Lake Ann Engagement Pictures

I first met Hanna and Nick via Skype while learning about their September wedding at Black Star Farms. They talked wedding, photography, and then mentioned they were traveling to Traverse City the following week to visit family during the holidays. That was the perfect chance for us to photograph their engagement pictures, since they live out in New Jersey and wouldn’t be back to Traverse City much before the wedding.

The next week we met up with Nick and Hanna at the beautiful Loon Song Covered Bridge in Lake Ann. The bridge looked festive for the holiday season, dressed up with lights and a giant holiday wreath. Nick & Hanna looked adorable all bundled up in preparation for the cold, we love the boots the wore as they stomped their way through the snow.

Although the bridge was lovely, we wanted another option for them. So we drove down the road and met up with them along the lake in downtown Lake Ann. It was frozen over, yet that simple look was so beautiful. Then the snow came and made it even more magical than before!

We finished off their session the best way possible, with a drink in hand from Lake Ann brewing company. Nick, Hanna, and Alex enjoyed a local beer, while I treated myself to a delicious apple cider. It was a relaxing ending to a great session. Nick and Hanna are a cool couple, and as we got to know them more during the engagement session it got us even more excited to photograph their wedding. We even had the chance to meet up with Hanna’s family during our time together at the brewing company.

Thanks again Hanna and Nick! It was a blast to hang out with you guys. Enjoy!Loon Song Covered Bridge_0001Loon Song Covered Bridge_0002Loon Song Covered Bridge_0003Loon Song Covered Bridge_0004Loon Song Covered Bridge_0005Loon Song Covered Bridge_0006

I love the way Hanna’s make up photographed. She treated herself to having it done by Abby at M.O. Beauty Lounge! So pretty!

Loon Song Covered Bridge_0007Loon Song Covered Bridge_0008Loon Song Covered Bridge_0009Loon Song Covered Bridge_0010Loon Song Covered Bridge_0011Loon Song Covered Bridge_0012Loon Song Covered Bridge_0013Loon Song Covered Bridge_0014Loon Song Covered Bridge_0015Loon Song Covered Bridge_0016Loon Song Covered Bridge_0017Loon Song Covered Bridge_0018Loon Song Covered Bridge_0019Loon Song Covered Bridge_0020Loon Song Covered Bridge_0021Loon Song Covered Bridge_0022Loon Song Covered Bridge_0023Loon Song Covered Bridge_0024Loon Song Covered Bridge_0025Loon Song Covered Bridge_0026Loon Song Covered Bridge_0027Loon Song Covered Bridge_0028Loon Song Covered Bridge_0029Loon Song Covered Bridge_0030Loon Song Covered Bridge_0031Loon Song Covered Bridge_0032Loon Song Covered Bridge_0033Loon Song Covered Bridge_0034Loon Song Covered Bridge_0035Loon Song Covered Bridge_0036


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