Forgotten Wedding Details

As wedding photographers we see the ins and outs of wedding day. Many times the weddings go flawlessly, while other weddings have small avoidable hiccups. We have a few pieces of advice and tricks to help your day go smoothly.

Brides go into the day unorganized. It’s easy for items to get left behind or forgotten about completely. To easily avoid this happening take two large totes or bins. One is for getting ready items like bridal underwear, perfume, emergency bag, jewelry…etc. The second is for the wedding day itself–toss garter, comfortable dancing shoes, snacks for the limo ride, and so on. Plus the more organized you are the more relaxed wedding day can be.

Boutonnieres are a tricky to pin properly. This is the most overlooked task on wedding day. It is extremely rare when someone knows how to properly pin a boutonniere without the pin showing. It is very important to not only have the pin hidden, but also tucked away enough so no one else gets pricked by it while giving a hug. Prior to the wedding have one groomsmen or patent (not the groom) stop by the florist to learn this important task. We know how to pin, but we are supposed to be photographing the pinning.

Who has the rings? As important as the rings are it is easy to forget that small little box at the hotel room or at home. Keep one person (preferably not a parent as they already have enough going on) in charge of both rings until fifteen minutes before the ceremony.

It may rain or your wedding. Instead of ignoring this fact be prepared and have fun with it. Ask your bridal party to bring umbrellas/rain boots and make sure you have a gorgeous umbrella to snuggle with your husband under. Embrace the rain–it will make for beautiful wedding images.

Speeches are not just for the maid of honor and best man. Sure they’ll give their toast at some point around dinner, but afterwards it is customary to give a little welcome/thank you to your guests. It can be short and simple, but guest will appreciate the kind words.

Is cake cutting and cake servers included? At weddings there is a mix between having a cake artist coming to cut/serve the cake, having the venue cut/serve the cake (sometimes for a fee), or having to ask family or friends to cut/serve the cake. All ways are great, just know ahead of time and plan accordingly.

How do I get out of this dress? It may have taken several bridesmaids to get you laced up and secure in your wedding dress, but your husband may not know how to undo all that magic. Ask a bridesmaid to help get your dress undone after the wedding at the hotel room (or wherever you may be staying).

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