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Fair Time Fun

Eating cotton candy, riding brightly colored rides, sipping fresh squeezed lemonade, and playing some games. These are just a few things

Ishpeming Engagement

This coming Saturday, Steve and Erin are becoming man and wife! This summertime engagement session highlights the love these two share for

Little Red Corvette

I can’t help but sing “little red corvette” when thinking of Chelsea and Zach’s fun engagement session. Why?!

Waterfall Engagement Session

A gorgeous day for a hike to beautiful Dead River Falls! The wonderful weather was only out-shined by the love between Sara & Josh.

Jewels, Flowers, and More: Oh My!

It’s hard to find words that truly express how gorgeous this shoot was. The jewels, the flowers, the colors, the rain…..oh my

A Running Engagement

It is tempting to make a “Runaway Bride” joke about this photo session, but Carolyn won’t be running away from Jon any

2 Locations, 1 Couple

John & Erin truly got the best of both worlds for their engagement session. They got to dress up for the urban setting, with the

No Place Like Camp

We LOVE the engagement session to speak volumes about the couple; what they like to do together, where the enjoy hanging out,…etc.

Styled Bridal Shower

It’s no secret–I adore the historic Landmark Inn in Marquette, MI! Everything about the Landmark makes me love it more and

A Snowy, Spring Engagement

The weather in Upper Michigan has been all over the place this year; snowy, rainy, windy, sunny….the list goes on and on! So when

Let The Snow Fly.

As spring approaches (very slowly), I can’t help but already miss winter a little bit. Yes, crazy as that may be, it is one of my

Dreamy Desert Engagement

Oh how we love to travel, it’s borderline obsessive how much we love it. Until recently we thought we were the only crazy couple

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