Willowbrook Mill Wedding

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It’s incredible how so many talented wedding vendors can come together to create one cohesive styled shoot. That is exactly what happened for the recent winter styled shoot at Willowbrook Mill in beautiful Northport, MI.

The shoot stemmed from a simple idea; we wanted to show off how beautiful a winter wedding in Northern Michigan truly could be. Winter is the most overlooked season, but truly one of the most beautiful. That idea blossomed with each wedding professional that joined in the planning process.

I want to share with you how amazing each and every vendor was. These vendors are top notch and we were honored to work alongside of them.

Stacy at Juniper and Lace Events went above and beyond (like she always does) organizing, planning, and orchestrating the day. She took the idea and ran with it. Connecting more and more vendors to the shoot; growing it to the impressively styled shoot it became.

Even the models themselves were wedding professional, it was great to get them out from behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Katie is a talented esthetician and JP is a fantastic photographer. They are an adorable real-life couple that made the shoot what it was.

One Oak Bride provided the wedding gown. The first dress that One Oak Bride had picked didn’t arrive in time, but instead, this showstopper of a dream dress was picked for the shoot. It was the happiest accident that could have happened.

307 Events provided the amazing decor and b-e-a-utiful floral. The rich berry colors with touches of hunter green and navy blue had our hearts fluttering. It was incredible to see the set up for the lounge area by the fire, the reception table, AND the outdoor ceremony space.

M.O. Hair and Beauty lounge enhanced Katie’s natural beauty. They way they do hair and makeup is an art form in itself. The soft color make up palette meshed wonderfully with the beautiful updo they did in Katie’s hair. Even as the day progressed and the winds picked up it still looked amazing!

Holly Thomas Design created a whole design suite that went perfectly along with the aesthetic of the decor, colors, and feeling of the shoot. The watercolor floral on the invitations, menu cards, and hand lettering on macaron desserts were so beautiful I felt like it all should have been framed afterward.

Miner’s North Jewelry provided their signature line, the always sparkling Lake Shore Diamond collection of men’s and women’s rings. The shine and sparkle of that cut really added that wow factor to the images.

Grandview Catering ran with the idea of winter, comfort foods. Let me describe a few of the tasty items they made (have a napkin handy to catch the mouth-watering). Appetizers were short rib mini pot pies, deconstructed lobster mac & cheese bites, and roasted cauliflower soup sippers. Then for dinner?! They went all out creating winter vegetable hash, pistachio crusted lamps chops, and herb & garlic roasted game hen. Yum in the tum!

Willowbrook Mill was the perfect space to host the styled winter wedding. Each location that we used (the cocktail hour/lounge space, the mill/outdoor ceremony location, and the stunning reception area) was beautiful to begin with. Adding the decor just amplified the beauty of each area.

Gigi and LaClede provided the fur that kept Katie warm during the hours we spent outside for the styled wedding. It had that classic, cozy winter style while adding a beautiful texture to photograph.

That French Place outdid themselves with the beautiful watercolor inspired brie and fit macarons that served as place cards for the table. They were delicious and beautiful, with a fig filled center to boot! They also brought along a chocolate ganache pie that paired perfectly with champagne in the evening.

LM Visuals traveled up from Grand Rapids to capture the videography of the event. They were wonderful to work alongside of and were efficient in putting together an incredible film. I can barely wait to show you the film (and big news) tomorrow!

The Styled Shoot Team truly came together perfectly to show of the grandness that a winter wedding in Northern Michigan is. We can’t thank each of them enough! Hugs!!

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