With the 4th of July just one day away I can’t help but think of fireworks at weddings–the ‘ooohs” and ‘aaahhs’ of the crowd while they enjoy the magic in the sky. It can be the icing on top of the cake for the ultimate wedding experience! However before you go running to the nearest firework store and stocking up here is a few things to keep in mind:

~ Keep it safe, hire a professional. Yes it may cost a little more, but the peace of mind knowing someone that is properly trained is handling the dangereous material is well worth it!

~ If you’ve hired a professional they should already know to check the fire danger if shooting near a dry forest. If the fire danger is high–do shoot them off. Plain and simple

~ Make sure to let you photographer know in advance, that way they can have the proper equipment to photograph it with. Especially if you want a photo with you two and the fireworks.

~ Are the fireworks legal in your state? I know it seems like a simple question, but before you purchase anything you should double check your state and local laws.

If you’ve taken all the steps and hired the right people your firework display could be one of the best things at your wedding (other than getting married of course). Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone!

Camp Wedding_0094



It’s not everyday that we get full permission to explore every nook and cranny of a property, but since the family that we photographed owns the place it made it completely possible. We’ve been shopping at Meister’s Greenhouse for years and each time we fall more in love with the place. With the gorgeous colors, the fragrant smells, and greenhouse warmth what’s not to love?! So imagine our smile from ear to ear when we got to photograph in the greenhouse! We could write a novel on how fantastic the family is and how much fun we had, but truly the photos speak volumes about the session. Check it out and then make sure to go see how wonderful it is for yourself!




It is tempting to make a “Runaway Bride” joke about this photo session, but Carolyn won’t be running away from Jon any time soon! Their love is evident in this engagement session and the excitement is definitely building in anticipation for their upcoming wedding. On this beautiful, dewy, Spring afternoon Jon and Carolyn celebrated their engagament in the form of a jogging-inspired photo session. Love is in the air and “running” all around the couple as they take in the beauty of the Upper Penindsula’s wild outdoors. We really enjoy these photos and we think you will, too!




John & Erin truly got the best of both worlds for their engagement session. They got to dress up for the urban setting, with the perfect pops of pink from John’s tie and Erin’s diy painted heels. Then they headed off to the beach for a quiet and casual second part of their session. At both locations it was easy to see how these two truly care for one another by just how they interacted. It is getting us even more excited for the amazing wedding planned for next year! The whole session was perfect for these two love birds and we couldn’t be happier with the way the pictures turned out!



In the past few years there has been a trend that has come up called “Trash the Dress”. After the wedding the bride wears her dress again. Session often takes place on a beach, but other locations include city streets, fields, and abandoned building–the only problem is that the dressed gets trashed and destroyed (hence the name). We took that idea and put our own spin on it.

We proudly do “Rock the Dress” sessions!  A “Rock the Dress” sessions is the perfect excuse to wear the dress again after the wedding and do things that you wouldn’t do on wedding day, all without ruining the dress! Plus you hubby can join in and wear something more causual!

For example we’ve had past brides wear their dress while riding a horse, going through a corn maze, climb upon pallets in an urban environment, and one of our favs was in a baseball field! The possibilities are truly endless! So before you get the dress cleaned and preserved, why not take it out for one more grand adventure!

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