Escanaba MI Wedding

Red is a color typically used in fall weddings—but we love how Hannah & Trevin incorporated the woodsy/rustic theme into the middle of summer. The color red popped against the lush greens of summer.

The couple, along with their bridal party, did the final preparations at the church in Escanaba while the time was approaching for the ceremony. Trevin dressed in a dark gray suit while his groomsmen were in light gray suits, they all looked so dang handsome. They paired it all together with the plaid ties and red touches. Hannah stunned in her beautiful wedding dress and the ladies looked beautiful in their floor length red dresses.

The ceremony was lovely and the happy couple were wed before their closest friends and family. Afterwards the bridal party made their way down to the beach in Escanaba along Lake Michigan for portraits. The mix of trees, beach grass, and water gave us ample places to photograph.

After a quick drink stop at Ernie’s pub in Escanaba the bridal party made their way to the reception in Bark River at the Island Resort and Casino. The pine runners, red uplighting, and woodsy decor really made the place pop. After dinner and speeches the party started to heat up with some of the most epic dancing we’ve seen! The dance floor hoping.

After dancing for a while the newlyweds joined us outside to cool down and get a few last pictures as the sun was setting. We loved finishing up the day with such a beautiful ending. Thank you again Mr. & Mrs. Hillesheim for all the fun and for allowing us to capture your incredible day. Enjoy!

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We love father/daughter first looks! There are such a special moment.

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Ceremony: Central United Methodist Church

Reception: Island Resort and Casino

Transportation: Checker Transportation

DJ: Double Trouble DJ


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