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Planning a wedding is an overwhelming experience. Brides turn to their friends, family, Pinterest–any place they can for advice and ideas. With so many couples getting married for the first time there are many unknown pieces of the puzzle; how much time do I need for photos, what are the traditions I want/don’t want for my wedding, how many favors should I actually order and so on. It’s important to trust in your vendors and ask for advice! That is why today we are giving the advice that we should have been given while planning our own wedding–DO A FIRST LOOK!


We knew it was bad luck to see each other before the wedding but we didn’t know why. We also heard about that one special moment when you lock eyes with each other down the aisle. Here’s the real truth behind it all. The superstition of not seeing each other before the ceremony came during a time of arraigned marriages. The families didn’t want the couple to see each other prior because they would be more likely to back out–this was during a time when the bride was often traded for money, animals, and so on. Lovely right? Now let us move forward to that ‘one special moment’ that everyone talks about. That moment is completely overwhelming. I was so beyond excited to see Alex looking dapper in his suit at the end of the aisle–but all I wanted to do was hug and kiss him, ask him if he liked the dress I picked out, and I wanted to fix his tie. Instead all I could do was stand there quietly in front of our family and friends and say I do. Having all eyes on you is already awkward enough and then add in all the emotions being built up inside.

Shortly after our wedding we started planning timelines for our wedding clients. We saw the importance of doing a first look/reveal and want to share the reasons why they rock!

  1. Emotions are high enough on wedding day. It’s nice to get the crying out of the way in advance. This doesn’t mean you won’t tear up during the ceremony, it just means you won’t be a blubbering fool.
  2. Your hair and makeup is flawless! The day has just begun and you are rocking the bridal look. Plus, if you do cry you have time to touch up your hair & makeup on the way to the ceremony.
  3. It’s so much more romantic to see each other for the first time when you two are alone versus standing in front of everyone at the ceremony. It gives you two time to be with each other and take in the fact that soon you’ll be married.
  4. You’ll have more time to be with guests! Typically on wedding day it goes ceremony, 2+ hours for photos, and then finally reception. That 2+ hours your guests are waiting around. By doing the first look/reveal and photos prior to the ceremony you can go directly to the reception with your guests.
  5. It’s more relaxed! By doing photos in advance the pressure seems to lift away. You can just relax, focus on getting married, and enjoy your reception with your guests.


To us it seems like a no brainer–first looks are amazing! Now at least when you decide the timeline of the day you know there is options. We hope this helped you out and made you consider doing a first look on wedding day.



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