Hand-Lettering Class

When I was 16 my dad encouraged me to sign up for a calligraphy class. He knew I wanted to study art after I graduated high school and he thought it would come in handy someday. When I arrived at the calligraphy class it was easy to see I was the youngest there by around 40 years. I felt out of place at first, but everyone was so welcoming and by the end of that first class I found that I really enjoyed it. I went back weekly for a month. I practiced by writing letters to my friends and family. Later on, when planning our wedding, I personally addressed all of our invitations.

In recent years calligraphy has made a resurgence, but this time the writing is more playful and fun. Hand-lettering has taken all of the style elements of calligraphy and making it more modern. That is why I was so excited to sign up for Sable & Gray‘s hand-lettering class at The Vintage Vanity in Suttons Bay. I’ve loved following Sable & Gray’s social media for quite a while now and saw how talented she is. Kristin, the owner of Sable & Gray, was a great teacher. She thoroughly explained the process of hand-lettering and was encouraging while we attempted it on our own. The class had a wonderful mix of people that have never done hand-lettering and a few that have tried it before. By the end of the class everyone was immersed in creating beautiful hand-lettered projects. Kristin walked around to give little tips and tricks as we all attempted to create something as beautiful as hers.

Kristin has one more class coming up this March that I would highly recommend signing up for. The hand-lettering class tonight was filled with laughter, learning, and a great piece to take home to enjoy. Check out the images below to see more from the class plus check out the Valentine’s Day mug I made Alex. Enjoy!

Hand lettering class Traverse City_0001Hand lettering class Traverse City_0002Hand lettering class Traverse City_0003Hand lettering class Traverse City_0004Hand lettering class Traverse City_0005Hand lettering class Traverse City_0006Hand lettering class Traverse City_0007

Anyone who adores the movie Anchorman will understand this mug.

Hand lettering class Traverse City_0008


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