come. Enjoy!

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While editing I literally laughed out loud at the photo below! Kids have THE BEST facial expressions!

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Look at how big his smile in the photo below, so adorable!

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This was right before he actually put the flower into his mouth, haha.

Michgan Family Photographer_0021Michgan Family Photographer_0022Michgan Family Photographer_0023Michgan Family Photographer_0024Michgan Family Photographer_0025Michgan Family Photographer_0026Michgan Family Photographer_0027Michgan Family Photographer_0028

He is so loved and he knows it. 🙂

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