Jeremy & Jessica’s love story is magical. Ever since we started photographing them they’ve added touches of Harry Potter to each of their sessions. During their engagement pictures they brought along wands, for their wedding the gift each bridal party member with their own handmade wands, and for their son’s newborn photos they playfully incorporated more Harry Potter items. So we knew (and looked forward to) what they had in store for their fall family pictures.

They brought along a new Harry Potter pop up book. You guys it was….amazing! The look on their son’s face as they flipped through the pages was priceless. Up popped the giant spider, the dragon, the castle, and so much more. They also brought along their new wands that light up that they purchased from their trip to  Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California. We honestly love each and every time we get to photograph this adorable family.

We love that they also brought along a few pumpkins, fresh cut sunflowers, and a quilt that has been passed along in the family. It’s those beautiful touches that really made this fall family session even more complete. Shortly afterward they put away they items and strolled in the nearby woods with us. The location was special to the couple because it’s also where we photographed their portraits on wedding day. It was fantastic to see it come full circle now.

Big thanks again to the Brock family for years and years of photography adventures. We can’t wait to see what magical spell they cast upon next years photos. Until then, enjoy!


Milo’s expression says it all! He was beyond excited to flip through the book over and over again.


Milo couldn’t wait to sit down by himself and flip through the Harry Potter booked.


Love the image below of Milo adventuring by himself nearby as Jessica & Jeremy snuggle in the foreground.



On a beautiful sunny morning we met up with Brendan for his senior pictures in Marquette, MI. Even though Brendan goes to school in Escanaba, he wanted his pictures done at Presque Isle. For him it’s a place that he enjoys the most; between jumping off of Black Rocks, exploring the wooded trails, or just driving around the island he loves it all.

We started Brendan’s session in the woods to get a little coverage from the rising sun. Brendan talked about his Presque Isle adventures and about his senior school year while we photographed him. After an outfit change and a short drive we gathered at Black Rocks. Locals and tourists were already enjoying jumping into the cools waters of Lake Superior nearby as we started photographing Brendan.

The mix of the blue waters with the stark contrast of the black rocks was the perfect place to end Brendan’s senior portraits. Thanks again to Brendan for being so wonderful to photograph. Enjoy!


Brendan was showing his little brother how to skip stones.



Ahhhh it’s so exciting to be in Traverse City for our first Halloween as a family. On Saturday we dressed Cordelia up and walked to the Downtown Traverse City Halloween Walk. It was great walking around, but our favorite was just people watching. Between the children and their parents there were so many fantastic costumes to see. It has us even more excited for next year when our daughter will be old enough to walk around herself.

Today we decided to dress up and stay home to pass out candy in the neighborhood. Cordelia is magical looking in her unicorn outfit. As you can see from the pictures below she absolutely loves it. We hope whatever you are doing this Halloween that it’s wonderful. Happy Halloween y’all!



Fall brings many things along with it; beautiful fall color, crisp cool winds, and rain…a lot of rain. As outdoor photographers, it is one of the hardest challenges when we schedule fall family pictures. We say a little pray, cross our fingers, and hope for the best. One the morning that we met with Jessica we were greeted with the sun rising near Founders Landing. Even though it called for rain that morning there was no rain clouds in sight.

Jessica has followed our work for years and knew exactly where she wanted to start her family pictures at. The large tree near the shores of Lake Superior has such a unique look. But with all the rain the water was a higher than normal, so getting to the right spot proved to be difficult. Thankfully Jessica & her family embraced the challenge! It was a beautiful location for such a lovely family.

Next, it was onto the woods near downtown. The colors were just starting to change, so the mix of oranges with the greens were really beautiful. We love this family’s playful energy and willingness to do just about anything. We loved the way they ended the session, with the kids playing in the nearby sand pit. The two oldest were sliding down and racing back up, while the little one just was thrilled with throwing dirt around. It really showed how fun this family is! Big thanks to Jessica for allowing us to capture her family pictures and thank the stars above that the rain held off! Enjoy!


It’s like a spider web of branches and we LOVE IT!


He didn’t fall in, thankfully, but if he did we were going to be right there to photograph it! Haha.


Her looking back as her siblings guide her along is just the cutest!


She was having a blast playing in the dirt.




Even though the guest count was under 15 people, this small wedding had a big personality. We arrived at the home in Bellaire, MI that Amy & Ryan rented for their wedding celebration. The home had beautiful views! The fall colors were popping from the green over the forest. The water was peaceful and fun to watch as boats passed by. Amy and her twin daughters were in the master suite getting ready. Ryan was in the main living room visiting with family.

It wasn’t too long before the music was starting and Amy’s daughters were walking her down the pathway to the boardwalk. Family gathered closely together to watch the vows these two spoke to each other. The sound of the wind through the trees and the water rippling could be heard subtly in the background. As they kissed and were pronounced husband and wife their family cheered and daughters ran up to congratulate the newlyweds.

Family gathered inside to warm up as Amy & Ryan stayed outdoors with us for pictures. It was easy to see why the couple chose this location for their wedding.  Water, birch trees, willow trees, and so much more–it was all amazing. Afterwards we followed them to Torch Lake Cellars. We arrived and saw panoramic views in every direction. Inside their guests snacked on hor devours and delicious wine, while the couple stayed outside for a few photos in the vineyard.

As Amy & Ryan joined their family inside we stayed outside for a moment to photograph their rings. While searching the vineyard we stumbled up a vine that coiled up to make the shape of a heart. It was random and oh so perfect. We ended our day with them in the front of the property overlooking Torch Lake. The tee box provided a wonderful landing for the couple to stand upon. And just as we snapped the last photos of them the rain begin to fall softly. It was perfect timing.

Congrats to Amy & Ryan on their beautiful wedding in Bellaire. It was honor to capture all the fun that day. Enjoy!


The window view is so beautiful with the fall color that it makes it look like a painting above the bed.


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