Life has a funny way of working everything out. That’s what I’ve learned over the years of photographing. For example, Kathy contacted me to photograph her son’s senior pictures at Marquette’s Redmen stadium. She wanted Richard to have pictures on the field and in the bleachers, but when we arrived that day everything was locked up. Honestly, it worked out better because we LOVED photographing Richard from the top of a hill overlooking the football field. We think it was meant to be that way.

Also, the day that we originally had scheduled was set for rain, so we bumped up his session a day earlier and were treated to the most beautiful weather! We especially loved how quiet it was down at Founder’s landing in Marquette in the morning. That’s where we starting Richard’s senior portrait session. With views of the lake, ore dock, and beautiful trees in the background. A quick outfit change later Richard also brought along his guitar for the pictures. We walked to some nearby rock walls to use as a backdrop as Richard strummed his guitar and talked to us about his senior year.

Next it was onto the Marquette High School for the stadium pictures. Although we weren’t able to get access to the field we loved photographing Richard from the top. He brought along his football jersey, helmet, football, and letter jacket for us to photograph him with. We are so grateful he did because they were wonderful additions to his senior portraits.

Huge thanks again to Kathy and her son Richard for being so flexible and wonderful to work with. It was a great day! Enjoy.

Redmen Senior Photographer_0001Redmen Senior Photographer_0002Redmen Senior Photographer_0003

We will never, ever, ever get sick of photographing at this location. SO EPIC!!

Redmen Senior Photographer_0004Redmen Senior Photographer_0005Redmen Senior Photographer_0006Redmen Senior Photographer_0007Redmen Senior Photographer_0008Redmen Senior Photographer_0009Redmen Senior Photographer_0010Redmen Senior Photographer_0011

It was fun to listen to Richard play his guitar that morning.

Redmen Senior Photographer_0012Redmen Senior Photographer_0013Redmen Senior Photographer_0014Redmen Senior Photographer_0015Redmen Senior Photographer_0016Redmen Senior Photographer_0017Redmen Senior Photographer_0018Redmen Senior Photographer_0019Redmen Senior Photographer_0020Redmen Senior Photographer_0021Redmen Senior Photographer_0022


For a while now, Danny & I have been trying to line something up for a portrait session of his family. Every time I come to the Chicago area he is out of town, but thankfully our schedules lined up this September. I’ve known Danny for quite some time, by that I mean basically my entire life. It was fun to watch him interact with his beautiful wife Ashley and two handsome sons. His sons are goofballs just like him.

I joined Danny, his wife, and two boys in Highland Park, IL at a park they use to frequently enjoy. The morning light was beautiful and the park was completely empty until they showed up. I loved how perfectly their family coordinated outfits! It was great outfits for the late summer morning. The colors really stood off of the green backdrop of the trees.

The park was gorgeous, up top it had adorable sidewalks, beautiful tall trees, and a cute little playground. Just down the ridge was a walkway to the blue waters of Lake Michigan. We started up on top of the ridge, as their boys played around on the trails. As the sun got higher in the sky it started to warm up quickly. We walked down to the shores and Danny & Ashley let the boys splash around in the water. It was a wonderful way to end their family session.

Thank you again, Danny & Ashley, for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your family portraits. I’m so happy the schedules finally lined up. Enjoy!

Highland Park Family Pictures_0001Highland Park Family Pictures_0002Highland Park Family Pictures_0003Highland Park Family Pictures_0004Highland Park Family Pictures_0005Highland Park Family Pictures_0006Highland Park Family Pictures_0007Highland Park Family Pictures_0008

I love how each boy took a turn being goofy! Haha.

Highland Park Family Pictures_0009

Their boys loved playing around and exploring the trails, as their giggles filled the air with delight.

Highland Park Family Pictures_0011Highland Park Family Pictures_0010Highland Park Family Pictures_0012Highland Park Family Pictures_0013Highland Park Family Pictures_0014Highland Park Family Pictures_0015Highland Park Family Pictures_0016Highland Park Family Pictures_0017

The boys were super excited to head down to the beach.

Highland Park Family Pictures_0018Highland Park Family Pictures_0019Highland Park Family Pictures_0020Highland Park Family Pictures_0021Highland Park Family Pictures_0022Highland Park Family Pictures_0023Highland Park Family Pictures_0024

So much happiness in their family!

Highland Park Family Pictures_0026Highland Park Family Pictures_0025


Traverse City_0001

This wedding….it’s hard to describe just how amazing this wedding was. I was honored to second shoot for the lovely Cathy Fitz Photography but had no idea how much fun the day would end up being. When I arrived to meet up with Jeremy and his guys at the West Bay Beach Resort they were pretty much ready to go, ready to start the day. Jeremy and his groomsmen were a hoot to photograph.

Down the road at St. Joseph Church on Old Mission Peninsula Anna and her bridesmaids were finishing up getting ready. The guests, groom, and groomsmen all arrived around the same time and the church filled up quickly. The ceremony was brimming with beautiful speeches, thoughtful sermons, and glorious songs. After Anna and Jeremy were pronounced husband and wife they made their way to a nearby winery for pictures.

