A gorgeous day for a hike to beautiful Dead River Falls! The wonderful weather was only out-shined by the love between Sara & Josh. Their dog, Mason, could not help but to get involved in both the walk and the portraits during this wonderful engagement session. Using our favorite backdrop, the Upper Peninsula, Michigan, we set off to Dead River Falls. The afternoon sun warmed our backs as Sara, Josh, and Mason took us on the scenic adventure of the falls and the surrounding trails. Overall, we could not be happier with these memorable photos. Even though, at times, their lovable dog Mason stole the show!




Ten years ago today my life changed, I officially started dating a man I met just three days prior. Crazy as that seems it’s nothing compared to the story of how we met (you can read that here). We were young, we were in love, and we were inseparable. We spent every moment we could together–exploring Mackinac Island, MI, staying up all night just so we could talk more, and just being with each other. It was much more than a summer fling, it truly was love. I was young, but I knew that Alex was the man I was supposed to end up with. He treated me the way I believed I deserved to be treated, he loved me more than I could ever imagine, and he made me laugh till tears of joy ran down my face. I was, and still am, the luckiest gal on this earth. Fast forward to 2009, on our 6 year anniversary, we said I do on the exact property we had our first date. Sappy–maybe, but totally romantic in our eyes! Surrounded by our closest friends and family on the perfect summer day on Mackinac Island, it truly was a fairy tale come true! And as of today I can I proudly say it’s our 4 year wedding anniversary and also our 10 year dating anniversary! He is not only my best friend and husband, but I am also fortunate enough sit side by side with him everyday as my business partner. Happy Anniversary Alex, may the next ten years be as fun as the first! Xoxo.




Mmmmm….dinner time! For guest it’s a chance to recharge, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal. And with so many options for a Bride and Groom to choose from it may be hard to decide on which route to go; buffet, family style, plated, hors d’oeuvre….etc. There are three big factors that make this decision much easier:

1. Cost. For most people this is the biggest factor in the decision making process. With the cost of food being one of the largest expenses on wedding day, make sure to plan the budget for the food accordingly.

2. Location. Consider the layout of the reception, is there space for a buffet or will it disrupt the flow of the room?  Generally speaking plated dinners require more space for servers to move around.

3. Style. Hors d’oeuvre would be a perfect touch to a simple backyard wedding, plated would be wonderful for a elegant wedding, family style are nice for guest interaction, and buffets are pleasant for letting guest pick and choose exactly what they want. The style of the wedding should reflect the type of food and how it is served.

And finally, the best little tidbit I can give you?! Hire the catering out! Don’t stress family and friends out, hire someone to do the cooking for you. Check for local caters, ask for recommendation, ask about options/costs, and taste test (the best part). Guests will love whatever option you decide to go with, they just want to be fed! Till next week, xoxo.



It’s hard to find words that truly express how gorgeous this shoot was. The jewels, the flowers, the colors, the rain…..oh my it was magical! Crystal and John came to us with the inspiration of a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ shoot. And thankfully Crystal good friend had the perfect location! With the amazing talents of Knots & Kisses they transformed an already gorgeous location to a dreamy backdrop perfect for the couples engagement session. With Crystal’s porcelain complexion, John’s dapper look, and their love beaming through–every photo we took had us in awe! If this is how grand their engagement session we can barely wait for their fantastic wedding this October! Thanks again Crystal and John!



During the month of December Che Bello, Salon Salon, and us at Wren Photography had a little giveaway to one lucky winner! The winner received hair and makeup, some great new outfits, and a mini photo session–awesome right?! When Yubi, the owner of Che Bello, told me that Jen one I was beyond excited because she is a former bride that we photographed! It was great catching up with Jen and watching her totally rock out the session! Here is a glance into the fun!


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