Leland Engagement Portraits

I have to start off by saying that I LOVE early morning sessions. During the afternoon or evening, the tourists and locals are out enjoying the sunshine. But early in the morning the public spaces are always quiet and the light is beautiful. It has quickly become my favorite time to photograph. I’m so thankful that Jesse & Andy were game for an early morning session. We met up with them in the adorable fish town of Leland, MI for their engagement portraits. They said they came the day prior to walk around the town and it was packed, so they were thankful they choose a morning session too.

As we arrived at the marina we were greeted by the smiling faces of Jesse & Andy. There were faint sounds of waves crashing on the dock and seagulls squawking. The warm breeze off of Lake Michigan was the perfect temperature for their session. We started their engagement pictures strolling along the charming dock. A couple fishermen were loading their boats as Jesse & Andy cuddled up for photos. They brought along a couple props (as you can see below) and looked fantastic in their first outfits.
A short walk and outfit change later the happy couple strolled along the sunny beachside. We love how ridiculously playful and in love Jesse and Andy are. It made for such a fun session! They heckled each other, splashed in the water, and truly rocked their session. We can’t thank enough for traveling up to Traverse City area, waking up super early, and allowing us to capture their engagement session. We are looking forward to capturing their wedding next year. Until then, enjoy!

Leland Engagement0001Leland Engagment_0002Leland Engagment_0003Leland Engagment_0004Leland Engagment_0005Leland Engagment_0006Leland Engagment_0007Leland Engagment_0008Leland Engagment_0009Leland Engagment_0010Leland Engagment_0011Leland Engagment_0012Leland Engagment_0013Leland Engagment_0014Leland Engagment_0015Leland Engagment_0016Leland Engagment_0017Leland Engagment_0018Leland Engagment_0019Leland Engagment_0020Leland Engagment_0021Leland Engagment_0022Leland Engagment_0023Leland Engagment_0024Leland Engagment_0025Leland Engagment_0026Leland Engagment_0027Leland Engagment_0028Leland Engagment_0029Leland Engagment_0030Leland Engagment_0031Leland Engagment_0032Leland Engagment_0033Leland Engagment_0034Leland Engagment_0035Leland Engagment_0036Leland Engagment_0037Leland Engagment_0038Leland Engagment_0039Leland Engagment_0040Leland Engagment_0041Leland Engagment_0042Leland Engagment_0043Leland Engagment_0044Leland Engagment_0045Leland Engagment_0046Leland Engagment_0047Leland Engagment_0048Leland Engagment_0049Leland Engagment_0051Leland Engagment_0052Leland Engagment_0053

Never a dull moment with these two around! HAHA!

Leland Engagment_0054Leland Engagment_0055Leland Engagment_0056Leland Engagment_0057Leland Engagment_0058Leland Engagment_0059Leland Engagment_0060Leland Engagment_0061Leland Engagment_0062Leland Engagment_0063Leland Engagment_0064Leland Engagment_0065

He was tempted to throw her into the water, lol.

Leland Engagment_0066

So she paid him back with a playful splash.

Leland Engagment_0067Leland Engagment_0068Leland Engagment_0069Leland Engagment_0070Leland Engagment_0071


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