At the Hagerty Center, the room was ready for guests to arrive. The incredible set up by Juniper & Lace, Premier Floral Design, Sensational Events, Special Occasions North, and 307 events was jaw dropping. Right before the happy couple entered their room the lighting outside was ideal for pictures, so Cathy and the amazing videographers The Compass Points Here brought the couple out along the pier. Once inside to their party there were speeches, dancing, and plenty of tasty treats to indulge in.

You can see more from Anna & Jeremy’s day by checking out Cathy Fitz’s blog or The Compass Points Here video.

Hagerty Center Weddings_0001Hagerty Center Weddings_0002Hagerty Center Weddings_0003Hagerty Center Weddings_0004Hagerty Center Weddings_0005Hagerty Center Weddings_0006Hagerty Center Weddings_0007Hagerty Center Weddings_0008Hagerty Center Weddings_0009Hagerty Center Weddings_0010Hagerty Center Weddings_0011Hagerty Center Weddings_0012Hagerty Center Weddings_0013Hagerty Center Weddings_0014Hagerty Center Weddings_0015Hagerty Center Weddings_0016Hagerty Center Weddings_0017Hagerty Center Weddings_0018Hagerty Center Weddings_0019Hagerty Center Weddings_0020Hagerty Center Weddings_0021Hagerty Center Weddings_0022Hagerty Center Weddings_0024Hagerty Center Weddings_0025Hagerty Center Weddings_0026Hagerty Center Weddings_0027Hagerty Center Weddings_0028Hagerty Center Weddings_0029Hagerty Center Weddings_0030Hagerty Center Weddings_0031Hagerty Center Weddings_0032Hagerty Center Weddings_0033Hagerty Center Weddings_0034Hagerty Center Weddings_0035Hagerty Center Weddings_0036Hagerty Center Weddings_0037Hagerty Center Weddings_0038Hagerty Center Weddings_0039Hagerty Center Weddings_0040Hagerty Center Weddings_0041Hagerty Center Weddings_0042Hagerty Center Weddings_0043Hagerty Center Weddings_0044Hagerty Center Weddings_0045Hagerty Center Weddings_0046Hagerty Center Weddings_0047Hagerty Center Weddings_0048Hagerty Center Weddings_0049Hagerty Center Weddings_0050Hagerty Center Weddings_0051Hagerty Center Weddings_0052Hagerty Center Weddings_0053Hagerty Center Weddings_0054Hagerty Center Weddings_0055Hagerty Center Weddings_0056Hagerty Center Weddings_0057Hagerty Center Weddings_0058Hagerty Center Weddings_0059

Their reaction to seeing the room for the first time was priceless!

Hagerty Center Weddings_0060Hagerty Center Weddings_0061Hagerty Center Weddings_0062Hagerty Center Weddings_0063Hagerty Center Weddings_0064Hagerty Center Weddings_0065Hagerty Center Weddings_0066Hagerty Center Weddings_0067Hagerty Center Weddings_0068Hagerty Center Weddings_0069Hagerty Center Weddings_0070Hagerty Center Weddings_0071Hagerty Center Weddings_0072Hagerty Center Weddings_0073Hagerty Center Weddings_0074Hagerty Center Weddings_0075Hagerty Center Weddings_0076Hagerty Center Weddings_0077Hagerty Center Weddings_0078Hagerty Center Weddings_0079Hagerty Center Weddings_0080Hagerty Center Weddings_0081Hagerty Center Weddings_0082Hagerty Center Weddings_0083Hagerty Center Weddings_0084Hagerty Center Weddings_0085Hagerty Center Weddings_0086Hagerty Center Weddings_0087


Peninsula Room Traverse City_0001

It’s been years since I’ve seen Julie & Geoff. We worked together in Marquette and briefly hung out when they were living in Chicago. So when they reached out about needing a second shooter for a Traverse City wedding I happily jumped on board. I arrived at the beautiful Peninsula Room and was greeted with a warm, strong wind off of the lake. The bride Julie and the groom Evan were finishing up getting ready inside before they had their first look outdoors. Their nerves and excitement could easily be seen from the images, it was a beautiful moment to capture. Afterwards, the happy couple took some time to trade letters and soak in the day that was happening.

On the front lawn, the final touches were being set up. Although it was quite windy the couple embraced it and move forward with their outdoor ceremony. The way the bride and bridesmaid’s dresses moved with the wind was mesmerizing. Julia and Evan exchanged their vows and rings before they pronounced husband and wife.

Immediately afterwards the newlyweds walked out to the gorgeous beach in front of the property. It was a way for them to take in all that just happened and enjoy the sunshine that was shining down. Next, it was off to the reception inside the Peninsula Room. The clean decor of blue and green was the perfect look for the hall.

They ate, drank, danced, and enjoyed being married. Right before we took off we snuck Julie & Evan off for a few last pictures along the shores of Lake Michigan as the sun was setting. It was the perfect ending to an incredible day. Thanks again to Geoff & Julie for letting me photography with them. Make sure to go follow their Two 9 Two Facebook fan page to see more. Enjoy!

