Marquette Redmen Senior Pictures

Life has a funny way of working everything out. That’s what I’ve learned over the years of photographing. For example, Kathy contacted me to photograph her son’s senior pictures at Marquette’s Redmen stadium. She wanted Richard to have pictures on the field and in the bleachers, but when we arrived that day everything was locked up. Honestly, it worked out better because we LOVED photographing Richard from the top of a hill overlooking the football field. We think it was meant to be that way.

Also, the day that we originally had scheduled was set for rain, so we bumped up his session a day earlier and were treated to the most beautiful weather! We especially loved how quiet it was down at Founder’s landing in Marquette in the morning. That’s where we starting Richard’s senior portrait session. With views of the lake, ore dock, and beautiful trees in the background. A quick outfit change later Richard also brought along his guitar for the pictures. We walked to some nearby rock walls to use as a backdrop as Richard strummed his guitar and talked to us about his senior year.

Next it was onto the Marquette High School for the stadium pictures. Although we weren’t able to get access to the field we loved photographing Richard from the top. He brought along his football jersey, helmet, football, and letter jacket for us to photograph him with. We are so grateful he did because they were wonderful additions to his senior portraits.

Huge thanks again to Kathy and her son Richard for being so flexible and wonderful to work with. It was a great day! Enjoy.

Redmen Senior Photographer_0001Redmen Senior Photographer_0002Redmen Senior Photographer_0003

We will never, ever, ever get sick of photographing at this location. SO EPIC!!

Redmen Senior Photographer_0004Redmen Senior Photographer_0005Redmen Senior Photographer_0006Redmen Senior Photographer_0007Redmen Senior Photographer_0008Redmen Senior Photographer_0009Redmen Senior Photographer_0010Redmen Senior Photographer_0011

It was fun to listen to Richard play his guitar that morning.

Redmen Senior Photographer_0012Redmen Senior Photographer_0013Redmen Senior Photographer_0014Redmen Senior Photographer_0015Redmen Senior Photographer_0016Redmen Senior Photographer_0017Redmen Senior Photographer_0018Redmen Senior Photographer_0019Redmen Senior Photographer_0020Redmen Senior Photographer_0021Redmen Senior Photographer_0022


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