Escanaba Senior Pictures

Senior guys are always so much fun to photograph-they are goofy, bashful, and full of energy. Chayse was all that and so much more. We arrived at an abandoned warehouse for the start of the session because he was looking for something urban looking. The graffiti walls and tumbling walls was absolutely perfect for that look. Outside the sun was slowly setting and the lighting was amazing on the field. We strolled around for a little bit, stopping along the way for photos. We had to laugh out loud when Chayse brought along his bear hat, you can see more of that below. To finish the session we went along the lakeshore–the blue of the water really made his blue eyes pop. Big thanks again to Chayse for being so much fun to work with! Enjoy!

Escanaba Senior Pictures_0001Escanaba Senior Pictures_0002Escanaba Senior Pictures_0003Escanaba Senior Pictures_0004Escanaba Senior Pictures_0005Escanaba Senior Pictures_0006Escanaba Senior Pictures_0007Escanaba Senior Pictures_0008Escanaba Senior Pictures_0009Escanaba Senior Pictures_0010Escanaba Senior Pictures_0011Escanaba Senior Pictures_0012Escanaba Senior Pictures_0013Escanaba Senior Pictures_0014Escanaba Senior Pictures_0015Escanaba Senior Pictures_0016Escanaba Senior Pictures_0017Escanaba Senior Pictures_0018Escanaba Senior Pictures_0019Escanaba Senior Pictures_0020Escanaba Senior Pictures_0021Escanaba Senior Pictures_0022Escanaba Senior Pictures_0023


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