When chatting with Kristin about requests for her and Stephen’s engagement session she mentioned fall and tree tunnels. The thing about scoping for fall is that the color/trees change almost overnight. So Alex and I ventured out early in the morning on a mission to find a beautiful fall tree tunnel in Traverse City. We found the perfect one up Old Mission Peninsula, did a little happy dance to celebrate the find, and then made our way to the start location at East Bay Beach to meet up with the engaged couple. We are so thankful that it didn’t rain that morning on them but rather rained later that day when everything was done.

When we met them it was the perfect fall morning in along Lake Michigan. The beach was empty and the gorgeous morning light was making the water sparkle. We were so excited to meet Kristin & Stephen in person, especially since they are less than a year out from their fall Traverse City wedding. Kristin & Stephen are amazing together! They are playful, witty, and completely smitten with each other. It made the session a blast to photograph!

After the beach session, they followed us to the fall tree tunnel. They did a quick outfit change and then it was onto enjoying the scenery. We loved the way that Kristin’s skirt flowed as they walked hand in hand along the road. We also loved learning more about their upcoming wedding and more about the two of them. It really was a wonderful engagement session.

We want to thank Kristin & Stephen again for the laughs and for venturing up to Traverse City for a morning of fun. Enjoy!!

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0001Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0002Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0003Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0004Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0005

The way she looks at her fiance, so much love.

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0006Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0007Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0008Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0009Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0010

How perfect is this tree tunnel? So freaking gorgeous!

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0011Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0012Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0013Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0014Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0015Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0016Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0017Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0018

The look of the heels with the flowy skirt is aaaaaaaaa-mazing!

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0019Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0020Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0021Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0022


There are two things you can count on in Michigan during the month of October; pretty fall colors and rain (or even possibly snow). We made our way from Traverse City to Gladwin, MI to the Riverwalk Place for Erin & Brandon’s wedding. It rained the entire way and was downpouring as we arrived. Then something magical happened while Erin and Brandon were getting ready–the rain nearly stopped! It was perfect timing.

As soon as Brandon and Erin were done they made their way outdoors, along the river, for their first look. Tears welled up in both their eyes as they first saw each other. It was such a special moment to be able to capture. We loved that they embraced the sprinkles that were still occasionally coming down during their portraits. They also made the call to move forward with having an outdoor ceremony, hoping that the rain would hold off.

Sure enough, the rain held off the entire ceremony! And a beautiful ceremony it was! Erin’s mom married them as their guest enjoyed the sound of the river and beautiful fall colors. Afterwards, everyone made their way back inside to warm up with the coffee bar they had set up for their brunch wedding reception. Then the food came out and oh my gosh it was amazing (trust me, breakfast is my favorite meal).

We want to say thank you again to Erin & Brandon for all the fun that day and for allowing us the opportunity to capture it. We were truly honored! Enjoy!

Riverwalk Place Wedding_0001Riverwalk Place Wedding_0002Riverwalk Place Wedding_0003Riverwalk Place Wedding_0004

Her bouquet was made out of thin pieces of wood, so incredible and vibrant!

Riverwalk Place Wedding_0005Riverwalk Place Wedding_0006Riverwalk Place Wedding_0007Riverwalk Place Wedding_0008Riverwalk Place Wedding_0009Riverwalk Place Wedding_0010Riverwalk Place Wedding_0011Riverwalk Place Wedding_0012Riverwalk Place Wedding_0013Riverwalk Place Wedding_0014Riverwalk Place Wedding_0015Riverwalk Place Wedding_0016Riverwalk Place Wedding_0017Riverwalk Place Wedding_0018Riverwalk Place Wedding_0019Riverwalk Place Wedding_0020

We loved this ducky couple paddling along the river near their ceremony location.

Riverwalk Place Wedding_0021Riverwalk Place Wedding_0022Riverwalk Place Wedding_0023Riverwalk Place Wedding_0024Riverwalk Place Wedding_0025Riverwalk Place Wedding_0026Riverwalk Place Wedding_0027Riverwalk Place Wedding_0028Riverwalk Place Wedding_0029Riverwalk Place Wedding_0030Riverwalk Place Wedding_0031Riverwalk Place Wedding_0032Riverwalk Place Wedding_0033Riverwalk Place Wedding_0034Riverwalk Place Wedding_0035Riverwalk Place Wedding_0036Riverwalk Place Wedding_0037Riverwalk Place Wedding_0038Riverwalk Place Wedding_0039

This was a request from Erin and I’m SO happy that she did request it. It’s her, moms, and grandmother’s rings. So beautiful!

