Our Family Portraits in Grand Rapids

Becoming parents we heard so many people say, “time passes by so quickly, enjoy every moment of them being little.” Honestly, it’s true. It feels like we blinked and now Cordelia is eight months old today. She’s been our side kick, traveling all over the midwest with us for photography–all while smiling and enjoying the adventure. We have been lucky enough to both be home raising her, yet it still feels like it’s going by too quickly.

During a recent trip to Grand Rapids, MI for a wedding we reached out to Dionel from The MittenTog to capture updated family pictures (along with a few headshots) for us. We have admired her style for years and are so thankful she could squeeze us in. So we met up with her on Sunday afternoon near downtown Grand Rapids. The lush greens and urban setting really fit our style. We are so happy she knew of that location.

Dionel did an incredible job at capturing Cordelia’s sweet personality and adorable smile. The dress Cora is wearing was picked out by her ‘Mimi’ aka Grandma. She stated that it would bring out the blue in Cora’s eyes and we couldn’t agree more! We are narrowing down our favorites so we can order a canvas for our home (but there are too many great ones to choose).

Thanks again to The MittenTog for capturing these beautiful family photos for us. We will cherish them for years to come!

Wren Photography_0001Wren Photography_0002Wren Photography_0003Wren Photography_0004Wren Photography_0005

These two are two peas in a pod.

Wren Photography_0006Wren Photography_0007Wren Photography_0008Wren Photography_0009Wren Photography_0010Wren Photography_0011Wren Photography_0012Wren Photography_0013Wren Photography_0014Wren Photography_0015Wren Photography_0016Wren Photography_0017Wren Photography_0018

This picture is my absolute favorite. Her smile is so big her eyes are even smiling!

Wren Photography_0020Wren Photography_0021Wren Photography_0022

Baby toes are seriously the best, no joke.

Wren Photography_0023Wren Photography_0024Wren Photography_0025Wren Photography_0026

She started crawling a few weeks ago and now it’s go, go, go while she is awake. It’s been quite the adventure in itself.

Wren Photography_0027


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