The Village At Grand Traverse Commons Engagement

Life is tough sometimes, that’s what Whittney and Justin had to experience a few hours prior to their engagement session. They considered postponing their portrait session, but they thought it might be a welcoming distraction. Within minutes of arriving at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, they relaxed and started really enjoying the session. Then after their engagement portraits, they went out for a date night.

For their engagement pictures, they were blessed with clear skies and even a bit of sunshine. Which was welcome after raining, for what seems like a couple weeks. They kept it simple by sticking with one outfit and it looked great on them. Very classy and cozy for that crisp fall air. The nearby trails were covered with beautiful fall leaves, while green trees lined the path. It was a great spot to start their session. The sun even peeked out for a few minutes to illuminate the trees. A short distance away, the newly remodeled Commons had the look of the modern country chic style reminiscent of the show Fixer Upper. It’s a style that the couples home is decorated with. And because these images will be hung in their home afterward, it’s great to keep that in mind when choosing an engagement backdrop. So the Commons was a perfect place to end their session at.

I kept thinking how amazing they are, not only individually, but more so together. It’s their compassion and strength for helping one another out that shows how incredible their marriage is going to be. After their engagement session, we were even more excited to capture their love for their upcoming winter wedding. Thanks again Whittney and Justin for being so awesome and for pushing through the hard times together. Enjoy!

Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0001Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0002Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0003Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0004Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0005Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0006Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0007Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0008Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0009Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0010Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0011

I love the way that Justin looks at his wife-to-be, very sweet.

Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0012Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0013Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0014Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0015Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0016Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0017Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0018Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0019Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0020Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0021Grand Traverse Commons Fall Engagement_0022


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