5 Wedding Rules to Break

There are so many wonderful wedding traditions that we adore–but there are also those ‘rules’ in weddings that we feel like should be thrown out the window. This past few years we’ve seen a rise of clients breaking the rules and doing their own thing–and those weddings have been the best! Below are the 5 weddings rules we encourage you to break.

Wedding Rules to Break

1.Matching Bridesmaids Dresses. There is nothing wrong with matching dresses, but we also LOVE that lately our bride’s have been giving their bridesmaids a chance to pick out a dress that fits their personality and body type better. When a bridesmaids is able to choose they own style of dress that they are comfortable in their confidence exudes!

Mismatched bridesmaids_0001

2. Not Seeing Each Other Before The Ceremony. I’ll be writing an entire blog about this coming up, but for now let me state where the tradition comes from. Back in the day when marriages were arraigned and your family traded you for a pig, goat, and whatever else–they didn’t want the couple seeing each other prior to the ceremony because they would be more likely to back out. Yep, seriously this rule can be thrown way out, haha.


3. Cutting The Wedding Cake. Who doesn’t love something sweet after dinner? We find that most couples forget to cut the cake right away and their guest are impatiently waiting–but what if you take a different route completely!? We’ve seen more couple try an array of desserts from cupcakes, candy buffets, and the most unique one we’ve seen yet–donuts! With all these sweet treats ready for indulging in right away your guests are sure to enjoy them right after dinner.


4. Tossing The Garter And Bouquet. This tradition is just awkward to watch AND be a part of. I remember having the garter removed on our wedding day…Alex’s head up my dress with children and adults watching. Talk about awkward and uncomfortable. Then there is the next task of pulling out single people out onto the dance floor and having them to try catch the garter or bouquet. I don’t know many single people that enjoy this at all. So skip the awkwardness and just tear up the dance with your guests instead.

Garter removal_0002

5. Sticking To Gendered Bridal Parties. Having your best friends by your side on wedding day is part of the fun! Thankfully couples are now inviting all their friends to join in the wedding party regardless of gender. We love the look (and sound) or groomsmaids and bridesmen.



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