Gorgeous Senior Session

Kayce was a dream to photograph! She is adventurous, beautiful (inside and out), and has a laugh that can brighten up a room. During her senior session in Marquette she took us to her favorite spots–including under a bridge. It was quite the challenge to get to, but well worth it. The colors of the old rusted bridge beams worked beautifully with Kayce’s clothes and stunning red hair. Afterwards we went along the riverfront for some more images and a quick outfit change. The day was quickly turning into a stormy looking day, but that worked in our favor for photos. The images down by the lighthouse turned out gorgeous because of the dreary sky and Kayce’s bright outfit! For our last stop Kayce wanted to go to the soccer field that she spends a lot of her time at. Those images not only turned out wonderfully, but the rain even held off for the remainder of her session. Huge thanks to Kayce, her mom, and her friend for all the fun! Enjoy!

Marquette Senior Pictures_0001Marquette Senior Pictures_0002Marquette Senior Pictures_0003Marquette Senior Pictures_0004Marquette Senior Pictures_0005Marquette Senior Pictures_0006Marquette Senior Pictures_0007Marquette Senior Pictures_0008Marquette Senior Pictures_0009Marquette Senior Pictures_0010Marquette Senior Pictures_0011Marquette Senior Pictures_0012Marquette Senior Pictures_0013Marquette Senior Pictures_0014Marquette Senior Pictures_0015Marquette Senior Pictures_0016Marquette Senior Pictures_0017Marquette Senior Pictures_0018Marquette Senior Pictures_0019Marquette Senior Pictures_0020Marquette Senior Pictures_0021Marquette Senior Pictures_0022Marquette Senior Pictures_0024Marquette Senior Pictures_0023Marquette Senior Pictures_0025Marquette Senior Pictures_0026Marquette Senior Pictures_0027Marquette Senior Pictures_0028Marquette Senior Pictures_0029Marquette Senior Pictures_0030Marquette Senior Pictures_0031Marquette Senior Pictures_0032Marquette Senior Pictures_0033Marquette Senior Pictures_0034Marquette Senior Pictures_0035Marquette Senior Pictures_0036Marquette Senior Pictures_0037Marquette Senior Pictures_0038Marquette Senior Pictures_0039Marquette Senior Pictures_0040Marquette Senior Pictures_0041Marquette Senior Pictures_0042Marquette Senior Pictures_0043Marquette Senior Pictures_0044Marquette Senior Pictures_0045Marquette Senior Pictures_0046


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