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Local and Lovely is the newest weekly addition to our blog. It’s our way of featuring our favorite Upper Michigan vendors and businesses. This week we ecstatic to feature Happy Dog! Happy Dog is the fantastic grooming salon in Harvey, MI that we take our dog to. They are so friendly and extremely patient; especially with our energetic miniature schnauzer JJ. They have always went above and beyond, even staying open late because of our busy schedule. At the bottom of this blog post you can see the before and after of our dog–the before (on the left) was taken in Marquette, the after (on the right) was taken the next day at our camp in Rapid River. See how great he looks after the amazing groomers at Happy Dog! Make sure to set up an appointment–they book up fast! Thanks again to the amazing crew at Happy Dog and to Kim for answering our questions. We truly appreciate it!

1. When did you start Happy Dog? 2003. In Harvey in a small room at the then Superior Kennels to become Pet Sitters Plus. Moving to the current location in October 2011.

2. What do you feel sets your business apart? Customer Service with a relaxed and cheerful, yet clean, professional atmosphere. A good cut is important, but the care is key. Giving consideration for the pet as well the owner’s busy schedule.

3. What is your favorite part of dog grooming? The interaction with the dogs and the joy their owners get with the finished product.

4. Any advice to pet owners before they bring their pets in? All dogs need a certain amount of grooming. How much depends on the breed and the owner’s personal taste in the look they want. How often they need professional grooming depends on this and how much they are willing to do at home. Definitely take this into consideration and do the homework before choosing a breed, budgeting the cost and the time. These decisions made, plan ahead for the appointment, so that time is not lost. If the dog goes too long w/o grooming the desired result may not be possible and may create a difficult and uncomfortable session for the pet. Try to be as relaxed as possible at the drop off and then be visibly pleased at the pick up. The dogs really pick up on the owner’s feelings.

5. Any fun-facts that we should really know that would contribute even more to your coolness? Both I, Kim Rathbun (owner) and Rick Custard are transplants that have no desire to return to our roots. We have our own dogs 2 each. Ben, Bailey, S’morzy and Ricco Suave. We both love music. We have a great sense of community with a desire to promote local businesses. Rick and his wife, Kim Benson-Custard have a dog training business “Tacomo Training”, also based out of the Harvey Happy Dog location and are embarking on therapy training. I trained (grooming) in the Detroit area. Rick apprenticed with me for 2 years.



Before and After–look at that happy dog!



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