A few miles outside of Gladstone, MI we met up with Amanda to capture her country family pictures with her son and boyfriend. The location was picturesque with it’s field of tall grass, animals roaming all around, white fences, and beautiful barn. The morning sunshine was just beginning to heat up the day when we started the session. We ventured out behind the property in the field of tall grass. Amanda’s son loved exploring the area as he picked flowers to give to his mama. Everything was going smoothly until Amanda got a piece of grass stuck up her dress, she couldn’t stop laughing and thankfully her boyfriend save the day.

Next it was onto the barn and the orchard for more portraits. Amanda’s son loved climbing trees and especially love feeding the horse by the barn. Watching him carefully examine and watch the horse was adorable. After warming up to the horse he was comfortable enough to feed the horse some fresh picked grass. Those images may be some of our favorites from the day.

On the property there also was a tire swing that they took full of advantage of. It started out innocent enough by simply swinging back and forth, but Amanda’s boyfriend added a couple spins in for fun. Laughter filled the air and we loved capturing the fun. We finished the session by taking a quiet stroll along the road, a great ending to a great session.

Big thanks again to Amanda for letting us capture her family pictures and thanks to her boyfriend for letting us truly utilize so many spots on the property. It all added up to one incredible family session. Enjoy!

Gladstone Family Pictures_0001Gladstone Family Pictures_0002Gladstone Family Pictures_0011Gladstone Family Pictures_0003Gladstone Family Pictures_0004

A piece of tall grass went up Amanda’s dress and was tickling her. Thankfully Matt came to her rescue, haha.

Gladstone Family Pictures_0005Gladstone Family Pictures_0006Gladstone Family Pictures_0010Gladstone Family Pictures_0007Gladstone Family Pictures_0008Gladstone Family Pictures_0009Gladstone Family Pictures_0012Gladstone Family Pictures_0014Gladstone Family Pictures_0013Gladstone Family Pictures_0016Gladstone Family Pictures_0015Gladstone Family Pictures_0017Gladstone Family Pictures_0018Gladstone Family Pictures_0019Gladstone Family Pictures_0020Gladstone Family Pictures_0021Gladstone Family Pictures_0022Gladstone Family Pictures_0023Gladstone Family Pictures_0024Gladstone Family Pictures_0027Gladstone Family Pictures_0026Gladstone Family Pictures_0029Gladstone Family Pictures_0028Gladstone Family Pictures_0031Gladstone Family Pictures_0030Gladstone Family Pictures_0032Gladstone Family Pictures_0033Gladstone Family Pictures_0034Gladstone Family Pictures_0035Gladstone Family Pictures_0036Gladstone Family Pictures_0037Gladstone Family Pictures_0038


Three days before we left for a weekend in Kalamazoo, MI we received a text from Brad (the best man in our wedding). He was stating that his newborn twin boys were coming home from the hospital and ask if we were going to be in the Chicago area anytime this year to take their family portraits. We decided on an impulse to leave from Kalamazoo on Sunday morning head to Highland Park for their family portraits (a suburb of Chicago). After all the best time to photograph newborns is within the first few weeks of life.

It’s rare that we photograph newborns, but we loved photographing these twin boys. They are so calm around each other and are adorable beyond words. Their little coos and subtle facial expressions were beyond precious. In between the feedings, diaper changes, and cuddles with the twins we also got to photograph the twins older brother. He was excited to show us around the backyard and play with his dog. We were warned that it may be hard to get a good smile from him, but he had nothing but smiles the entire session. Shortly afterwards the entire family joined him outside for family portraits. To see the entire family interact with one another was delightful. Brad and his wife Amy are incredible parents. It’s amazing to watch them with their three boys! Even though they are now outnumbered they are cool, calm, and collected.

Huge thanks again to Brad and Amy for allowing us the opportunity to photograph their family and for the perfect excuse to head to Chicago. Enjoy!

