Country Family Pictures In Gladstone, MI

A few miles outside of Gladstone, MI we met up with Amanda to capture her country family pictures with her son and boyfriend. The location was picturesque with it’s field of tall grass, animals roaming all around, white fences, and beautiful barn. The morning sunshine was just beginning to heat up the day when we started the session. We ventured out behind the property in the field of tall grass. Amanda’s son loved exploring the area as he picked flowers to give to his mama. Everything was going smoothly until Amanda got a piece of grass stuck up her dress, she couldn’t stop laughing and thankfully her boyfriend save the day.

Next it was onto the barn and the orchard for more portraits. Amanda’s son loved climbing trees and especially love feeding the horse by the barn. Watching him carefully examine and watch the horse was adorable. After warming up to the horse he was comfortable enough to feed the horse some fresh picked grass. Those images may be some of our favorites from the day.

On the property there also was a tire swing that they took full of advantage of. It started out innocent enough by simply swinging back and forth, but Amanda’s boyfriend added a couple spins in for fun. Laughter filled the air and we loved capturing the fun. We finished the session by taking a quiet stroll along the road, a great ending to a great session.

Big thanks again to Amanda for letting us capture her family pictures and thanks to her boyfriend for letting us truly utilize so many spots on the property. It all added up to one incredible family session. Enjoy!

Gladstone Family Pictures_0001Gladstone Family Pictures_0002Gladstone Family Pictures_0011Gladstone Family Pictures_0003Gladstone Family Pictures_0004

A piece of tall grass went up Amanda’s dress and was tickling her. Thankfully Matt came to her rescue, haha.

Gladstone Family Pictures_0005Gladstone Family Pictures_0006Gladstone Family Pictures_0010Gladstone Family Pictures_0007Gladstone Family Pictures_0008Gladstone Family Pictures_0009Gladstone Family Pictures_0012Gladstone Family Pictures_0014Gladstone Family Pictures_0013Gladstone Family Pictures_0016Gladstone Family Pictures_0015Gladstone Family Pictures_0017Gladstone Family Pictures_0018Gladstone Family Pictures_0019Gladstone Family Pictures_0020Gladstone Family Pictures_0021Gladstone Family Pictures_0022Gladstone Family Pictures_0023Gladstone Family Pictures_0024Gladstone Family Pictures_0027Gladstone Family Pictures_0026Gladstone Family Pictures_0029Gladstone Family Pictures_0028Gladstone Family Pictures_0031Gladstone Family Pictures_0030Gladstone Family Pictures_0032Gladstone Family Pictures_0033Gladstone Family Pictures_0034Gladstone Family Pictures_0035Gladstone Family Pictures_0036Gladstone Family Pictures_0037Gladstone Family Pictures_0038


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