National Cat Day

Today is National Cat Day…well every day in our home is National Cat Day. Max, our big tuxedo cat, and our daughter Cordelia (whose initials spell out CAT) play together daily. First, let me back it up bit to explain Max’s story. I remember walking into the animal shelter about six years ago, just wanting to check out the cats (we all know how that ends up going, haha). The friendly crew at UPAWS in Marquette, allowed me to be a crazy cat lady for the day by indulging me with all the cats I could love on. Kittens are cute, but as soon as I saw Max I knew he had to come home with us. The animal shelter guessed he was around 3 or 5 years old, but his affectionate personality was what immediately attracted him to me.

We didn’t know how Max would handle Cordelia once she was born, but it was like an instant connection between the two of them. Know that she is bigger she  crawls up to him, straddles him, pulls his tail, and tugs at this ears–but he remains by her side and comes back for me. He is far more patient that I could have ever imagined. Maybe Max knows that Cordelia is a cat lady too and someday she will spoil him with treat galore.

That is why every day in our home is National Cat Day! We are so thankful we adopted Max. If you are considering adopting a cat we suggest checking out an older cat at the animal shelter. It was the best decision we made. Here’s a small glimpse into the joy that Max brings to Cordelia. Enjoy!


Her faces lights up with joy anytime Max is around. As soon as Max walks up to her he starts purring with affection.



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