Burt Lake Wedding

When Holly contacted us about her intimate wedding she shared the details of the day. She and Brad planned to get married by one of her closest friends, surrounded by their children, in front of the beach house they rented for the wedding. We knew in that instant how amazing the day would be, we LOVE capturing elopements.

Alex and I drove up to Burt Lake for their wedding, checking the weather along the way. We made a small stop at Stems & Sprigs farmhouse to pick up Holly’s gorgeous bouquets along the way. Although the week leading up to their wedding was sunny that day it was calling for rain. As soon as Alex and I arrived everyone gathered on the dock. Storm clouds could be seen off in the distance, but that didn’t stop the couple from setting out on what they planned to do all along.

Tears and sniffles could be heard, mixed in with the splashing of the water along the shore. A couple of their children had readings before the happy couple read their vows to each other. Then the rain softly started to fall, but it didn’t matter. It just added to the experience of their wedding. The neighbors down the road gathered in the distance to watch the beautiful ceremony and cheered for joy when Holly & Brad said ‘I DO!’

After the ceremony, Brad & Holly went inside with their children and started preparing a family dinner. Brad and Holly gathered around the table to toast with their children and enjoy the cake they decorated for them earlier. Shortly afterward we left them to enjoy their family dinner in peace but walked away so grateful for the opportunity to capture their day. Huge congrats Holly, Brad, and family! It truly was the best day ever–rain and all.

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Even their new puppy was dressed up!

Burt Lake Wedding_0016Burt Lake Wedding_0017Burt Lake Wedding_0018Burt Lake Wedding_0019Burt Lake Wedding_0020Burt Lake Wedding_0021Burt Lake Wedding_0022Burt Lake Wedding_0023Burt Lake Wedding_0024Burt Lake Wedding_0025Burt Lake Wedding_0026Burt Lake Wedding_0027Burt Lake Wedding_0028Burt Lake Wedding_0029

The giant love beach ball in the background was perfection!

Burt Lake Wedding_0030Burt Lake Wedding_0031Burt Lake Wedding_0032Burt Lake Wedding_0033Burt Lake Wedding_0034Burt Lake Wedding_0035Burt Lake Wedding_0036Burt Lake Wedding_0037Burt Lake Wedding_0038Burt Lake Wedding_0039Burt Lake Wedding_0040Burt Lake Wedding_0041Burt Lake Wedding_0042Burt Lake Wedding_0043Burt Lake Wedding_0045Burt Lake Wedding_0044Burt Lake Wedding_0046Burt Lake Wedding_0047Burt Lake Wedding_0048Burt Lake Wedding_0049Burt Lake Wedding_0050Burt Lake Wedding_0051Burt Lake Wedding_0052Burt Lake Wedding_0053Burt Lake Wedding_0054Burt Lake Wedding_0055Burt Lake Wedding_0056Burt Lake Wedding_0057Burt Lake Wedding_0058


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