“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ― Josh Billings

Anyone that has a dog knows that saying is so true! Today we are celebrating National Dog Day with our 13 year old ‘pup’ JJ. He is a miniature schnauzer that was adopted into our family around 5 years ago and we can’t imagine our lives without him. Alex wanted to spoil JJ with a custom bandana with his name in celebration of National Dog Day. We hope you are spoiling your dog today too!

National Dog Day_0001National Dog Day_0002


Becoming parents we heard so many people say, “time passes by so quickly, enjoy every moment of them being little.” Honestly, it’s true. It feels like we blinked and now Cordelia is eight months old today. She’s been our side kick, traveling all over the midwest with us for photography–all while smiling and enjoying the adventure. We have been lucky enough to both be home raising her, yet it still feels like it’s going by too quickly.

During a recent trip to Grand Rapids, MI for a wedding we reached out to Dionel from The MittenTog to capture updated family pictures (along with a few headshots) for us. We have admired her style for years and are so thankful she could squeeze us in. So we met up with her on Sunday afternoon near downtown Grand Rapids. The lush greens and urban setting really fit our style. We are so happy she knew of that location.

Dionel did an incredible job at capturing Cordelia’s sweet personality and adorable smile. The dress Cora is wearing was picked out by her ‘Mimi’ aka Grandma. She stated that it would bring out the blue in Cora’s eyes and we couldn’t agree more! We are narrowing down our favorites so we can order a canvas for our home (but there are too many great ones to choose).

Thanks again to The MittenTog for capturing these beautiful family photos for us. We will cherish them for years to come!

Wren Photography_0001Wren Photography_0002Wren Photography_0003Wren Photography_0004Wren Photography_0005

These two are two peas in a pod.

Wren Photography_0006Wren Photography_0007Wren Photography_0008Wren Photography_0009Wren Photography_0010Wren Photography_0011Wren Photography_0012Wren Photography_0013Wren Photography_0014Wren Photography_0015Wren Photography_0016Wren Photography_0017Wren Photography_0018

This picture is my absolute favorite. Her smile is so big her eyes are even smiling!

Wren Photography_0020Wren Photography_0021Wren Photography_0022

Baby toes are seriously the best, no joke.

Wren Photography_0023Wren Photography_0024Wren Photography_0025Wren Photography_0026

She started crawling a few weeks ago and now it’s go, go, go while she is awake. It’s been quite the adventure in itself.

Wren Photography_0027


We are so excited that we can finally release these family photos along with their big announcement–THEY ARE EXPECTING!! We are over the moon for them and loved capturing their family photos in their beautiful Rapid River home. You can read more below from Danielle’s point of view. Congrats again Danielle, Brian, Birdie, Vada, and little baby (due in February). Also, make sure to check out Danielle’s amazing etsy shop! We love her teething necklaces, dreamcatchers, and more.

“Jen and Alex are longtime friends of Brian and I. They also shot our engagement, boudoir, wedding, and rock the dress. When Jen offered to come to our home to take pictures of our family while they were in town one weekend, I of course squealed with excitement. I am a lover of photos, but especially good photos!

That being said, I was leery of lifestyle photos. For some reason, I have always loved the “perfect picture”. I trust Jen and Alex though and knew they would do a great job. Little did they know, we were also going to be asking them to shoot our birth announcement for baby number three.

I can not say enough about these images. I absolutely LOVE them! Jen and Alex once again made it so easy. They allowed us to be us. There were no stuffed animals or crazy dancing to make the girls look. It was just our family doing our thing. I appreciate them capturing our personalities in a way that I can treasure forever.

You can feel the bond between Birdie and her Daddy. You can also see how she has him wrapped around her finger. You can pick up on Vada’s easy disposition as well as admire her cheeky smile. You can sense how excited and nervous Brian and I are to be pregnant again. You can just tell how much we all love each other.

As our family grows and changes, it is so precious to me to capture all the different stages. They caught us playing, interacting, and parenting. They took photos of the details of our home and our lives that we have worked so hard to create. This session was priceless. Thank you Jen, Alex, and Cora for coming to our home and sharing our world!”

Baby announcement_0001Baby announcement_0002Baby announcement_0003Baby announcement_0004

Look at those little moccasins for their baby announcement!

