It was such an honor to photograph Amber and her husband Chuck for their pregnancy pictures on a cold, snowy morning. Amber has been around since I first started out with my business. When I needed someone to model for me she happily jumped in front of the camera. When she got engaged we photographed their engagement portraits and their winter wedding. Now she’s in front of the camera for her beautiful pregnancy portraits. It’s been a beautiful photographic journey and it’s only just begun.

I joined Amber and Chuck (and their adorable pup Marcel) on a sunny winter’s day. Amber looked stunning in her floor-length blue dress, something she picked up to wear for her baby shower. Chuck coordinated perfectly with his plaid shirt that had subtle touches of teal in it. The breeze that day was chilly, but the shining sun helped keep them warm. The beautiful trees also helped block the wind and provided a beautiful surrounding for the parents-to-be. After a quick warm up, and outfit change, Amber & Chuck joined me back outside to finish up their maternity photos. They even brought along a little pair of cowboy boots the have for their son. It was adorable.

Thank you again, Amber and Chuck for all the fun that day! We can hardly wait to meet your son and photograph him for years to come. Huge congratulations again, your little baby boy, he will be here so soon. Until then enjoy sleep and the silence. Hugs!

Winter pregnancy portraits_0001Winter pregnancy portraits_0002Winter pregnancy portraits_0003Winter pregnancy portraits_0004Winter pregnancy portraits_0005Winter pregnancy portraits_0006Winter pregnancy portraits_0007

Her simple cross, her beautiful wedding ring, that gorgeous smile, and the perfect baby growing inside–love it!

Winter pregnancy portraits_0008Winter pregnancy portraits_0009

Such a unexpected and sweet moment between the parents-to-be.

Winter pregnancy portraits_0010Winter pregnancy portraits_0011Winter pregnancy portraits_0012Winter pregnancy portraits_0013Winter pregnancy portraits_0014Winter pregnancy portraits_0015

The image below makes me laugh every time I look at it. Amber know the perfect way to quickly warm up her cold hands.

Winter pregnancy portraits_0016Winter pregnancy portraits_0017Winter pregnancy portraits_0018Winter pregnancy portraits_0019Winter pregnancy portraits_0020Winter pregnancy portraits_0021


I don’t know many people that are willing to wake up super early, get dressed up, and drive almost an hour (all before sunrise) to have engagement pictures done. Emily & Joran are incredible couple though. When they found out I was heading to the U.P. for a quick trip they reached out wanting to do a winter engagement session. We met in the middle (them coming from Curtis and I was coming from Rapid River) in the quaint town of Manistique, MI. They joined me just after sunrise at the boardwalk along Lake Michigan.

The snow showers sprinkled down here and there during their engagement session, but the icy cold breeze was persistent. Emily & Jordon didn’t seem to mind as they cozied up to one another. Since it was just after sunrise there wasn’t anyone else around, they had the beach & boardwalk to themselves. As we walked around they told me more details about their upcoming wedding. Their excitement of their wedding made them open up more playfully in front of the camera, it was truly beautiful to capture how smitten they are with each other.

Just down the road there was a beautiful spot of woods that provided shelter from the wind. Within moments of arriving there a snow shower softly dropped snow down. It was the dreamy, big flakes of snow. Their laughter erupted as the walked along and played in the snow. Huge thanks again to Emily & Jordan for willing to brave the early & snowy morning. We could not be more excited to photograph their upcoming wedding at the beautiful Chamberlin’s Old Forest Inn in Curtis, MI. Until then here’s their engagement pictures. Enjoy!

Manistique Engagement Pictures_0001Manistique Engagement Pictures_0002Manistique Engagement Pictures_0003Manistique Engagement Pictures_0004Manistique Engagement Pictures_0005Manistique Engagement Pictures_0006Manistique Engagement Pictures_0007Manistique Engagement Pictures_0008Manistique Engagement Pictures_0009Manistique Engagement Pictures_0010Manistique Engagement Pictures_0011Manistique Engagement Pictures_0012Manistique Engagement Pictures_0013Manistique Engagement Pictures_0014

I love the lighthouse popping out in the background of these images.

Manistique Engagement Pictures_0015Manistique Engagement Pictures_0016Manistique Engagement Pictures_0017Manistique Engagement Pictures_0018

Sand and snow–what a beautiful combination!

Manistique Engagement Pictures_0020

His laughter and her look of adornment is everything in this image below.

Manistique Engagement Pictures_0019Manistique Engagement Pictures_0021Manistique Engagement Pictures_0022Manistique Engagement Pictures_0023Manistique Engagement Pictures_0024Manistique Engagement Pictures_0025Manistique Engagement Pictures_0026Manistique Engagement Pictures_0027Manistique Engagement Pictures_0028Manistique Engagement Pictures_0029Manistique Engagement Pictures_0030Manistique Engagement Pictures_0031Manistique Engagement Pictures_0032


When I was 16 my dad encouraged me to sign up for a calligraphy class. He knew I wanted to study art after I graduated high school and he thought it would come in handy someday. When I arrived at the calligraphy class it was easy to see I was the youngest there by around 40 years. I felt out of place at first, but everyone was so welcoming and by the end of that first class I found that I really enjoyed it. I went back weekly for a month. I practiced by writing letters to my friends and family. Later on, when planning our wedding, I personally addressed all of our invitations.

