Educating Photographers


We are nerds for photography. We love systemizing our workflow, we get jazzed at strategizing our marketing, and we do a happy dance each time we successfully finish another wonderful year in photography. Maybe it’s because we are passionate about growing our business more and more successful or maybe it’s just the fact that we really like what we do for a living. It is job–but it’s the best one in the world!

We found one of our biggest passions lately has been educating photographers and guiding them to success as well! We are all about the ‘community over competition’ model. That is why we are now making our coaching available to anyone that is needing direction.

The 1-on-1 coaching is personalized to help individuals with any of the following; editing tutorials, branding, photos critiques, pricing, shooting techniques, business growth, in person sales, marketing, social media, off camera flash….or anything else that pertains to photography. The three-hour coaching also includes lunch, head shots, and a downloadable pdf that is packed with content. Prior to the 1-on-1 coaching session, you’ll receive an online questionnaire to fill out your biggest concerns and explain to us your biggest problem areas. This questionnaire will allow us to truly tailor the coaching session to your needs.

Below are some of the common questions or concerns that we receive from photographers. If there are any additional questions we can answer for you please email us:

”I live too far away for this!” That is why we are also making this available via a Skype as well. The Skype coaching won’t include lunch or headshots, but a discount will be given to account for that. We are also accommodating to photogs in different timezones and will work our best to find a time that works for everyone. Also, the Skype coaching session will be broken down into 2-1.5 hour sessions.

“I’m not a professional photographer, I just need help figuring out how to work my camera!” We can help you out as well! If it pertains to photography in any way shape or form we are here to assist you.

“I’m just starting out and am worried about the cost.” The investment in the coaching session is more affordable than you think!

“I’m EXCITED! How soon can we schedule this?!” We are excited as well! We need a two week notice for scheduling. We are pretty flexible with our schedule, however, weekends book up quickly.

We look forward to providing many of you with an education that will further your photography. There is no better time than now to take charge and move forward.

Email today to find out more!

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