Crystal Mountain Wedding

I moved to Traverse City around two years ago. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work at many venues and vendors around the area, but this August was my first time at the incredible Crystal Mountain Resort. It’s a short 40ish minute drive from Traverse City, but worth the experience there. It has pools, chairlift rides, alpine slide, and so much more. I had fun exploring prior to meeting up with the bridal party and second shooting for Lux Light Photography.

Michael and his groomsmen were dressed and ready to go, so we quickly snapped a few of them putting on the boutonnieres before we went over to meet up with the ladies. Jenna was nervous, but oh so excited for the wedding. Her bridesmaid and family were surrounding her in love and support as she stepped into her lace wedding dress. Next, it was a quick drive over to the church in Beluh, MI in preparation for the ceremony. They had an overabundance of guests arrive for their wedding, so they had to accommodate by placing chairs anywhere they could. It truly should how deeply their family and friends cared for them.

After their ceremony, they went back to Crystal Mountain for portraits with their bridal party and portraits of the two of them alone. It was a gorgeously, hot and sunny day–so we were thankful we found some cover from a tree tunnel on the property. It was a beautiful location for pictures with the lush green trees and golden light shining down on them. Once back at the reception it was a night filled with love and laughter in their beautifully decorated reception space. Big thanks again to Jenna and Michael for the fun on that wonderful day back in August. It was a pleasure to be able to second shoot the day. Enjoy!


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