It’s not every day that a bride & groom has the opportunity to ride an elephant during a real circus! That was just the icing on the cake to this styled circus wedding. We joined together with some amazing vendors in the historic town of Marquette, MI. Marquette has been becoming quite the destination for Bride & Groom’s to hold their wedding at because of the lush forests, miles of shoreline on Lake Superior, & creative wedding vendors. The idea came together because of the Shriner’s Circus coming into town & wanting to create a different look for a wedding. Knots & Kisses brought the simple brooch bouquets, the layered tablescapes, and lovely details together to make this styled wedding something very unique. The bridesmaids wore rich, full length red dresses that worked perfectly with their stunning hair & makeup done by Jessica Mariin Hair & Makeup Artist. The groom and groomsmen donned the classic tux with tails that worked fantastically on their tall stature (the groom is 6’8′!). The brides off the shoulder gown with layers of lace, tulle, and sequence from the wonderful local dress shop, A Bride’s Choice, was extraordinarily different from bridal gowns typically worn. Then to top it all off the bride wore a marvelous selection of necklaces, earrings, and rings from Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers. The event took place in two offbeat locations: the Ore Dock Brewing Company & the Shriner Circus. In between we gathered the bride & groom near the woods & made use of the gorgeous black & white pagoda umbrella, even though the rain held off the entire day. One of our favorite touches during the event was the hula hoopers & fire eaters done by two talented local ladies. Afterwards the bride & groom enjoyed the circus and all that is had to offer; fresh cotton candy, extremely talented acts, & a once in a lifetime ride on an elephant. We are ecstatic to share the goodness with everyone & hope it serves as inspiration to take a chance on wedding day.



We LOVE the engagement session to speak volumes about the couple; what they like to do together, where the enjoy hanging out,…etc. That’s why when it came time for Keely & Mark to choose a location for the session, the choice was obvious for them–>their family camp in Republic, MI. We’ve photographed in Republic before, it’s lush forest & calm waters make for a great setting for an engagement session. Then to top it all off we had the most picturesque sky as a backdrop! It almost looked fake it was so gorgeous! We truly had a wonderful time getting to know Keely & Mark, watching them interact with each other, and hearing about their big day. It made is extra excited for their special day! Until then, we will just enjoy their wonderful engagement session!



Today’s Wedding Wednesday is filled with information about aisle runners. It’s not a topic that is typically even discussed–until now. With many weddings leaning towards outdoor ceremony vs. indoors I want to educate brides-to-be. Here is some of the best advice I can share about doing a aisle runner outside:

1. Make sure to stake down the aisle runner! It can easily be done using with golf tees spaced a few inches apart from each other. Then cover the sides of the runner with some sort of flower petals (to hide the tees)

2. Don’t pull the aisle runner out right before the walks out, instead pull the runner out and stake it down before guest even arrive. Then at the back of the aisle put a ribbon so guests know to venture to their seats from the outside.

3. High heels and aisle runners don’t mix outside. Never have, never will.

4. Aisle runners tend work best inside, not outside. So want to skip the headache of an aisle runner all together for your outdoor ceremony? Fantastic! There are so many other options for outdoor weddings; shepard hooks with pomanders hanging, flower petals placed into a pattern, or even fabric lined aisle will work wondefully!

Take it from my best friend, and former bride, who decided to have an aisle runner (image to follow below):

“I would have to say my aisle runner at our outdoor wedding was our biggest $20 mistake. Since the ceremony was on the lawn at a park, I knew I wanted something rather than nothing so grabbed a white one on a roll from Wal-mart. They appear easy to set up, but because it was a windy day it proved to be rather difficult for the ushers to place it securely before my dad and I made the walk down. Once we started walking, I could see it blowing around and laying twisted or in half on the ground. It was so distracting to try to walk, as my heels were getting caught in the fabric, and look at my soon to be husband and all of our guests. I probably would have fallen over if I wasn’t holding on to my dad’s arm. I hope I played it off well in real life but even in our wedding video I can see my struggle at walking normal. I put it out of my mind once getting up to the altar and getting married and enjoying our reception, but looking back at our wedding, that is the one and only thing I would have changed.”

So there you go, take it from a real bride and skip the aisle runner unless you can properly place it. Thanks again to my friend for telling her story and granting me permission to use one of her photos.




It’s not that often that Alex and I get the chance to photograph together, so we loved photographing Michael & Shannon’s special day as a team. We arrived at Shannon’s family home to a gorgeous setup for their outdoor wedding. The theme was simple, but beyond gorgoues–shades of blue! Even as rain clouds moved in these two smiled and just went with the flow. Luckily the rain held off the entire time that we needed it to, so we were able to photograph at some incredible locations. They brought us to a new location that we’ve never been to called Black River Falls, Shannon’s father told us that in early spring the falls are filled with water from the melting snow. Once at the reception we enjoyed all the little touches, from the centerpieces to the handmade cupcake stand made by Michael’s Grandfather. And even though it was raining, we decided to make the best of it and pulled the couple out of the reception for a few moments to photograph them in the rain. We truly can’t thank Shannon & Michael enough for being so wonderful! We look forward to being part of their lives for years to come!




Any moment now Chris and Carmela could be welcoming their baby girl into the world. That’s why today I wanted to showcase their adorable pregnancy session! I first met Carmela during my stops into A Bride’s Choice (wedding dress shop), she’s always been superful helpful! I’ve watched her grow and grow with excitement as she anxiously awaited the delivery of her daughter, which she’s named Hadley. I was so honored when she asked me to photograph her pregnancy session, it truly is a wonderful event to have photographed. Alex and I brought them to a new location, with dreamy light and splendid birch trees. We positively enjoyed photographing them, getting to know the two of them more, and being part of their amazing journey. Thanks again Chris & Carmela and good luck welcoming baby Hadley into this wonderful world!


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