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It was the quickest flight I have ever been on, 45 minutes from Traverse City into Minneapolis, Minnesota. Within a couple hours of landing, I met up with Megan & Cory at the lakes in uptown, near the Tin Fish, for their engagement pictures. It was a spot they mentioned they liked to hang out. Although we’ve met on Skype, it was fantastic to finally meet Megan & Cory in person. They are a fun, giggly, adorable couple. My cheeks hurt from laughing with hours of first meeting them.

The sun was shining down on the beautiful blue waters as people paddled out on the lake. Even though it was a quick drive from downtown Minneapolis this location was perfect for those that love the outdoors. Running & biking paths, kayaking, and more was all right there.  The first part of their engagement session was Friday night, close to sunset. We started out on the walking paths, but as the sun went down we went to the other side of the lake. The views of the city in the background only added to the amazing lift they did in the water.

The following morning we met up bright and early for part two of their engagement session in the mill district of Minneapolis. Although it ended up getting to 99 degrees later that day, the early morning provided us with the perfect 75 degree weather and quiet streets. The Stone Arch Bridge, with views of the city, was a fantastic location to start their engagement session. Megan brought along balloons and flowers, which just added to the fun of their engagement session. The roses were also a wonderful way to showcase Megan’s stunning ring that Cory picked out. Near the bridge, there were beautiful walkways, stairs, and buildings. It was great to have so many different backdrops that close to each other. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to not only photograph their Minneapolis engagement pictures but also excited to capture their upcoming wedding this September in Marquette, MI. Enjoy!

Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0001Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0002Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0003Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0004Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0005Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0006Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0007Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0008

This photo fills my heart with joy.

Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0009Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0010Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0011Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0012Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0013Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0014Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0015

When asked how they normally embrace Megan ran, jumped, and clung onto Cory. It was perfection.

Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0016Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0017Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0018Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0019Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0020Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0021Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0022Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0023Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0024Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0025Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0026Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0027Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0028Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0029Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0030Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0031Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0032Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0033Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0034Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0035Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0036Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0037Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0038Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0039Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0040Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0041

And they nailed the lift!!

Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0042Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0043Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0044Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0045Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0046Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0047Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0048Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0049Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0050Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0051Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0052Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0053Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0054

Movement sends my heart pitter-pattering.

Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0055Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0056Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0057Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0058Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0059Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0060Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0061Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0062Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0063Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0064Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0065Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0066Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0067Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0068Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0069Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0070Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0071Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0072

They make running look so dang beautiful.

Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0073Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0074Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0075Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0076Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0077Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0078Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0079Minneapolis Engagement Pictures_0080


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