We want to run to the nearest mountain and scream out, “We LOVE engagement photos!”. There are so many reasons why we love them, the main being it’s a celebration of a couple madly in love and the photographs reflect that. When couples book a wedding with us we include the engagement session automatically, it is a great way for us as photographers to truly get to know our couple! Here is just a few tips that we share with our amazing couples:

Pin, pinning, pinned: Pinterest has been a powerful tool for us. It has allowed us to show clients inspirations and ideas! We have created a board geared towards engagement portraits that showcase color combos, style, trends, and so much more! Make sure to follow us–>Wren Photography.

Goodbye Matchy-Matchy, Hello Coordinating: Long gone are the days of matching khaki pants and a white shirt! For engagement portraits you want to complement each others outfits by choosing colors that work well together. Check out our pinterest boards (mentioned  above) for ideas.

Make It Personal: These are YOUR images and of course you want them to speak volumes about you and your fiance. Discuss things you both enjoy doing together and bring “props” and accessories that will help compliment who you are. If you both enjoy playing music together, bring your instruments to your session. If you both enjoy boating, suggest doing your session on a boat or, at the very least, near the water. Bring along items that will represent each individual AND who you both are as a couple collectively.

These are just a few main points that we tell our clients and each photographer should have some sort of helpful times to guide you in the right direction. The more you know and have planned in advance, the less worry on the day of the session! After all, you just want to relax and show how madly in love you two are!



We’ve found that over the years of photographing that there is a couple things you can’t control: 1. The weather 2. Kids. The day that we had scheduled for the Krause family had a little of both, but thankfully it all worked out in the end. We started near the shores of Marquette, but the winter wind was blowing pretty hard. After a change of locations and a warm up for everyone we were ready to truly get the photo session underway. And boy oh boy Dylan was cracking us up with his big laugh and adorable little smirk. He was quite the character! You can see his personality shine through in the images to follow, so rather than talk about it, we want to just show you!



Recently I had the chance to photograph a real life superhero named Will. You would never guess that behind his courageous smile how much he has truly been through already. To have a better understanding I asked his mom, the wonderful Janice (owner of Panache) to briefly sum up Will’s battle:

“Will has Eosinophilic Esophagitis and also has an undiagnosed genetic disorder. He has a feeding tube/pump and survives on Neocate Jr. (a specialized formula).When he is having an especially hard time, he can not even tolerate his tube feedings. That means no food. None. Not even formula. That has lasted as long as a week at a time. During these times, he throws up a lot or has dry heaves, has constant leg spasms, has a bleeding esophagus, and other mysterious ailiments. I stopped counting his surgeries after 12 surgeries and he is always sick, always. He has a hard time sleeping. He has a restricted airway.He also can not control his body temperature. All of this started for Will when he was 3 weeks old and had his first surgery.”  That is why, Janice is hosting  “The 2nd Annual Prom for Eosinophilic Disorders Presents the BOOTLEGGERS BALL!” to help raise money for the CURED Foundation to help fund research into Eosinophilic Disorders.

Reading that I honestly can’t imagine how hard it is on not only him, but his entire family. So mark it on your calendar to come help rasie money, but for today let’s celebrate the true Superhero….Will.



When planning a wedding there are so many things to think about; cake, venue, dress…etc. The list goes on and on. Normally there are checklist on the internet, in books, and in magazines that walk you through and help you plan your wedding in an organized manner. However, one detail that gets over looked many times is hours leading up until the wedding. I’ve put together my own little checklist for you to keep in mind.

*Get your hair and makeup professional done! You may be amazing at doing your own, but why worry about a thing like that on the day of? Wouldn’t you rather sit in a chair, relax, and just enjoy being pampered?! I’ve seen it to many times where the bride is rushing around because she did someone else’s hair and short changed herself on time. Trust me ladies, pay for someone to professional do it for you. The nice thing is most professionals have a trial run, so you can work out all the kinks before the big day.

*Do you or your photographer have an emergency kit handy before the ceremony? I can’t tell you how many times a groomsmen loses a button, the bride needs a bobby pin, or one of the Mom’s need scissors to cut a tag off. It’s best to prepare and not even have to use the kit, than try to rush to solve problem.

*Where are you getting ready? If you’ve hired a professional photographer to come out before the ceremony to snap that gorgeous picture of your dress before the wedding–is the location even pretty? We try our best to work with the location you have chose, but if you decide to get ready in a basement it will most likely look like you got ready in a basement. If budget allows, consider getting ready at a hotel or someplace that is unique and charming.

*Keep all your wedding items (shoes, jewelry, flowers…etc) in one area. That way, when your photographer needs an item they don’t have to bug you or your bridesmaids to try and track it down. The nice thing is that you can pack your wedding items weeks before the big day!

*If you know you are going to be nervous–have a drink. I’m not saying get drunk before the wedding, but having a glass of champagne with your bridesmaid’s may make you slow down and become more calm. Plus, toasting with your girls always makes for a great photo.

*Does someone know how to help you into you dress? As obvious as it might seem I’ve had to help bridesmaids bustle, lace up the corset back, or just help the bride step into the dress. If possible, have a bridesmaid attend a dress fitting, that way they can practice before the big day.

*Last, but not least, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. It’s shortly before you walk down the aisle, and I know that this is exciting but also nerve racking. Take a deep breath and just know that if you’ve followed the previous steps there should be nothing to worry about now.

A happy bride is one that has planned a prepared, don’t wait till it’s to late to start organizing your big day.


Model Wedding_0001


As spring approaches (very slowly), I can’t help but already miss winter a little bit. Yes, crazy as that may be, it is one of my favorite seasons to photograph in! So when Colleen and Chris wanted to get their engagement photos done in the winter I jumped on it! We found a quaint location nestled in the woods, surrounded by bare trees and clean white snow. Colleen and Chris brought along a couple games to play–and I’m so happy they did! It was the perfect touch to their adorable engagement session. To top it off at the end of the session they let the snow fly! Who doesn’t love a good snowball fight after all. I could go on and on about these two, but I’d rather just show you. Enjoy!


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