Twin Boys_0001Twin Boys_0002Twin Boys_0003Twin Boys_0004Twin Boys_0005Twin Boys_0006Twin Boys_0007Twin Boys_0008Twin Boys_0009

Such a sweet moment of the entire family. We adore this image in black & white.

Twin Boys_0010Twin Boys_0011Twin Boys_0012

He really, really loves his puppy dog! Twin Boys_0013Twin Boys_0014Twin Boys_0015

This picture makes us laugh and say awwww at the same time.

Twin Boys_0016

This photo is too cute for words.

Twin Boys_0017


Take a thirty minute drive up Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City and you will end up at Old Mission Lighthouse. The blues of the water, the sound of the splashing waves, and the lush walking trails make this place a great stop for anyone to enjoy. We met up with Shannon and Peter at Old Mission Lighthouse for their family portraits. The last time we saw them was years ago when we photographed their wedding in Munising in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Now they have a beautiful daughter and recently moved to Traverse City.

When we arrived we found their family along the shores of Lake Michigan enjoying the summer weather. We joined up with them at headed to the nearby hiking trails to start their family pictures. Their daughter quickly warmed up to being in front of the camera and her smile was contagious! She loved when Peter & Shannon would walk with her, swing her, and tickle her. They are absolutely wonderful parents.

Afterwards it was off to the lake to get their feet in the water. It was easy to see that this was their favorite part of the session. Their daughter splashed around and giggled with glee. She is like a fish in the water. Before she got to soaked we brought the family to the playground nearby. It was a great way to end this amazing family portrait session. We loved catching up with Shannon & Peter as well as meeting their daughter. Thanks again for all the fun! Enjoy!

Old Mission Family Pictures_0001Old Mission Family Pictures_0002Old Mission Family Pictures_0003Old Mission Family Pictures_0004Old Mission Family Pictures_0005Old Mission Family Pictures_0006Old Mission Family Pictures_0007Old Mission Family Pictures_0008Old Mission Family Pictures_0009Old Mission Family Pictures_0010Old Mission Family Pictures_0011Old Mission Family Pictures_0012

This is happiness summed up in one photograph.

Old Mission Family Pictures_0013Old Mission Family Pictures_0014Old Mission Family Pictures_0015Old Mission Family Pictures_0016Old Mission Family Pictures_0017Old Mission Family Pictures_0018Old Mission Family Pictures_0019Old Mission Family Pictures_0020Old Mission Family Pictures_0021Old Mission Family Pictures_0022Old Mission Family Pictures_0023Old Mission Family Pictures_0024Old Mission Family Pictures_0025Old Mission Family Pictures_0026Old Mission Family Pictures_0027

The photo on the left is her ‘fishy face’ that she kept making while in the water, haha.

Old Mission Family Pictures_0028Old Mission Family Pictures_0029Old Mission Family Pictures_0030Old Mission Family Pictures_0031Old Mission Family Pictures_0032Old Mission Family Pictures_0033Old Mission Family Pictures_0034Old Mission Family Pictures_0035Old Mission Family Pictures_0036Old Mission Family Pictures_0037Old Mission Family Pictures_0038Old Mission Family Pictures_0039Old Mission Family Pictures_0040Old Mission Family Pictures_0041Old Mission Family Pictures_0042

She is quite the adventurer already! She couldn’t get enough of hanging from the bar. She kept asking to go up and had the biggest smile on her face when she was there.

Old Mission Family Pictures_0043Old Mission Family Pictures_0044Old Mission Family Pictures_0045Old Mission Family Pictures_0046


Where did the time go? It seems like not that long ago we were photographing Sam & Eric’s maternity photos for the twins! We also were lucky enough to photograph the twins newborn photos, their one year portraits, the maternity portraits for their little brother, and more. It’s been fun to watching this family expand, grow, and blossom.

