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Local and Lovely is the newest weekly addition to our blog. It’s a way of featuring our favorite Upper Michigan vendors and businesses. And today we are super excited to feature Rosemary from the Eagle Radio Group! She and her husband Kent are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and their entire staff is a blast to be around! We could have hung out all day photographing them, but we didn’t want to make them go off air–haha. They were also kind enough to feature us this morning on 100.3 The Point and 94.9 The Bay. As nervous as Alex and I were going into the station, they staff made us feel welcomed and comfortable. They all are truly amazing at what they do. Thank you again Rosemary, Kent, and the entire Eagle Radio Group. Take a moment, read all the goodness Rosemary answered and tune up the radio to one of their fantastic stations!

1. What inspired you to start you two to start your own radio stations? Kent was inspired by his Dad and longtime radio operator, Dave Smith, Fostoria, OH to open his own radio station back in 1991 (I think?). Kent is the visionary here… he builds them, I sell them… haha. He sold his station in Ohio to purchase a floundering Gaylord, MI station and transform it into the flagship “Eagle 101.5”… and moved “upnorth” to Northern Michigan in 1997. He loves the engineering and mechanical aspects of radio, transmitters, towers, and antennas. Although retired, Kent’s Father, Dave still helps with engineering and he and his wife Annette, love the U.P. Kent spent his first birthday camping at Brevort and ever since then has been clamoring to move here. We finally did five years ago. J We have 4 kids – a son in Alaska, a daughter at NMU and 2 sons at Marquette Senior High School who are all very glad we made the U.P. home!

2. How long have you owned the stations? Kent’s owned Eagle 101.5 WMJZ since 1997, added WMJT/Newberry 7 years ago, then 100.3 The Point WUPT; WUPZ 949 The Bay; Eagle 107.3 WUPF Escanaba and Eagle 96.7 WUPG Ishpeming were added to the Eagle footprint 5 years ago last month and we just put 2 new signals on the air last year: Eagle 95.1 WUPN Sault St Marie and Straits Country 95.3 WWSS/Indian River. Whew!

3. What do you feel sets your business apart? What sets the Eagle Radio Group apart is Kent’s dedication to the communities we serve. His motto is “Take care of the community and the community will take care of you.” We like that clients, associations and businesses utilize our radio stations to spread their message and to support events, charities and grow business in Northern Michigan.

4.For those who may not know, what are all the great stations they can catch you all on? I’ll attach our coverage area map so people can see where they can listen in to Eagle Radio on their travels.(SEE BELOW)

5. Any fun-facts that we should really know that would contribute even more to your coolness? Welllllllll, that’s gotta be reserved for our on air staff. They are the ultimate in cool. Our Morning Show hosts, on air DJs and sports programmers: Mike Reling & Rob Weaver, WMJZ; Kevin Scannell & Mike Smith, WUPF, Paul VanWagoner, WUPN; Ryan Beckman and “The Fatman” WUPT/WUPZ are the epitome of cool, fun people with crazy fun ideas. They also buy into taking care of the communities they serve with love and pride.

COVERAGE AREA MAPRadio01Radio02Radio03


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