Fieldguide Farmhouse Wedding

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This wedding was one of epic proportion! The day started at the beautiful Fieldguide Farmhouse in Central Lake, MI. It’s around a 45-minute drive north of Traverse City, but the serenity and beauty is well worth it. The bride Megan and her bridesmaid Natalie were getting hair & makeup done by Onsite Bridal while Stacy of Juniper and Lace was putting together the final details under the tent. The groom Dan and his groomsmen Nate relaxed around the property and enjoyed the views of the lake across the lawn.

Once the ladies were ready to go they stepped into their stunning One Oak Bride dresses as the guys put the boutonnieres on their Craig Ryan suits. The first look for the couple was held on the long, tree lined driveway at Fieldguide Farmhouse. Afterward, the bridal party was photographed around the property before heading off to King Orchards down the road. We couldn’t have timed it more perfectly as the cherry blooms were perfectly in blossom. We completely understand why so many tourist flock to the area during the blooms, they are jaw-dropping gorgeous! The greenery theme of the wedding perfectly coordinated with the blooms, their unique rings from Miner’s North Jewelry, and floral.

Back at the ceremony & reception site, the crew from Taproot Cider’s were prepping the food as little donuts from Peace, Love, & Little Donuts were being hung on the donut wall. When the bridal party arrived back it was a whirlwind of events. Ceremony, dinner, donuts, dancing, and best of all–enjoying the peace and quiet that Central Lake has to offer. The day ended in true Northern Michigan style, with a bon fire. Instead of the typical s’mores on the fire the couple instead roasted cinnamon twists as their treat (recipe below).

We can not even begin to thank all the 20+ vendors, 4 models, & 1 assistant that came together to create this one-of-a-kind style shoot. It started with a small idea and grew with each vendor that came on board. You can see all the incredible vendors involved at the bottom of this posts. Without them this day woudn’t have been as magical! Thanks again and enjoy!

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Completely in awe of how beautiful these invitations from Sable and Gray are!

Traverse City Wedding_0011Traverse City Wedding_0012Traverse City Wedding_0013Traverse City Wedding_0014Traverse City Wedding_0015Traverse City Wedding_0016Traverse City Wedding_0017Traverse City Wedding_0018Traverse City Wedding_0019Traverse City Wedding_0020Traverse City Wedding_0021Traverse City Wedding_0022Traverse City Wedding_0023Traverse City Wedding_0024Traverse City Wedding_0025Traverse City Wedding_0026Traverse City Wedding_0027Traverse City Wedding_0028Traverse City Wedding_0029Traverse City Wedding_0030Traverse City Wedding_0031Traverse City Wedding_0032Traverse City Wedding_0033Traverse City Wedding_0034Traverse City Wedding_0035Traverse City Wedding_0036Traverse City Wedding_0037Traverse City Wedding_0038Traverse City Wedding_0039Traverse City Wedding_0040Traverse City Wedding_0041Traverse City Wedding_0042Traverse City Wedding_0043Traverse City Wedding_0044Traverse City Wedding_0045Traverse City Wedding_0046Traverse City Wedding_0047

Look at this bouquet! Stems & Sprigs’ floral is always incredible!

Traverse City Wedding_0048Traverse City Wedding_0049Traverse City Wedding_0050Traverse City Wedding_0051Traverse City Wedding_0052Traverse City Wedding_0053Traverse City Wedding_0055Traverse City Wedding_0056Traverse City Wedding_0057Traverse City Wedding_0058Traverse City Wedding_0059Traverse City Wedding_0060Traverse City Wedding_0061Traverse City Wedding_0062Traverse City Wedding_0063Traverse City Wedding_0064Traverse City Wedding_0065Traverse City Wedding_0066Traverse City Wedding_0067Traverse City Wedding_0068Traverse City Wedding_0069Traverse City Wedding_0070Traverse City Wedding_0071Traverse City Wedding_0072Traverse City Wedding_0073Traverse City Wedding_0074Traverse City Wedding_0075Traverse City Wedding_0076Traverse City Wedding_0077Traverse City Wedding_0078Traverse City Wedding_0079Traverse City Wedding_0080Traverse City Wedding_0081Traverse City Wedding_0082Traverse City Wedding_0083Traverse City Wedding_0084Traverse City Wedding_0085Traverse City Wedding_0086Traverse City Wedding_0087Traverse City Wedding_0088Traverse City Wedding_0089Traverse City Wedding_0090Traverse City Wedding_0091

These hanging  rings will forever and ever be my favorite! Stems & Sprigs is talented beyond words.

Traverse City Wedding_0092Traverse City Wedding_0093Traverse City Wedding_0094Traverse City Wedding_0095Traverse City Wedding_0096Traverse City Wedding_0097Traverse City Wedding_0098Traverse City Wedding_0099Traverse City Wedding_0100Traverse City Wedding_0101Traverse City Wedding_0102Traverse City Wedding_0103Traverse City Wedding_0104Traverse City Wedding_0105Traverse City Wedding_0106Traverse City Wedding_0107Traverse City Wedding_0108Traverse City Wedding_0109Traverse City Wedding_0110Traverse City Wedding_0111Traverse City Wedding_0112Traverse City Wedding_0113Traverse City Wedding_0114Traverse City Wedding_0115Traverse City Wedding_0116Traverse City Wedding_0117Traverse City Wedding_0118Traverse City Wedding_0119Traverse City Wedding_0120Traverse City Wedding_0121Traverse City Wedding_0122Traverse City Wedding_0123Traverse City Wedding_0124Traverse City Wedding_0125Traverse City Wedding_0126Traverse City Wedding_0127Traverse City Wedding_0128Traverse City Wedding_0129Traverse City Wedding_0130Traverse City Wedding_0131Traverse City Wedding_0132Traverse City Wedding_0133Traverse City Wedding_0134Traverse City Wedding_0135Traverse City Wedding_0137Traverse City Wedding_0138Traverse City Wedding_0139Traverse City Wedding_0140Traverse City Wedding_0141Traverse City Wedding_0142Traverse City Wedding_0143Traverse City Wedding_0144

Here’s the recipe to make your own campfire cinnamon twists this summer!

Traverse City Wedding_0145Traverse City Wedding_0146Traverse City Wedding_0147Traverse City Wedding_0148

Venue: Fieldguide Farmhouse  

Photography: Wren Photography

Event Planner: Juniper & Lace Events

Floral Design: Stems & Sprigs

Wedding Invitations: Sable & Gray           

Bride & Bridesmaid Dresses: One Oak Bride

Decor Rentals: Serradella

Drape/lights/chanel chairs: Sensational Events

Tent/Farm table/cocktail tables: Monstrey MacDonald

Linens: Special Occasions 

Donuts: Peace, Love, & Little Donuts

Catering & Cider: Taproot Ciders

Hair/Makeup: Onsite Bridal

Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Craig Ryan    

Cherry Orchard: King’s Orchards      

Ladies getting ready apparel & terrarium stands: Emma

Wooden spoons:  Scott Mills

Bread bowls/soup: Bay Bread

Jewelry: Miner’s North

Models: Meaghan, Dan, Natalie, & Nate

Macrame Designer: Kernan’s Korner

Photography Assistant: Ashley Bassett Photography


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