A short drive out of Grand Rapids and you can find the adorable town of Rockford, MI. We met up with some of our favorite past clients at a place they like to frequent; The Rockford Dam. The last time we were had Shawnna in front of the camera she was pregnant with their first child and before that we captured their wedding (and this moment with her and her father).

At the Rockford Dam locals were fishing, tourists were snapping photos, and the loud hum of water passing through the dam filled the air. It was a beautiful, and humid, summer day. Shawnna, Kevin, and their two adorable kiddos happily showed us around the park. It was our first time there and we can see why it’s so popular. The downtown sidewalks were lined with people exploring the town and the smell of nearby cafe drifted through the area.

Their family was dressed in cobalt blue outfits with pink accents. It really popped against all the greenery around the area. Between their son showing us his spider-man moves and their daughter’s adorable giggle we had such a blast capturing them. Midway through their family session we could hear the faint sound of thunder, but thankfully the storm held off for their entire session.

Thank you again Shawnna and Kevin for always being so wonderful. We are honored to capture your family for years now and look forward to the years ahead. We are lucky to have friends like you in our life. Enjoy!


During the session there were so many people walking around playing Pokemon Go. It was funny to see so many people engaged in that game.


Isn’t she just precious?! Her smile is contagious.


Taking flight, with dad’s help of course.


Such a special moment between the four of them.



On a sunny summer morning in downtown Indianapolis we met up with Mollie & Ben for their engagement pictures. They had us join up with them along the canal walk, an area that we quickly fell in love with. There was beautiful art pieces, a quiet river to stroll by, and the gorgeous backdrop of the cityscape. Mollie & Ben’s outfits worked perfectly with the style of their session! As we walked along the canal there were so many places to stop along the way. We even stumbled up the NDY piece where the two of them made up the ‘I’ to spell out INDY.

The heat and humidity was quickly rising as the day went on, so we stopped in a nearby coffee shop to rest, refuel, and escape the heat. Afterwards Ben & Mollie were recharged and ready to go. We made our way close to the Capital building and downtown Indy. It was obvious that the Indianapolis Colts were playing later that day, everyone around had Colts gear on.

Towards the end of the session we found an ally near Circle Centre Mall that provided a little shade from the sun. It was ugly, in the best possible way and smells of bbq food was filling the air. We wrapped up their engagement session and parted ways. Ben & Mollie were going home to relax before watching the Colts game and we headed to Alex’s family home nearby. We could not have asked for a better engagement session in downtown Indianapolis. This session got us even more excited for their Indy wedding next spring. Huge thanks again for Mollie & Ben for allowing us to capture your engagement pictures and upcoming wedding. Enjoy!


Go online and check out the hashtag #LoveIndy to see others take on the ‘NDY’ sign. This sign changes places around the city.



We made our way through Big Bay and into the Huron Mountain Club for Anne’s family pictures. We arrived on one of the most beautiful summer morning. Anne’s family was all gathered together on vacation and we were honored to be invited to photograph the fun. The tall pines lined the road near their place and the sounds of waves could be heard splashing on the beach in front of the cabin. We knew in the instant that we met them that this session was going to be full of joy and laughter.

It was a blast to capture all the different members of Anne’s family along with their dogs. We were even able to grab an image of all of the dogs & humans looking at the camera, that image needs to be hung proudly in their cabin. Then, after a quick cool off inside, the family joined us again outside. This time we went to the front of the cabin, along the shores of Lake Superior. The dogs were already splashing in the water before everyone was even out to the beach. A little heckling later we watched as Grandma dunked her grandson into the cool waters. It sparked the rest of the family to play and splash around as well. It was one of favorite moments that we’ve ever captured during a family portrait session.

Thanks again to Anne and her family for welcoming us into their place. The Huron Mountain Club’s beauty and charm really is the perfect backdrop for a session, it was our second time there and we enjoyed it just them same. We hope you enjoy as well!


10 humans & 5 dogs all looking at the camera! And they thought it couldn’t be done.


Don’t mess with Grandma! She will take you down, haha.


Right before we left we caught this epic water splash between father and son that had us laughing the rest of the day.



Amy contacted us to photograph her family pictures at the Frankfort Beach during their vacation. They traveled up from Texas and rented a beautiful house overlooking the beach, water, and lighthouse. We made our way from Traverse City to Frankfort all while enjoying the summer sunshine along the way. Amy and her family were dressed perfectly and coordinately wonderfully. Her kiddos outfits were so cute, we could barely stand it. We started their session in the open shade of the tree lined street. It was a beautiful location with gorgeous light–we absolutely loved it. Amy & her family could not get any cuter if they tried.

The heat and humidity started to rise so we gave the family time to refresh and cool off before heading out to the beach. Tourist were making their way to the shore, enjoying the warm breeze off of Lake Michigan. Thankfully once Amy and her family joined us at the beach we had a little bit of cloud coverage for portraits. We loved photographing their family playing in the sand and dipping their toes into the water. Sometimes we take for granted how absolutely amazing being surround by the Great Lakes is.

Amy and her beautiful family were an absolute delight to photograph! We hope they enjoyed the rest of their Michigan vacation before heading back to Texas. We can’t thank them enough for allowing us the chance to capture part of their wonderful Frankfort, MI family vacation. Enjoy!


We love this portrait of a father with his children. Such a sweet moment.


Her son was cracking us up, he was quite the funny one to capture.


Isn’t she just the cutest? And her little outfit was precious!


This image is absolutely one of our favorites! Amy’s children are too sweet for words.


frankfort-family-pictures_0025Nothing better than sandy feet on a summer day.



We met up with the Deneau family in Gladstone this summer. This is a family I’ve known for ages, like 28 years. Janna (the beautiful gal in the blue dress) has been my best friend since pre-school. Her family has endured late night sleep-overs, us dressing up the family dog, and fits of laughter for no good reason. They have been a second family to me and it was such an honor to be able to capture their family portraits this summer.

We met near Saunders Point in early one morning. The rain was holding off just long enough for us to capture their family session. We tried to make the session as quick….I mean efficient as possible since the gentlemen in the group aren’t the biggest fans of having their picture taken. The little guy, however, was ready to entertain everyone around him. His stories and numerous funny faces gave us plenty to photograph. The dogs even came along for a few pictures too.

This session was full of color, laughter, and love. It was a good representation of how amazing the Deneau family is. Thanks again to all of them for putting up with the pictures and me for so many years. Alex and I had a blast capturing all the fun that morning and so thankful the rain held off. Enjoy Deneau family!


When you are outnumbered by beautiful women, you just have to smile and nod. Haha.


Look at that face! Haha, he is such a little ham.


Tilly is Jill’s adorable furbaby. He was working the camera.


This guy is so loved! The two pictures on the ends are of him with his aunts. The image in the middle is him with his mama.


We couldn’t decide if we like color or black and white better–so we put both on here.


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