We met up with this wonderful family at their home in Plainfield, IL for their family portraits.We are so lucky that the rain that was being called for stayed away and that the sun came shining in for the session. iThe twin girls looked cute in their ‘adorbs’ & ‘born to to be wild’ shirts while their little brother looked handsome in his flannel. We ventured down the road to a tree covered area and began photographing them. For having three kids under two years old they all were amazing! It was easier than expected to get all of them to look at the camera (it helps that behind the camera we were making fools of ourself).

The twins are quite the adventures already. They want to explore, touch, and learn–which means that there is never a slow moment. We had a blast chasing them around for their portraits. We also managed to snap a few images of Sam with her girls and Eric with his little boy before the kiddos were completely over having their photo taken. We joke that we may plan for a certain amount of time for the portrait session, but the children always let us know when the session is over.

We can’t hardly wait to photograph this family again and see how much their grown since the last time. Thanks again Sam & Eric for letting us capture your fun family. Enjoy!

Chicago Twin Famiy_0011Chicago Twin Famiy_0012Chicago Twin Famiy_0013Chicago Twin Famiy_0014Chicago Twin Famiy_0015Chicago Twin Famiy_0016Chicago Twin Famiy_0017

Having twins in like trying to herd cats, haha.

Chicago Twin Famiy_0018Chicago Twin Famiy_0019Chicago Twin Famiy_0020Chicago Twin Famiy_0021Chicago Twin Famiy_0022Chicago Twin Famiy_0023Chicago Twin Famiy_0024Chicago Twin Famiy_0025Chicago Twin Famiy_0026Chicago Twin Famiy_0027Chicago Twin Famiy_0028


If you live in the Traverse City area you’ve likely heard of Piper the Airport Dog. Piper has an incredible following on Instagram, he’s been featured on the national news, and was even the Grand Marshall for the National Cherry Festival! Piper has also been named the ‘World’s Coolest Dog‘ and we couldn’t agree more.

Piper is a border collie that grew in popularity as news spread of his job as the wildlife control at the Cherry Capital Airport. Brian, Piper’s human, has truly shown what Piper’s job entails as well as a fantastic behind the scenes look at all that goes into it.

We were lucky enough to photograph Piper and Brian in a more casual setting. We met up with Brian and Piper at Clinch Park on the perfect summer evening in Traverse City. Brian is such a fantastic guy and so great to Piper. It was fun to get to know the man behind the scenes. During their session there was several people walking by that knew Piper and were excited to see him walking around, it was like a celebrating sighting.

It was fun to walk around with Brian & Piper and see them interact with each other. The respect they have for one another was easy to see. Brian spoils Piper with love and belly rubs, with Piper loved. We finished their session on the pier with the sun quickly setting in the background. It was a great ending to a wonderful session.

Make sure to follow Piper and Brian on Instagram to see more from their daily adventures. Thanks again to them both for all the fun during the session. Enjoy!

Piper Traverse City_0001Piper Traverse City_0002Piper Traverse City_0003Piper Traverse City_0004Piper Traverse City_0005Piper Traverse City_0006Piper Traverse City_0007Piper Traverse City_0008Piper Traverse City_0009Piper Traverse City_0010Piper Traverse City_0011

Belly rubs are the best, just ask Piper!

Piper Traverse City_0012Piper Traverse City_0013Piper Traverse City_0014Piper Traverse City_0015Piper Traverse City_0016Piper Traverse City_0017Piper Traverse City_0018Piper Traverse City_0019

This image is simple, but speaks a great deal about the relationship Piper and Brian have.

Piper Traverse City_0020Piper Traverse City_0021Piper Traverse City_0022Piper Traverse City_0023Piper Traverse City_0025Piper Traverse City_0024
Piper Traverse City_0026

Here’s a few bonus picture of Piper as the Grand Marshall in the National Cherry Festival Parade!

Cherry Festival_0001Cherry Festival_0002Cherry Festival_0003

S e a r c h