Riverwalk Place Wedding_0041Riverwalk Place Wedding_0040Riverwalk Place Wedding_0042Riverwalk Place Wedding_0043Riverwalk Place Wedding_0045Riverwalk Place Wedding_0044


Driving to Gaylord on the morning of Nick & Brittany’s wedding we noticed the dark clouds overheard. Their ceremony at Treetops Resort was suppose to be outdoors, so we were a little worried. However after a quick check of our favorite weather app, Dark Sky, we saw that the rain wasn’t going to come until later in the day. Yay!

We arrived at the resort and were delighted with all the fall color on the trees and the cute pumpkin decorations out. Inside the ladies and gentlemen were getting ready right next door to each other. The bride & bridesmaid were finishing up getting ready and the groom & groomsmen were dressed already and playing Cards Against Humanities (hilarious game by the way). Since the gentlemen were all ready to go they headed to the sports bar near the ceremony for pictures and a quick drink.

The bride, Brittany, looked stunning with her red hair and beautiful dress. Her bridesmaids and bridesman all looked wonderful in the red that they wore. Once they finished up we made our way outdoors for a few portraits before heading to the ceremony site on top of the hill.

A short walk from the road, on a wooded trail, it opened up to an incredible scenery for the ceremony. A handmade arbor overlooking the treetops of Northern Michigan. The ceremony was thoughtful and emotional. After they said I do they made their way to mingle with family and friends before portraits.

Since it was our first time photographing at Treetops Resort we listened to the recommendations of the resort driver as he guided us to a locked access part of the property. Once their we were delighted with a rustic bridge, depot, and log cabin. It was a peaceful spot for portraits of Nick and Brittany alone. Once back at the reception it was a night of dancing, amazing food, and lots of laughter.

The rain stayed away all the way until after the sun set, just before we left, how incredible is that?! We want to say congrats again to Nick and Brittany on their lovely wedding day. We were honored to capture the fun! Enjoy!

Treetops Resort Wedding_0001Treetops Resort Wedding_0002Treetops Resort Wedding_0003Treetops Resort Wedding_0004Treetops Resort Wedding_0005Treetops Resort Wedding_0006Treetops Resort Wedding_0007Treetops Resort Wedding_0008Treetops Resort Wedding_0009Treetops Resort Wedding_0010Treetops Resort Wedding_0011Treetops Resort Wedding_0012Treetops Resort Wedding_0013Treetops Resort Wedding_0014Treetops Resort Wedding_0015Treetops Resort Wedding_0016Treetops Resort Wedding_0017Treetops Resort Wedding_0018Treetops Resort Wedding_0019Treetops Resort Wedding_0020Treetops Resort Wedding_0021Treetops Resort Wedding_0022Treetops Resort Wedding_0023Treetops Resort Wedding_0024Treetops Resort Wedding_0025Treetops Resort Wedding_0026Treetops Resort Wedding_0027Treetops Resort Wedding_0028Treetops Resort Wedding_0029Treetops Resort Wedding_0030Treetops Resort Wedding_0031Treetops Resort Wedding_0032Treetops Resort Wedding_0033Treetops Resort Wedding_0034Treetops Resort Wedding_0035Treetops Resort Wedding_0036Treetops Resort Wedding_0037Treetops Resort Wedding_0038Treetops Resort Wedding_0039Treetops Resort Wedding_0040Treetops Resort Wedding_0041Treetops Resort Wedding_0042Treetops Resort Wedding_0043Treetops Resort Wedding_0044Treetops Resort Wedding_0045Treetops Resort Wedding_0046Treetops Resort Wedding_0047Treetops Resort Wedding_0048Treetops Resort Wedding_0049Treetops Resort Wedding_0050Treetops Resort Wedding_0051Treetops Resort Wedding_0052Treetops Resort Wedding_0053Treetops Resort Wedding_0054Treetops Resort Wedding_0055Treetops Resort Wedding_0056Treetops Resort Wedding_0057Treetops Resort Wedding_0058Treetops Resort Wedding_0059Treetops Resort Wedding_0060Treetops Resort Wedding_0061Treetops Resort Wedding_0062Treetops Resort Wedding_0063Treetops Resort Wedding_0064Treetops Resort Wedding_0065

Ceremony & Reception: Treetops Resort

Officiant and DJ: Dj Mikey

Pies: Grand Traverse Pie Company


They day of Megan’s senior portraits it was calling for rain, but thankfully the weather held off for her senior portrait session in Marquette. We met up with Megan, her family, and her adorable puppy in downtown Marquette to start her session. The old alleys and neat architecture were the perfect backdrop for her portraits.

After a quick change in a coral dress (which was a beautiful color on her) we met up at McCarty’s Cove. It’s a popular spot for beach goers, but with the rain in the forecast the beach was completely empty! Yay! We love that she dazzled up pup up with balloons for a few photos too, it was adorable.

