Highland Park Family Portraits

For a while now, Danny & I have been trying to line something up for a portrait session of his family. Every time I come to the Chicago area he is out of town, but thankfully our schedules lined up this September. I’ve known Danny for quite some time, by that I mean basically my entire life. It was fun to watch him interact with his beautiful wife Ashley and two handsome sons. His sons are goofballs just like him.

I joined Danny, his wife, and two boys in Highland Park, IL at a park they use to frequently enjoy. The morning light was beautiful and the park was completely empty until they showed up. I loved how perfectly their family coordinated outfits! It was great outfits for the late summer morning. The colors really stood off of the green backdrop of the trees.

The park was gorgeous, up top it had adorable sidewalks, beautiful tall trees, and a cute little playground. Just down the ridge was a walkway to the blue waters of Lake Michigan. We started up on top of the ridge, as their boys played around on the trails. As the sun got higher in the sky it started to warm up quickly. We walked down to the shores and Danny & Ashley let the boys splash around in the water. It was a wonderful way to end their family session.

Thank you again, Danny & Ashley, for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your family portraits. I’m so happy the schedules finally lined up. Enjoy!

Highland Park Family Pictures_0001Highland Park Family Pictures_0002Highland Park Family Pictures_0003Highland Park Family Pictures_0004Highland Park Family Pictures_0005Highland Park Family Pictures_0006Highland Park Family Pictures_0007Highland Park Family Pictures_0008

I love how each boy took a turn being goofy! Haha.

Highland Park Family Pictures_0009

Their boys loved playing around and exploring the trails, as their giggles filled the air with delight.

Highland Park Family Pictures_0011Highland Park Family Pictures_0010Highland Park Family Pictures_0012Highland Park Family Pictures_0013Highland Park Family Pictures_0014Highland Park Family Pictures_0015Highland Park Family Pictures_0016Highland Park Family Pictures_0017

The boys were super excited to head down to the beach.

Highland Park Family Pictures_0018Highland Park Family Pictures_0019Highland Park Family Pictures_0020Highland Park Family Pictures_0021Highland Park Family Pictures_0022Highland Park Family Pictures_0023Highland Park Family Pictures_0024

So much happiness in their family!

Highland Park Family Pictures_0026Highland Park Family Pictures_0025


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