Chamberlins Curtis Wedding

If you’ve never been to Curtis, Michigan let me set the scene for you. A cozy small town, nestled in the middle of the Upper Peninsula. There are lakes upon lakes in every direction, so during the summer, many visitors travel there to enjoy the scenery. The people that live there are welcoming and friendly beyond belief. That’s why we jumped for joy when Emily & Jordan booked us for their Chamberlin’s Curtis wedding. It’s absolutely one of our favorite places to photograph in the U.P.

I had to opportunity to get to know Emily and Jordan better by photographing their winter engagement pictures, so I knew that their wedding was going to be wonderful. Upon arriving in Curtis it was quite a different scene then the winter session, it was morning but already nearly 90 degrees! It was unseasonably warm for September, but it was absolutely wonderful for their outdoor wedding. The bride got ready at Chamberlin’s as the staff was outside finishing up the tent and lawn set up. Just down the road, the groom was getting ready at Pine Bluff Resort.

After getting ready Emily traveled down to the resort for her first look with Jordan. Their nervous/excited energy could be felt as they approached the first time seeing each other. As soon as Jordan turned around to see his bride-to-be they were both overjoyed with happiness. It was a moment of tears and true love. Once we were finished up at the resort we took the happy couple to a few spots in Curtis for portraits before making our way back to meet up with the bridal party. The red dresses, blue suits, and forest green accents were a fantastic color palette to photograph!

Next, it was time to get married! Chamberlin’s has the perfect set up for a wedding with the gazebo and tent overlooking the lake. Emily and Jordan were pronounced husband and wife and then made their way to visit with their guests that traveled from all over to attend their wedding. After family portraits, cocktail hour, and dinner the newlyweds made their way out to the dock in front of Chamberlin’s. These quiet moments, during the Golden Hours of sunset, are always our favorites. Not only because the light is absolutely dreamy, but also for the couple to relax and breathe in all that happened that day before heading back to their party.

Thank you, Emily and Jordan for all the laughs, fun, and trust that day. We wish you two a lifetime of happiness. Enjoy!

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