We loved photographing Megan along the blue waters of Lake Superior with the lighthouse in the background. Megan was truly a blast to photograph. Thanks again Megan and her lovely family for the fun that day. Enjoy!


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It’s been just under a year since we photographed Missy & Emmett’s Sleeping Bear Dune engagement session. We loved being able to get to know them, it had us super excited to photograph their fall Traverse City wedding at Brengman Brother’s winery!

We started the day as the couple and their bridal party was getting ready in Suttons Bay at waterfront homes. Missy and her ladies were getting the final makeup touches done by Kori Martz. Next door the guys look dapper as they put on their blue suits.

At a nearby overlook, Emmett was getting ready to see his bride for their reveal. He really stepped it up a level by hauling up a bench, wine glasses, and wine (with assistance from his best man) for them to enjoy. Missy and her maid of honor hiked up the hill for the first look. The excitement from the happy couple could be felt in the air. As soon as Emmett turned around to see Missy he loudly let out a ‘WOW’ seeing her in her dress. It was a beautiful moment made even more beautiful because of the overlook.

Afterwards, the lovebirds and their bridal party met up at the winery for a few more portraits and to relax before the ceremony. Upon arriving we were wowed by the set up inside the tent. The cake from Brulotte’s Cakery and flowers from Field of Flowers added the perfect pop of colors. Up on the hill, where the ceremony would be, was decorated perfectly with a birch arbor and floral.

Guests began to make their way to the ceremony site and shortly afterward it was time for Missy and Emmett to get married! Their ceremony was done by Missy’s aunt and uncle, which was wonderfully done. Afterwards, it was a night of amazing food (hooray for Detroit BBQ company) and great music from Lucas Paul Band as guests danced the night away. The entire day was amazing!!

Huge congrats again to Mr. & Mrs. Kelly on their incredible fall wedding at Brengman Brother’s winery. Enjoy!

Traverse City Winery Wedding_0001Traverse City Winery Wedding_0002Traverse City Winery Wedding_0003Traverse City Winery Wedding_0004Traverse City Winery Wedding_0005Traverse City Winery Wedding_0006Traverse City Winery Wedding_0007Traverse City Winery Wedding_0008Traverse City Winery Wedding_0009Traverse City Winery Wedding_0010Traverse City Winery Wedding_0011Traverse City Winery Wedding_0012Traverse City Winery Wedding_0013Traverse City Winery Wedding_0014Traverse City Winery Wedding_0015Traverse City Winery Wedding_0016Traverse City Winery Wedding_0017Traverse City Winery Wedding_0018Traverse City Winery Wedding_0019Traverse City Winery Wedding_0020Traverse City Winery Wedding_0021Traverse City Winery Wedding_0022Traverse City Winery Wedding_0023Traverse City Winery Wedding_0024Traverse City Winery Wedding_0025Traverse City Winery Wedding_0026Traverse City Winery Wedding_0027Traverse City Winery Wedding_0028Traverse City Winery Wedding_0029Traverse City Winery Wedding_0030Traverse City Winery Wedding_0031Traverse City Winery Wedding_0032Traverse City Winery Wedding_0033Traverse City Winery Wedding_0034Traverse City Winery Wedding_0035Traverse City Winery Wedding_0036Traverse City Winery Wedding_0037Traverse City Winery Wedding_0038Traverse City Winery Wedding_0039Traverse City Winery Wedding_0040Traverse City Winery Wedding_0041Traverse City Winery Wedding_0042Traverse City Winery Wedding_0043Traverse City Winery Wedding_0044Traverse City Winery Wedding_0045Traverse City Winery Wedding_0046Traverse City Winery Wedding_0047Traverse City Winery Wedding_0048Traverse City Winery Wedding_0049Traverse City Winery Wedding_0050Traverse City Winery Wedding_0051Traverse City Winery Wedding_0052Traverse City Winery Wedding_0053Traverse City Winery Wedding_0054Traverse City Winery Wedding_0055Traverse City Winery Wedding_0056Traverse City Winery Wedding_0057Traverse City Winery Wedding_0058Traverse City Winery Wedding_0059Traverse City Winery Wedding_0060Traverse City Winery Wedding_0061Traverse City Winery Wedding_0062Traverse City Winery Wedding_0063Traverse City Winery Wedding_0064Traverse City Winery Wedding_0065Traverse City Winery Wedding_0066Traverse City Winery Wedding_0067Traverse City Winery Wedding_0068Traverse City Winery Wedding_0069Traverse City Winery Wedding_0070Traverse City Winery Wedding_0071Traverse City Winery Wedding_0072Traverse City Winery Wedding_0073Traverse City Winery Wedding_0074Traverse City Winery Wedding_0075Traverse City Winery Wedding_0076Traverse City Winery Wedding_0077Traverse City Winery Wedding_0078

S e a r c h