Peninsula Room Traverse City_0002Peninsula Room Traverse City_0003Peninsula Room Traverse City_0004Peninsula Room Traverse City_0005Peninsula Room Traverse City_0006Peninsula Room Traverse City_0007Peninsula Room Traverse City_0008Peninsula Room Traverse City_0009Peninsula Room Traverse City_0010Peninsula Room Traverse City_0011Peninsula Room Traverse City_0012Peninsula Room Traverse City_0013Peninsula Room Traverse City_0014Peninsula Room Traverse City_0015Peninsula Room Traverse City_0016Peninsula Room Traverse City_0017Peninsula Room Traverse City_0019Peninsula Room Traverse City_0020Peninsula Room Traverse City_0021Peninsula Room Traverse City_0022Peninsula Room Traverse City_0023Peninsula Room Traverse City_0024Peninsula Room Traverse City_0025Peninsula Room Traverse City_0026Peninsula Room Traverse City_0027Peninsula Room Traverse City_0028Peninsula Room Traverse City_0029Peninsula Room Traverse City_0030Peninsula Room Traverse City_0031Peninsula Room Traverse City_0032Peninsula Room Traverse City_0033Peninsula Room Traverse City_0034Peninsula Room Traverse City_0035Peninsula Room Traverse City_0036Peninsula Room Traverse City_0037Peninsula Room Traverse City_0038Peninsula Room Traverse City_0039Peninsula Room Traverse City_0040Peninsula Room Traverse City_0041Peninsula Room Traverse City_0042Peninsula Room Traverse City_0043Peninsula Room Traverse City_0044Peninsula Room Traverse City_0045Peninsula Room Traverse City_0046Peninsula Room Traverse City_0047Peninsula Room Traverse City_0048Peninsula Room Traverse City_0049Peninsula Room Traverse City_0050Peninsula Room Traverse City_0051Peninsula Room Traverse City_0052Peninsula Room Traverse City_0053Peninsula Room Traverse City_0054Peninsula Room Traverse City_0055Peninsula Room Traverse City_0056Peninsula Room Traverse City_0057Peninsula Room Traverse City_0058Peninsula Room Traverse City_0059Peninsula Room Traverse City_0060Peninsula Room Traverse City_0061Peninsula Room Traverse City_0062Peninsula Room Traverse City_0063Peninsula Room Traverse City_0064Peninsula Room Traverse City_0065Peninsula Room Traverse City_0066Peninsula Room Traverse City_0067Peninsula Room Traverse City_0068Peninsula Room Traverse City_0069Peninsula Room Traverse City_0070Peninsula Room Traverse City_0071Peninsula Room Traverse City_0072Peninsula Room Traverse City_0073Peninsula Room Traverse City_0074Peninsula Room Traverse City_0075Peninsula Room Traverse City_0076Peninsula Room Traverse City_0077Peninsula Room Traverse City_0078Peninsula Room Traverse City_0079Peninsula Room Traverse City_0080Peninsula Room Traverse City_0081Peninsula Room Traverse City_0082Peninsula Room Traverse City_0083Peninsula Room Traverse City_0084Peninsula Room Traverse City_0085Peninsula Room Traverse City_0086Peninsula Room Traverse City_0087Peninsula Room Traverse City_0088Peninsula Room Traverse City_0089Peninsula Room Traverse City_0090Peninsula Room Traverse City_0091Peninsula Room Traverse City_0092


It was early morning as I walked up to Mission Point Lighthouse. The birds were chirping and sounds of the waves softly splashing on shore could be heard. The beach was completely empty–except for Kynan and Mary. Kynan had told Mary they were going to go kayaking there that morning, but first, they should walk along the beach to check it out. Little did Mary know that a month prior Kynan reached out to me to photograph his surprise proposal! They strolled down the beach, venturing out into the water looking for Petoskey stones. Kynan found a great spot on the beach, got down on one knee, and popped the question. Mary said yes!!!

Walking back towards the lighthouse I greeted them, gave them a big hug, and congratulated the newly engaged couple. It was such an amazing moment to be a part of. Kynan also surprised Mary with an engagement session to follow, so the couple made their way back to their vehicle to change clothes. As they walked back to me they were smiling from ear to ear. Happiness was surrounding them. We started their engagement pictures in front of the lighthouse and along the shore where it all began. Slowly, as the morning progressed, the beach got a little busier so we made our way to the gorgeous wooded trails nearby. It was a true Northern Michigan engagement session for this couple visiting from Indiana.

I asked them if they wanted to picture immediately to announce the engagement, but they decided to wait a few days. To be able to tell their family in person after their vacation first, before announcing it to the rest of the world. It was such a beautiful way to relax and just enjoy the rest of their Traverse City trip. Now that they are back home and ready to share I can finally show you the fun from that day. Congrats Kynan & Mary! Enjoy!

Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0001Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0002Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0003Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0004Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0005Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0006Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0007Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0008Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0009Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0010Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0011Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0012Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0013Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0014Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0015Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0016Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0017Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0018Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0019Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0020Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0021Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0022Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0023Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0024Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0025Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0026Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0027Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0028Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0029Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0030Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0031Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0032Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0033Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0034Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0035Traverse City Surprise Proposal_0036

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