Tricia & Brad’s East Bay Park Engagement

After doing Tricia and Brad’s Traverse City engagement pictures in the morning we want to do more sessions in the morning hours! The early morning sunlight was flooding onto East Bay Park, where we started their engagement portraits. The mix of the cool blue waters with the warm fall colors provided an incredible backdrop for Tricia and Brad’s session. Brad looked sharp in his navy shirt and Tricia wowed in her patterned dress and necklace, together they looked amazing. We loved photographing on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan, the fall air was unseasonable warm but it was wonderful. We were having an amazing time photographing these two lovebirds–and then we found the most amazing little spot with the perfect backlight and calm waters for reflection. Not only are they some of our favorite images from the session, but they are also some of our new favorites period. After we wrapped up at the beach we drove to nearby to a part of Northwestern Michigan College. We adored the rows of tall tress with their tops in peak fall colors. We took advantage of that view as you’ll be able to see in the images below. Lastly, Tricia’s run and jump into Brad’s arm made for amazing photos and quite the amount of laughter. These two truly rocked out their entire engagement session. Thanks again Brad & Tricia for all the fun around Traverse City! Enjoy!

Traverse City Photographer_0001Traverse City Photographer_0002Traverse City Photographer_0003Traverse City Photographer_0004Traverse City Photographer_0005Traverse City Photographer_0006Traverse City Photographer_0007Traverse City Photographer_0008Traverse City Photographer_0009Traverse City Photographer_0010Traverse City Photographer_0011Traverse City Photographer_0012Traverse City Photographer_0013

Love turns your world upside down. That’s exactly the reason we decided to flip this image around as well. The reflection is as beautiful as the reality.

Traverse City Photographer_0014Traverse City Photographer_0015Traverse City Photographer_0016Traverse City Photographer_0017

A million times YES to the image below. Thank you early morning for providing the perfect backlight!

Traverse City Photographer_0018Traverse City Photographer_0019Traverse City Photographer_0020Traverse City Photographer_0021Traverse City Photographer_0022Traverse City Photographer_0023Traverse City Photographer_0024Traverse City Photographer_0025Traverse City Photographer_0026Traverse City Photographer_0028Traverse City Photographer_0027Traverse City Photographer_0029Traverse City Photographer_0030Traverse City Photographer_0031Traverse City Photographer_0032Traverse City Photographer_0033Traverse City Photographer_0034Traverse City Photographer_0035Traverse City Photographer_0036Traverse City Photographer_0037Traverse City Photographer_0038Traverse City Photographer_0039Traverse City Photographer_0040Traverse City Photographer_0041Traverse City Photographer_0042


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