In recent years calligraphy has made a resurgence, but this time the writing is more playful and fun. Hand-lettering has taken all of the style elements of calligraphy and making it more modern. That is why I was so excited to sign up for Sable & Gray‘s hand-lettering class at The Vintage Vanity in Suttons Bay. I’ve loved following Sable & Gray’s social media for quite a while now and saw how talented she is. Kristin, the owner of Sable & Gray, was a great teacher. She thoroughly explained the process of hand-lettering and was encouraging while we attempted it on our own. The class had a wonderful mix of people that have never done hand-lettering and a few that have tried it before. By the end of the class everyone was immersed in creating beautiful hand-lettered projects. Kristin walked around to give little tips and tricks as we all attempted to create something as beautiful as hers.

Kristin has one more class coming up this March that I would highly recommend signing up for. The hand-lettering class tonight was filled with laughter, learning, and a great piece to take home to enjoy. Check out the images below to see more from the class plus check out the Valentine’s Day mug I made Alex. Enjoy!

Hand lettering class Traverse City_0001Hand lettering class Traverse City_0002Hand lettering class Traverse City_0003Hand lettering class Traverse City_0004Hand lettering class Traverse City_0005Hand lettering class Traverse City_0006Hand lettering class Traverse City_0007

Anyone who adores the movie Anchorman will understand this mug.

Hand lettering class Traverse City_0008


On an overcast winter’s day we met up with Brittany & Sean for their engagement pictures along West Bay in Traverse City. They brought along their children to join in some of the portraits since their families will soon be blended together. They also brought along their adorable new husky puppy. Even though there was snow on the ground, the weather was actually quite comfortable. They said in southeastern Michigan, where they live, there was no snow at all! That’s why they were willing to travel to Northern Michigan for their pictures.

The area that we found for Brittany & Sean’s engagement session was perfect for them. It was a mix of beautiful snow filled woods as well as a gorgeous beach along Lake Michigan. The happy couple, and their adorable family, really nailed it with the outfits. Their puppy even coordinated perfectly for the photos. Once the family portraits were finished their children took the puppy along with them as they played in the woods. That allowed Brittany and Sean to really relax and cozy up in front of the camera.

It was amusing to watch Sean and Brittany interact with each other. Once one laughs the other joins right in–it’s easy to see how completely smitten these two love birds are. Our favorite pictures are the ones along the water, they had the beach all to themselves. Plus their outfits were right on point.

We can barely wait to photograph their wedding this July in southwestern Michigan. Huge thanks to Sean & Brittany for traveling up to Traverse City for their engagement session. We had a blast photographing all the fun that day. Enjoy!

Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0001Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0002Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0003Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0004Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0005Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0007Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0006Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0010Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0008Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0009Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0011Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0012Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0013Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0014Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0015Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0016

That head tilt is beyond adorable.

Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0017Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0018Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0019Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0020Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0021Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0022Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0023Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0024Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0025Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0026Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0027Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0028Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0029Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0030Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0031Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0032Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0033Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0034

Seriously–these two were styling in their outfits. Gorgeous!

Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0035Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0036Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0037Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0038Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0039Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0040Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0041Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0042Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0043Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0044

We love the build up of her jumping into his arms!!

Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0045Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0046Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0047Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0048Traverse City Engagement Pictures_0049



When planning for your wedding you can plan everything, except the weather. Leading up to Brad & Tricia’s day it was calling for rain and rather than fighting it, or being upset with it, they embraced the rain. The bridal party got ready in the beautiful, historic Landmark Inn as the bride and groom met up nearby for their first look. The rain was softly coming down as Tricia approached Brad with her umbrella in hand. The reveal was such a special moment and the rain made it even more romantic.

Later Tricia & Brad met up with their bridal party prior to the ceremony for portraits. By that point the rain was coming down strong, but thankfully we found a covered bridge to photograph them all at. The girls dazzled in their in their navy blue bridesmaid dresses and the guys looked dapper in their gray suits with navy blue ties. Once we were done with portraits it was time to get Brad & Tricia to the church to get married.

It was easy to see the nervous excitement that Brad & Tricia had leading up to the ceremony. However, as soon as the ceremony begin they relaxed, cried, laughed, and truly had a fantastic time. Once they were announced husband & wife it was time to celebrate. It was wonderful to have the ceremony right across the street from the reception. Inside the reception the tables were decorated in a classic white & navy with draping from floor to ceiling. The elegance of the location and decor was outstanding. After dinner guests made their way down to the lower level for cake, drinks, and dancing. The first dances were beautiful to capture with the party really warming up afterwards. Before we said our goodbyes we borrowed the newlyweds away for a few moments out onto the streets for a few last images, which ended up being some of our favorites. Big congratulations again to Brad & Tricia on a rainy & wonderful wedding. Enjoy!


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