Baby announcement_0005Baby announcement_0006Baby announcement_0007Baby announcement_0008Baby announcement_0012Baby announcement_0009Baby announcement_0010Baby announcement_0011Baby announcement_0013Baby announcement_0017Baby announcement_0018Baby announcement_0019Baby announcement_0020Baby announcement_0021Baby announcement_0022Baby announcement_0023Baby announcement_0024Baby announcement_0025Baby announcement_0026Baby announcement_0027Baby announcement_0028Baby announcement_0029Baby announcement_0030Baby announcement_0031Baby announcement_0032Baby announcement_0033Baby announcement_0034Baby announcement_0035Baby announcement_0036Baby announcement_0037Baby announcement_0038Baby announcement_0039Baby announcement_0040Baby announcement_0041Baby announcement_0042


We are smitten with Ashley and Jake’s wedding in Marquette, MI. The navy blue, white, and green themed worked beautifully with the backdrop of Northern Michigan and Lake Superior’s shoreline. Jen met up with Ashley and her bridesmaids at her house. The gals looked stunning in their navy blue dresses as they helped Ashley into her gorgeous wedding gown. Alex joined Jake and his groomsmen near the ceremony location on Presque Isle. The guys were dapper in their gray suits and plaid blue ties. The location was perfect with all the trees surrounded the ceremony venue protecting it from the warm winds off the water.

During the ceremony Jake and Ashley had a love letter/wine box ceremony. That’s were they wrote each other a love note and put a bottle of wine in the box to seal during the ceremony. The goal is to open the box on their first anniversary, drink the wine, and read the notes–however if they face a hard day in their marriage they are to open the box then. Afterwards they should write new love notes, put a new bottle of wine in, and also include the first love notes. We think it’s a beautiful idea.

After they said, ‘I do’ we brought the newlyweds and their bridal party around the island for pictures, however the wind was a little too strong so we went in the woods near downtown for pictures. The green of the forest really popped with the colors of their wedding. The bridal party jumped back onto the party bus while the bride & groom finished their portraits. Afterwards the bridal party relaxed and enjoyed a beer at Ore Dock Brewery while their guest started to make their way into the reception just down the street at Marquette Regional History Museum.

The clean white walls, floor to ceiling glass, and beautiful decorations really worked well together. Ashley made all the desserts–yes the wedding cake, cupcakes, and cookies! She is incredible! After a delicious dinner it was time for dancing and oh what a celebration it was! Right before we left though we brought the happy couple down the road for a few sunset photos along Lake Superior. It was a great ending to a wonderful day!

Thanks again to Ashley and Jake for all the love, laughter, and for allowing us to capture all the fun! Enjoy!

