They day of Megan’s senior portraits it was calling for rain, but thankfully the weather held off for her senior portrait session in Marquette. We met up with Megan, her family, and her adorable puppy in downtown Marquette to start her session. The old alleys and neat architecture were the perfect backdrop for her portraits.

After a quick change in a coral dress (which was a beautiful color on her) we met up at McCarty’s Cove. It’s a popular spot for beach goers, but with the rain in the forecast the beach was completely empty! Yay! We love that she dazzled up pup up with balloons for a few photos too, it was adorable.

We loved photographing Megan along the blue waters of Lake Superior with the lighthouse in the background. Megan was truly a blast to photograph. Thanks again Megan and her lovely family for the fun that day. Enjoy!


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It’s been just under a year since we photographed Missy & Emmett’s Sleeping Bear Dune engagement session. We loved being able to get to know them, it had us super excited to photograph their fall Traverse City wedding at Brengman Brother’s winery!

We started the day as the couple and their bridal party was getting ready in Suttons Bay at waterfront homes. Missy and her ladies were getting the final makeup touches done by Kori Martz. Next door the guys look dapper as they put on their blue suits.

At a nearby overlook, Emmett was getting ready to see his bride for their reveal. He really stepped it up a level by hauling up a bench, wine glasses, and wine (with assistance from his best man) for them to enjoy. Missy and her maid of honor hiked up the hill for the first look. The excitement from the happy couple could be felt in the air. As soon as Emmett turned around to see Missy he loudly let out a ‘WOW’ seeing her in her dress. It was a beautiful moment made even more beautiful because of the overlook.

Afterwards, the lovebirds and their bridal party met up at the winery for a few more portraits and to relax before the ceremony. Upon arriving we were wowed by the set up inside the tent. The cake from Brulotte’s Cakery and flowers from Field of Flowers added the perfect pop of colors. Up on the hill, where the ceremony would be, was decorated perfectly with a birch arbor and floral.

Guests began to make their way to the ceremony site and shortly afterward it was time for Missy and Emmett to get married! Their ceremony was done by Missy’s aunt and uncle, which was wonderfully done. Afterwards, it was a night of amazing food (hooray for Detroit BBQ company) and great music from Lucas Paul Band as guests danced the night away. The entire day was amazing!!

Huge congrats again to Mr. & Mrs. Kelly on their incredible fall wedding at Brengman Brother’s winery. Enjoy!

Traverse City Winery Wedding_0001Traverse City Winery Wedding_0002Traverse City Winery Wedding_0003Traverse City Winery Wedding_0004Traverse City Winery Wedding_0005Traverse City Winery Wedding_0006Traverse City Winery Wedding_0007Traverse City Winery Wedding_0008Traverse City Winery Wedding_0009Traverse City Winery Wedding_0010Traverse City Winery Wedding_0011Traverse City Winery Wedding_0012Traverse City Winery Wedding_0013Traverse City Winery Wedding_0014Traverse City Winery Wedding_0015Traverse City Winery Wedding_0016Traverse City Winery Wedding_0017Traverse City Winery Wedding_0018Traverse City Winery Wedding_0019Traverse City Winery Wedding_0020Traverse City Winery Wedding_0021Traverse City Winery Wedding_0022Traverse City Winery Wedding_0023Traverse City Winery Wedding_0024Traverse City Winery Wedding_0025Traverse City Winery Wedding_0026Traverse City Winery Wedding_0027Traverse City Winery Wedding_0028Traverse City Winery Wedding_0029Traverse City Winery Wedding_0030Traverse City Winery Wedding_0031Traverse City Winery Wedding_0032Traverse City Winery Wedding_0033Traverse City Winery Wedding_0034Traverse City Winery Wedding_0035Traverse City Winery Wedding_0036Traverse City Winery Wedding_0037Traverse City Winery Wedding_0038Traverse City Winery Wedding_0039Traverse City Winery Wedding_0040Traverse City Winery Wedding_0041Traverse City Winery Wedding_0042Traverse City Winery Wedding_0043Traverse City Winery Wedding_0044Traverse City Winery Wedding_0045Traverse City Winery Wedding_0046Traverse City Winery Wedding_0047Traverse City Winery Wedding_0048Traverse City Winery Wedding_0049Traverse City Winery Wedding_0050Traverse City Winery Wedding_0051Traverse City Winery Wedding_0052Traverse City Winery Wedding_0053Traverse City Winery Wedding_0054Traverse City Winery Wedding_0055Traverse City Winery Wedding_0056Traverse City Winery Wedding_0057Traverse City Winery Wedding_0058Traverse City Winery Wedding_0059Traverse City Winery Wedding_0060Traverse City Winery Wedding_0061Traverse City Winery Wedding_0062Traverse City Winery Wedding_0063Traverse City Winery Wedding_0064Traverse City Winery Wedding_0065Traverse City Winery Wedding_0066Traverse City Winery Wedding_0067Traverse City Winery Wedding_0068Traverse City Winery Wedding_0069Traverse City Winery Wedding_0070Traverse City Winery Wedding_0071Traverse City Winery Wedding_0072Traverse City Winery Wedding_0073Traverse City Winery Wedding_0074Traverse City Winery Wedding_0075Traverse City Winery Wedding_0076Traverse City Winery Wedding_0077Traverse City Winery Wedding_0078


