Hagerty Center Wedding

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This wedding….it’s hard to describe just how amazing this wedding was. I was honored to second shoot for the lovely Cathy Fitz Photography but had no idea how much fun the day would end up being. When I arrived to meet up with Jeremy and his guys at the West Bay Beach Resort they were pretty much ready to go, ready to start the day. Jeremy and his groomsmen were a hoot to photograph.

Down the road at St. Joseph Church on Old Mission Peninsula Anna and her bridesmaids were finishing up getting ready. The guests, groom, and groomsmen all arrived around the same time and the church filled up quickly. The ceremony was brimming with beautiful speeches, thoughtful sermons, and glorious songs. After Anna and Jeremy were pronounced husband and wife they made their way to a nearby winery for pictures.

At the Hagerty Center, the room was ready for guests to arrive. The incredible set up by Juniper & Lace, Premier Floral Design, Sensational Events, Special Occasions North, and 307 events was jaw dropping. Right before the happy couple entered their room the lighting outside was ideal for pictures, so Cathy and the amazing videographers The Compass Points Here brought the couple out along the pier. Once inside to their party there were speeches, dancing, and plenty of tasty treats to indulge in.

You can see more from Anna & Jeremy’s day by checking out Cathy Fitz’s blog or The Compass Points Here video.

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Their reaction to seeing the room for the first time was priceless!

Hagerty Center Weddings_0060Hagerty Center Weddings_0061Hagerty Center Weddings_0062Hagerty Center Weddings_0063Hagerty Center Weddings_0064Hagerty Center Weddings_0065Hagerty Center Weddings_0066Hagerty Center Weddings_0067Hagerty Center Weddings_0068Hagerty Center Weddings_0069Hagerty Center Weddings_0070Hagerty Center Weddings_0071Hagerty Center Weddings_0072Hagerty Center Weddings_0073Hagerty Center Weddings_0074Hagerty Center Weddings_0075Hagerty Center Weddings_0076Hagerty Center Weddings_0077Hagerty Center Weddings_0078Hagerty Center Weddings_0079Hagerty Center Weddings_0080Hagerty Center Weddings_0081Hagerty Center Weddings_0082Hagerty Center Weddings_0083Hagerty Center Weddings_0084Hagerty Center Weddings_0085Hagerty Center Weddings_0086Hagerty Center Weddings_0087


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