Having A Holiday Wedding

Holiday Wedding

Typically the most popular months to get married are between June-October, but we love those couples that do something different like getting married in the winter. Winter in Michigan is stunning after all! The snow clinging on the the trees and the sparkle of the sun setting on the rolling hills of white, what’s not to love? That’s why we adore photographing in the winter (you can read more about that here), that includes wedding nears the Holidays.

Most wouldn’t consider having a wedding near the Holidays, but it actually makes perfect sense. Most churches are decorated, family and friends are already gathered together in town, and some of those people are looking for something fun to do. Why not get married and have one heck of a celebration afterwards?

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Just because you want the look/theme of a Holiday wedding doesn’t mean that you have to host it on Christmas or New Years Eve. In fact, most Holiday themed wedding land a few weeks prior to or after the actual Holiday itself.

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Have fun with the theme of the Holiday! Decorate Christmas trees, bring along that naughty elf on the shelf, and use uplighting to transform the overall look of your reception. If you are hosting a wedding on New Years Eve then remember to bring along plenty of champagne for your guest to indulge in at midnight.

11017050_10152724754592607_5592114327943724650_oLike we said most churches/venues are decorated for the Holidays so that just means it’s one less thing to worry about during the wedding planning process. You can even make some request for the color and style of the decor that is going into that venue–just prepare to be a little flexible if it’s not exactly what you are looking for.

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