Literary Wedding

This wedding’s theme was so on point that the theme could be found in the dress the bride wore, the newlyweds cake, the couple’s first look, and so much more. It’s truly hard to describe Colleen & Greg’s wedding without typing up a novel, it was such a wonderful day. The ladies got ready in the penthouse suite at the Landmark Inn. The mimosa bar and custom robes were adorable! Just a few floors lower the gentlemen were also getting ready, but scotch was the drink of choice there. Once ready for the day Greg & Colleen made their way to their first look. The groom hide behind a book (in the color scheme of the day) while his bride approached. The moment he pulled the book down to look at his wife-to-be was fantastic. We stayed in that area for a little bit of time, the tall trees and gorgeous lighting was excuse enough to get some breathtaking photos of Greg & Colleen-then it was off to their ceremony. They had a receiving line prior to the ceremony starting, rather than afterwards. Once the ceremony started it was easy to see what the day was all about–Greg and Colleens love for each other. Once they said ‘I do’ they joined their guest at the wedding reception. They even had a unique way of approaching cocktail hour–they were the bartenders! It gave them a chance to visit with all the guests again. Guest snacked on tacos and enjoyed the outdoor cocktail hour before they made their way indoors. The interior of the barn was all decked out in the literary theme, even their cake looked like a library! After dinner, dessert, and dancing we borrowed the happy couple back outside for a few last photos for the day–and oh was it magical! The golden hour will always be our favorite to photograph during! Thanks again Mr. & Mrs. Lemon for the amazing day! Enjoy!

Library Wedding_0001Library Wedding_0002Library Wedding_0003Library Wedding_0004Library Wedding_0005Library Wedding_0006Library Wedding_0007Library Wedding_0008Library Wedding_0009Library Wedding_0010Library Wedding_0011Library Wedding_0012Library Wedding_0013Library Wedding_0014Library Wedding_0015Library Wedding_0016Library Wedding_0017Library Wedding_0018Library Wedding_0019Library Wedding_0020Library Wedding_0021Library Wedding_0022

In case you ever really wondered what it is like to get a bride ready on wedding day. haha.

Library Wedding_0023Library Wedding_0024Library Wedding_0025Library Wedding_0026Library Wedding_0027Library Wedding_0028Library Wedding_0029Library Wedding_0030Library Wedding_0032Library Wedding_0033Library Wedding_0034Library Wedding_0035Library Wedding_0036Library Wedding_0037Library Wedding_0038Library Wedding_0039Library Wedding_0040Library Wedding_0041Library Wedding_0042Library Wedding_0043Library Wedding_0044Library Wedding_0045Library Wedding_0046Library Wedding_0047Library Wedding_0048Library Wedding_0049Library Wedding_0050Library Wedding_0051Library Wedding_0052Library Wedding_0053Library Wedding_0054Library Wedding_0055Library Wedding_0056Library Wedding_0057Library Wedding_0058Library Wedding_0059Library Wedding_0060Library Wedding_0061Library Wedding_0062Library Wedding_0063Library Wedding_0064Library Wedding_0065Library Wedding_0066Library Wedding_0067Library Wedding_0068Library Wedding_0069Library Wedding_0070Library Wedding_0071

We loved that they had their dogs brought to them for photos–it was their first official family photos together.

Library Wedding_0072Library Wedding_0073Library Wedding_0074Library Wedding_0075Library Wedding_0076Library Wedding_0077Library Wedding_0078Library Wedding_0079Library Wedding_0080Library Wedding_0081Library Wedding_0082Library Wedding_0083Library Wedding_0084Library Wedding_0085Library Wedding_0086Library Wedding_0087Library Wedding_0088Library Wedding_0089Library Wedding_0090Library Wedding_0091Library Wedding_0092Library Wedding_0093Library Wedding_0094Library Wedding_0095Library Wedding_0096Library Wedding_0097Library Wedding_0098Library Wedding_0099Library Wedding_0100Library Wedding_0101Library Wedding_0102Library Wedding_0103Library Wedding_0104Library Wedding_0105

This is their CAKE! Yep, their cake was even a mini library! It doesn’t get cuter than that!

Library Wedding_0106Library Wedding_0107Library Wedding_0108Library Wedding_0109Library Wedding_0110Library Wedding_0111Library Wedding_0112Library Wedding_0113Library Wedding_0114Library Wedding_0115Library Wedding_0116Library Wedding_0117Library Wedding_0118Library Wedding_0119Library Wedding_0120Library Wedding_0121

Since their new last name is Lemon and the had a literary theme–we figured we’d set up a unique ring shot for them.

Library Wedding_0122Library Wedding_0123Library Wedding_0124Library Wedding_0125Library Wedding_0126Library Wedding_0127Library Wedding_0128Library Wedding_0129Library Wedding_0130Library Wedding_0131Library Wedding_0132Library Wedding_0133Library Wedding_0134Library Wedding_0135Library Wedding_0137Library Wedding_0138Library Wedding_0136Library Wedding_0139Library Wedding_0140

The Case family has a tradition that involves pouring rice down the grooms pants while he’s being held upside down. This is ridiculous and Colleen has no idea what it means, where it came from, etc–but it sure did make for some great photos.

Library Wedding_0141Library Wedding_0142Library Wedding_0143Library Wedding_0144Library Wedding_0145Library Wedding_0146Library Wedding_0147Library Wedding_0148Library Wedding_0149Library Wedding_0150

The Lemons!

Library Wedding_0151Library Wedding_0152

Ceremony: St. Michael’s Parish

Reception: Belsolda Farms

Transportation: Checker Transport

DJ: Double Trouble DJ’s

Decorator & Day of Coordinator: Janice Chittle with Panache Decorating

Caterer: Coco’s

Cake Artist: Cake Superior

Hair & Makeup Artist: The Studio

Cocktail music: Fortissimo

Cocktail food: Dia de los tacos

Photobooth: Yoop it UP



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