Highland Park Family Portraits

Three days before we left for a weekend in Kalamazoo, MI we received a text from Brad (the best man in our wedding). He was stating that his newborn twin boys were coming home from the hospital and ask if we were going to be in the Chicago area anytime this year to take their family portraits. We decided on an impulse to leave from Kalamazoo on Sunday morning head to Highland Park for their family portraits (a suburb of Chicago). After all the best time to photograph newborns is within the first few weeks of life.

It’s rare that we photograph newborns, but we loved photographing these twin boys. They are so calm around each other and are adorable beyond words. Their little coos and subtle facial expressions were beyond precious. In between the feedings, diaper changes, and cuddles with the twins we also got to photograph the twins older brother. He was excited to show us around the backyard and play with his dog. We were warned that it may be hard to get a good smile from him, but he had nothing but smiles the entire session. Shortly afterwards the entire family joined him outside for family portraits. To see the entire family interact with one another was delightful. Brad and his wife Amy are incredible parents. It’s amazing to watch them with their three boys! Even though they are now outnumbered they are cool, calm, and collected.

Huge thanks again to Brad and Amy for allowing us the opportunity to photograph their family and for the perfect excuse to head to Chicago. Enjoy!

Twin Boys_0001Twin Boys_0002Twin Boys_0003Twin Boys_0004Twin Boys_0005Twin Boys_0006Twin Boys_0007Twin Boys_0008Twin Boys_0009

Such a sweet moment of the entire family. We adore this image in black & white.

Twin Boys_0010Twin Boys_0011Twin Boys_0012

He really, really loves his puppy dog! Twin Boys_0013Twin Boys_0014Twin Boys_0015

This picture makes us laugh and say awwww at the same time.

Twin Boys_0016

This photo is too cute for words.

Twin Boys_0017


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