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My fingers are not going to be able to type as fast as I’m thinking today because I’m SO excited to talk about this subject. Getting images published is something that I’m passionate about. I remember setting a goal three years ago to get one of photo shoots published, now we’ve received the Editor’s Choice Award three years in a row for our published work! It’s been a lot of trial and error, but it’s been worth it.

If you are a photographer interested in how to submit your images to get published I’ve typed out a few tips to follow! These simple steps will surely help you along the way!

1. Learn about the places you are submitting to. It’s tempting to submit to any blog you can find, but if it isn’t the correct region or the style of work they publish you will get rejected–plain and simple.


2. It’s all about the details. What I published on our blog and what I submit to blogs are very different. With our blog I’m wanting to tell the story of that session through details and portraits. For submissions to blogs the editors are looking for details! For example, with a wedding they want to see some beautiful images of the happy couple, but they really want to see the couples decorations, flowers, diy touches, and so on. If you’re not already capturing details then start immediately.

Michigan Winter Wedding_0059

3. Narrow your images down. This is truly one of the hardest parts–selecting which images to send to editors. We recommend no more than 150 images, but each blog has their preference. Double check before you submit because most editors are sticklers for the guidelines.


4. Include a detailed story. It helps to paint a story by talking about all the amazing details. With every single submission I submit, I first type up the story of that day. Some blogs will even reach out to our clients to fill in more information. If you hate telling a story, then have the clients themselves type something up.


5. Our clients loved being published! I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want their wedding published! The chance that their wedding may be featured on a big name blog pushes our clients to have very detailed weddings. Not every wedding gets published though. This may be because it’s the wrong season, not a right fit for their blog, or some other reason–but we try our hardest to get each wedding published at least one.


6. Rejection will happen, just keep submitting! Some editors will give you a reason why they rejected the submission (not enough details, too late in the season,….and so on). While some editors won’t even bother emailing you back. Do not take it personally! Let it be your fire to push yourself creatively with each photo session and keep submitting!

Camp Wedding_0095

As photographers our first goal is to make sure our clients are over the moon with their images! Submitting images is just an extra step we take after it’s all said and done. If you want to experiment with lighting or try something new creatively, do it on your own time by setting up a styled shoot.

I hope this advice helps you push yourself to submit images to a blog! It’s a wonderful feeling seeing your images up on a blog that you admire. Enjoy and good luck!



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