My yearly visit to Chicago is always complete when I get the opportunity to photograph this amazing family of five and today is a big day, it’s the twin’s THIRD birthday!! So it’s the perfect day to celebrate the years of photographing them, especially when you can see how much they’ve grown even from last year’s portrait session. It was definitely more challenging photographing three toddlers under three, but even more rewarding to see their smiling faces shine through the images.

As always the perfect location for the session is right in their beautiful driveway, where the golden light of sunset streams in. The Galle clan coordinated perfectly in the color scheme of purple, blue, and gray. Right behind the camera, the kiddos grandma was assisting in getting everyone’s attention (she was an incredible asset that day).

Although the kids would have rather been playing, they were great sports and put up with the camera long enough to capture some fantastic yearly photos. Thank you again Galle clan and Happy Birthday to the most adorable little twin gals! Enjoy!

Chicago Family of five_0001Chicago Family of five_0002Chicago Family of five_0003Chicago Family of five_0004Chicago Family of five_0005Chicago Family of five_0006Chicago Family of five_0007Chicago Family of five_0008

This image below makes my heart full of joy.

Chicago Family of five_0009Chicago Family of five_0010Chicago Family of five_0011Chicago Family of five_0012Chicago Family of five_0013


Small, intimate weddings are incredible. It’s similar to a full wedding, but because of the guest count, it has such a different vibe. Conversations run deeper and everything is a bit more relaxed. That was completely the case for Kaleigh and Ryan’s Mission Table wedding in Traverse City. Arriving at the wedding location

Arriving at the wedding location up Old Mission Peninsula the sun was shining as temperatures neared the 70s. Out on the water boats, kayakers, and paddle boarders enjoyed the water. Inside Mission Table, the bride was putting the final touches out for the dinner and the groom was finishing up getting ready.

Prior to seeing each other for the first look, they gifted one another with gifts. A pearl bracelet for the bride and a watch & scotch for the groom. It was a lovely gesture before the reveal. As Kaleigh approached Ryan for the first time the excitement could be felt in the air. As Ryan turned around to see his bride-to-be his face lit up with joy, it was a beautiful moment. The happy couple finished up a few more portraits before tucking away before the ceremony. With all the stunning locations at Mission Table, it’s always a pleasure to photograph weddings there.

Guests made their way to the lawn overlooking Lake Michigan. The light shining through the trees provided such a golden color on the ceremony. Vows were said, rings were exchanged, and then it was time to celebrate with their guests. Right as the sun was beginning to set the newlyweds were encircle by their guest with lit sparklers and watch them dance their first dance as husband and wife. It was so magical, like something out of a fairy tale.

Congrats again Ryan and Kaleigh! Your intimate wedding was a delight to photograph. Enjoy!

