Northern Michigan Wedding

We have been looking forward to photographing Trent & Leann’s Northern Michigan wedding for quite some time now. We knew it was going to be an amazing day, after all Trent & Leann are such a fun couple, but it turned out better than we could have planned for. Leann and the girls got ready at the Country Inn and Suites in Marquette while Trent and the guys finished up getting ready at a house they rented for the weekend.

Trent & Leann met up hours before their ceremony for their reveal, which was one of our favorite memories of the day. That intimate moments was filled with tears, laughter, and lots of love. Shortly after the reveal the couple met up with their bridal party at Black Rocks on Presque Isle.  The ladies looked lovely in their blue dresses and the gentleman looked smooth in their gray suits with coral accents. The weather was so cooperative for portraits along Lake Superior. The sun was shining down and there wasn’t too many people gathered near Black Rocks. After finishing up with bridal party portraits it was time to head off to the ceremony.

The Bandshell on Presque Isle is a beautiful spot that truly captures Northern Michigan. The wooden structure sits in front of a lush green forest. The way the ‘pews’ are set up in front of the Bandshell gives the space the look of an outdoor church. After the newlyweds said ‘I Do!’ it was time to celebrate! Their reception was held at Northern Michigan University, which was very dear to the couple since they went to school and worked at NMU. Between the beautiful set up, great music, delicious food & drinks–it all made for one epic wedding reception. Shortly before we left we gathered the new husband and wife and brought them outside for a few last pictures. We loved capturing the interaction between Trent & Leann. From the twirls to the giggles, it was fantastic!

We want to thank Trent and Leann immensely for allowing us to capture their special day. We enjoyed every moment of it!

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Leann’s face in this picture is nothing but pure joy!

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Ceremony: Presque Isle Bandshell

Reception: University Center at Northern Michigan University

DJ: Double Trouble DJ’s

Decorator: Panache Decorating

Florist: Econo

Cake: Gopher’s Bakery



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