Fall Engagement In Traverse City

When chatting with Kristin about requests for her and Stephen’s engagement session she mentioned fall and tree tunnels. The thing about scoping for fall is that the color/trees change almost overnight. So Alex and I ventured out early in the morning with the challenge to find a beautiful fall tree tunnel in Traverse City. We found the perfect one up Old Mission Peninsula, did a little happy dance to celebrate the find, and then made our way to the start location, at East Bay Beach, to meet up with the engaged couple.

When we met them it was the perfect fall morning in along Lake Michigan. The beach was empty and the gorgeous morning light was making the water sparkle. We were so excited to meet Kristin & Stephen in person, especially since they are less than a year out from their fall Traverse City wedding. Kristin & Stephen are amazing together! They are playful, witty, and completely smitten with each other. It made the session a blast to photograph! We are so thankful that it didn’t rain that morning on them but rather rained later that day when everything was done.

After the beach session, they followed us to the fall tree tunnel. They did a quick outfit change and then it was onto enjoying the scenery. We loved the way that Kristin’s skirt flowed as they walked hand in hand along the road. We also loved learning more about their upcoming wedding and more about the two of them. It really was a wonderful engagement session.

We want to thank Kristin & Stephen again for the laughs and for venturing up to Traverse City for a morning of fun. Enjoy!!

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0001Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0002Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0003Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0004Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0005

The way she looks at her fiance, so much love.

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0006Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0007Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0008Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0009Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0010

How perfect is this tree tunnel? So freaking gorgeous!

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0011Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0012Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0013Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0014Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0015Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0016Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0017Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0018

The look of the heels with the flowy skirt is aaaaaaaaa-mazing!

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0019Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0020Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0021Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0022


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