Local and Lovely: Sayklly’s

Local and Lovely is the newest weekly addition to our blog. It’s a way of featuring our favorite Upper Michigan vendors and businesses. On today’s blog we have a real treat (pun completely intended, haha), we are featuring Sayklly’s Confectionery and Gifts. I got the chance to chat with Ali, the 4th generation of Sayklly’s, her Mom, and her Aunt. Sayklly’s has three amazing location, two in Escanaba, MI and one in Marquette, MI–but the best location? Their website where you can not only drool over all the different types of sweet treats they offer, but also order and have it shipped directly to you door! They are known for their chocolates, but they are so much more than that! They have gorgeous gifts and home decor, plenty of U.P. related gear, and a wonderful place for people to register for gifts at! It’s one of my favorite stores in town, but enough about my own raving, enjoy it for youserlf first hand! Thanks again to Ali and her family for being so sweet and answering a few questions!

1. When did the Saykllys open? 1906 spanning 4 generations (the first one-Lebanese immigrants)
2. What do you feel sets your business apart (both in the candy and store aspects)? We are family owned and our chocolates are unmatched. We cover gifts for all ages and employ attitudes that genuinely like to help people. We are highly involved with our community and participate in as many functions as possible.
3. What is your favorite part of the Saykllys? I like to imagine what it was like to open a business when my great grandfather was brand new to a town and a complete foreigner that didn’t speak the language. I also like to imagine what our business was like when it was just one store with homemade ice cream, a soda fountain and couples on dates…(at Sayklly’s!) It’s just as exciting to imagine what’s our business will be like 50 or 100 years in the future after seeing how far we’ve come.
4. What is a current trend that you would love people to know about when planning their wedding? How about a trend you love for items to purchase in the store? My most favorite things to recommend to couples are: our amazing chocolate fountain or designing a candy bar/table full of jars and bowls of their favorite candy or even candy colored to the theme of their wedding. A product line in the store that is timeless, stunning and often overlooked is Waterford crystal. You can choose wine goblets, stemware, vases, bowls, and even fine china patterns
5. Any fun-facts that we should really know that would contribute even more to your coolness? We offer brides the chance to register, get 20% all remaining gifts on their registry and 20% any bridal party specific gifts in quantity. For favors, couples can get a custom chocolate bar mold like the Yooper Bar or print their own personalized wrappers for any chocolate bar we make. They can also customize candy boxes with a monogram and fill them with their favorite chocolates from our showcase. All are big crowd pleasers!

Make sure to check out their website and stop in for a great visit!



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