Ashley & Jake’s Gallagher Farm Engagement

On a cold fall day in Traverse City Ashley & Jake met up with us for their engagement session. They wanted a session to show off their love and how much they adored the fall. This session nailed it with all the fall details; a farmers market, hot apple cider to sip on, warm donuts, a pumpkin patch, corn fields, and an empty orchard. As if all those elements didn’t already scream fall in Northern Michigan it also had a few moments of snow coming down during their engagement session. Gallagher’s Farm in Traverse City was beyond accommodating and welcoming, plus their location was absolute perfection for the style of Ashely & Jake’s engagement session. I know we loved exploring the grounds and utilizing all that it had to offer. Big thanks again to Ashley & Jake for allowing us to capture your fall engagement session in Traverse City, the cold was totally worth it! Enjoy!

Traverse City Fall Engagement_0001Traverse City Fall Engagement_0002Traverse City Fall Engagement_0003Traverse City Fall Engagement_0004Traverse City Fall Engagement_0005Traverse City Fall Engagement_0006Traverse City Fall Engagement_0008Traverse City Fall Engagement_0007Traverse City Fall Engagement_0009Traverse City Fall Engagement_0010Traverse City Fall Engagement_0011Traverse City Fall Engagement_0012Traverse City Fall Engagement_0013Traverse City Fall Engagement_0014Traverse City Fall Engagement_0015Traverse City Fall Engagement_0016Traverse City Fall Engagement_0017Traverse City Fall Engagement_0018Traverse City Fall Engagement_0019Traverse City Fall Engagement_0020Traverse City Fall Engagement_0021Traverse City Fall Engagement_0022Traverse City Fall Engagement_0023Traverse City Fall Engagement_0024Traverse City Fall Engagement_0025Traverse City Fall Engagement_0026Traverse City Fall Engagement_0027Traverse City Fall Engagement_0028Traverse City Fall Engagement_0029Traverse City Fall Engagement_0030Traverse City Fall Engagement_0031Traverse City Fall Engagement_0032Traverse City Fall Engagement_0033Traverse City Fall Engagement_0034Traverse City Fall Engagement_0035Traverse City Fall Engagement_0036Traverse City Fall Engagement_0037Traverse City Fall Engagement_0038Traverse City Fall Engagement_0039Traverse City Fall Engagement_0040Traverse City Fall Engagement_0041Traverse City Fall Engagement_0042Traverse City Fall Engagement_0043Traverse City Fall Engagement_0044Traverse City Fall Engagement_0045Traverse City Fall Engagement_0046Traverse City Fall Engagement_0047Traverse City Fall Engagement_0048Traverse City Fall Engagement_0049Traverse City Fall Engagement_0050Traverse City Fall Engagement_0051Traverse City Fall Engagement_0052Traverse City Fall Engagement_0053Traverse City Fall Engagement_0054Traverse City Fall Engagement_0055Traverse City Fall Engagement_0056Traverse City Fall Engagement_0057Traverse City Fall Engagement_0058

Since they wanted to showcase their favorite teams we asked them to show us what it is really like at their home when the Packers play the Lions . Ashely’s face says it all, haha.

Traverse City Fall Engagement_0059


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