Mission Table Wedding_0001Mission Table Wedding_0002Mission Table Wedding_0003Mission Table Wedding_0004Mission Table Wedding_0005Mission Table Wedding_0006Mission Table Wedding_0007Mission Table Wedding_0008Mission Table Wedding_0009Mission Table Wedding_0010Mission Table Wedding_0011Mission Table Wedding_0012Mission Table Wedding_0013Mission Table Wedding_0014Mission Table Wedding_0015Mission Table Wedding_0016Mission Table Wedding_0017Mission Table Wedding_0018Mission Table Wedding_0019Mission Table Wedding_0020Mission Table Wedding_0021Mission Table Wedding_0022Mission Table Wedding_0023Mission Table Wedding_0024Mission Table Wedding_0025Mission Table Wedding_0026Mission Table Wedding_0027Mission Table Wedding_0028Mission Table Wedding_0029Mission Table Wedding_0030Mission Table Wedding_0031Mission Table Wedding_0032

His bow tie and her tattoos are perfect!

Mission Table Wedding_0033Mission Table Wedding_0034Mission Table Wedding_0035Mission Table Wedding_0036Mission Table Wedding_0037Mission Table Wedding_0038Mission Table Wedding_0039Mission Table Wedding_0040Mission Table Wedding_0041Mission Table Wedding_0042Mission Table Wedding_0043Mission Table Wedding_0045Mission Table Wedding_0046Mission Table Wedding_0048Mission Table Wedding_0047Mission Table Wedding_0049Mission Table Wedding_0050Mission Table Wedding_0051Mission Table Wedding_0052Mission Table Wedding_0053Mission Table Wedding_0054Mission Table Wedding_0055Mission Table Wedding_0056Mission Table Wedding_0057Mission Table Wedding_0058Mission Table Wedding_0059Mission Table Wedding_0060Mission Table Wedding_0061Mission Table Wedding_0062Mission Table Wedding_0063Mission Table Wedding_0064Mission Table Wedding_0065Mission Table Wedding_0066Mission Table Wedding_0067Mission Table Wedding_0068


If you’ve never been to Curtis, Michigan let me set the scene for you. A cozy small town, nestled in the middle of the Upper Peninsula. There are lakes upon lakes in every direction, so during the summer, many visitors travel there to enjoy the scenery. The people that live there are welcoming and friendly beyond belief. That’s why we jumped for joy when Emily & Jordan booked us for their Chamberlin’s Curtis wedding. It’s absolutely one of our favorite places to photograph in the U.P.

I had to opportunity to get to know Emily and Jordan better by photographing their winter engagement pictures, so I knew that their wedding was going to be wonderful. Upon arriving in Curtis it was quite a different scene then the winter session, it was morning but already nearly 90 degrees! It was unseasonably warm for September, but it was absolutely wonderful for their outdoor wedding. The bride got ready at Chamberlin’s as the staff was outside finishing up the tent and lawn set up. Just down the road, the groom was getting ready at Pine Bluff Resort.

After getting ready Emily traveled down to the resort for her first look with Jordan. Their nervous/excited energy could be felt as they approached the first time seeing each other. As soon as Jordan turned around to see his bride-to-be they were both overjoyed with happiness. It was a moment of tears and true love. Once we were finished up at the resort we took the happy couple to a few spots in Curtis for portraits before making our way back to meet up with the bridal party. The red dresses, blue suits, and forest green accents were a fantastic color palette to photograph!

Next, it was time to get married! Chamberlin’s has the perfect set up for a wedding with the gazebo and tent overlooking the lake. Emily and Jordan were pronounced husband and wife and then made their way to visit with their guests that traveled from all over to attend their wedding. After family portraits, cocktail hour, and dinner the newlyweds made their way out to the dock in front of Chamberlin’s. These quiet moments, during the Golden Hours of sunset, are always our favorites. Not only because the light is absolutely dreamy, but also for the couple to relax and breathe in all that happened that day before heading back to their party.

Thank you, Emily and Jordan for all the laughs, fun, and trust that day. We wish you two a lifetime of happiness. Enjoy!

Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0003Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0001Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0002Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0004Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0005Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0006Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0007Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0008Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0009Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0010Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0011Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0012Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0013Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0014Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0015Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0016Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0017Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0019Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0020Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0021Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0022Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0023Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0024Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0025Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0026Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0027Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0028Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0029Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0030Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0031Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0032Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0033Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0034Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0035Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0036Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0037Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0038Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0039Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0040Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0041Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0042Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0043Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0044Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0045Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0046Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0047Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0048Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0049Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0050Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0051Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0052Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0053Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0054Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0055Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0056Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0057Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0058Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0059Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0060Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0061Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0062Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0063Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0064Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0065Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0066Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0067Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0068Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0069Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0070Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0071Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0072Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0073Chamberlins Curtis MI Wedding_0074

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