Marquette History Museum Wedding_0001Marquette History Museum Wedding_0002Marquette History Museum Wedding_0003Marquette History Museum Wedding_0004Marquette History Museum Wedding_0005Marquette History Museum Wedding_0006Marquette History Museum Wedding_0007Marquette History Museum Wedding_0008Marquette History Museum Wedding_0009Marquette History Museum Wedding_0010Marquette History Museum Wedding_0011Marquette History Museum Wedding_0012Marquette History Museum Wedding_0013Marquette History Museum Wedding_0014Marquette History Museum Wedding_0015Marquette History Museum Wedding_0016Marquette History Museum Wedding_0017Marquette History Museum Wedding_0018Marquette History Museum Wedding_0019Marquette History Museum Wedding_0020Marquette History Museum Wedding_0021Marquette History Museum Wedding_0022Marquette History Museum Wedding_0023Marquette History Museum Wedding_0024Marquette History Museum Wedding_0025Marquette History Museum Wedding_0026Marquette History Museum Wedding_0027Marquette History Museum Wedding_0028Marquette History Museum Wedding_0029Marquette History Museum Wedding_0030Marquette History Museum Wedding_0031Marquette History Museum Wedding_0032Marquette History Museum Wedding_0033Marquette History Museum Wedding_0034Marquette History Museum Wedding_0035Marquette History Museum Wedding_0036Marquette History Museum Wedding_0037Marquette History Museum Wedding_0038Marquette History Museum Wedding_0039Marquette History Museum Wedding_0040Marquette History Museum Wedding_0041Marquette History Museum Wedding_0042Marquette History Museum Wedding_0043Marquette History Museum Wedding_0044Marquette History Museum Wedding_0045Marquette History Museum Wedding_0046Marquette History Museum Wedding_0047Marquette History Museum Wedding_0048Marquette History Museum Wedding_0049Marquette History Museum Wedding_0050Marquette History Museum Wedding_0051Marquette History Museum Wedding_0052Marquette History Museum Wedding_0053Marquette History Museum Wedding_0054Marquette History Museum Wedding_0055Marquette History Museum Wedding_0056Marquette History Museum Wedding_0057Marquette History Museum Wedding_0058Marquette History Museum Wedding_0059Marquette History Museum Wedding_0060Marquette History Museum Wedding_0061Marquette History Museum Wedding_0062Marquette History Museum Wedding_0063Marquette History Museum Wedding_0064Marquette History Museum Wedding_0065Marquette History Museum Wedding_0073Marquette History Museum Wedding_0066Marquette History Museum Wedding_0077Marquette History Museum Wedding_0074Marquette History Museum Wedding_0067Marquette History Museum Wedding_0069Marquette History Museum Wedding_0068Marquette History Museum Wedding_0071Marquette History Museum Wedding_0070Marquette History Museum Wedding_0076Marquette History Museum Wedding_0072Marquette History Museum Wedding_0078Marquette History Museum Wedding_0075Marquette History Museum Wedding_0080Marquette History Museum Wedding_0079Marquette History Museum Wedding_0081Marquette History Museum Wedding_0082Marquette History Museum Wedding_0083Marquette History Museum Wedding_0084Marquette History Museum Wedding_0085Marquette History Museum Wedding_0086Marquette History Museum Wedding_0087Marquette History Museum Wedding_0088Marquette History Museum Wedding_0089Marquette History Museum Wedding_0090Marquette History Museum Wedding_0091Marquette History Museum Wedding_0092Marquette History Museum Wedding_0093Marquette History Museum Wedding_0094Marquette History Museum Wedding_0095Marquette History Museum Wedding_0096Marquette History Museum Wedding_0097Marquette History Museum Wedding_0098Marquette History Museum Wedding_0099Marquette History Museum Wedding_0100Marquette History Museum Wedding_0101Marquette History Museum Wedding_0102Marquette History Museum Wedding_0103Marquette History Museum Wedding_0104Marquette History Museum Wedding_0105Marquette History Museum Wedding_0106Marquette History Museum Wedding_0107Marquette History Museum Wedding_0108Marquette History Museum Wedding_0109Marquette History Museum Wedding_0110Marquette History Museum Wedding_0111Marquette History Museum Wedding_0112Marquette History Museum Wedding_0113Marquette History Museum Wedding_0114Marquette History Museum Wedding_0115Marquette History Museum Wedding_0116Marquette History Museum Wedding_0117Marquette History Museum Wedding_0118Marquette History Museum Wedding_0119Marquette History Museum Wedding_0120Marquette History Museum Wedding_0121Marquette History Museum Wedding_0122Marquette History Museum Wedding_0123Marquette History Museum Wedding_0124Marquette History Museum Wedding_0125Marquette History Museum Wedding_0126

Ceremony: Presque Isle Bandshell

Reception: Marquette History Museum 

DJ: Double Trouble Dj’s 

Caterer: Coco’s 

Decorator: Panache Decorating

Transportation: Checker Transport

Hair & Makeup: Embrace Salon


We have been looking forward to photographing Trent & Leann’s Northern Michigan wedding for quite some time now. We knew it was going to be an amazing day, after all Trent & Leann are such a fun couple, but it turned out better than we could have planned for. Leann and the girls got ready at the Country Inn and Suites in Marquette while Trent and the guys finished up getting ready at a house they rented for the weekend.

Trent & Leann met up hours before their ceremony for their reveal, which was one of our favorite memories of the day. That intimate moments was filled with tears, laughter, and lots of love. Shortly after the reveal the couple met up with their bridal party at Black Rocks on Presque Isle.  The ladies looked lovely in their blue dresses and the gentleman looked smooth in their gray suits with coral accents. The weather was so cooperative for portraits along Lake Superior. The sun was shining down and there wasn’t too many people gathered near Black Rocks. After finishing up with bridal party portraits it was time to head off to the ceremony.

The Bandshell on Presque Isle is a beautiful spot that truly captures Northern Michigan. The wooden structure sits in front of a lush green forest. The way the ‘pews’ are set up in front of the Bandshell gives the space the look of an outdoor church. After the newlyweds said ‘I Do!’ it was time to celebrate! Their reception was held at Northern Michigan University, which was very dear to the couple since they went to school and worked at NMU. Between the beautiful set up, great music, delicious food & drinks–it all made for one epic wedding reception. Shortly before we left we gathered the new husband and wife and brought them outside for a few last pictures. We loved capturing the interaction between Trent & Leann. From the twirls to the giggles, it was fantastic!

We want to thank Trent and Leann immensely for allowing us to capture their special day. We enjoyed every moment of it!

NMU wedding reception_0001NMU wedding reception_0002NMU wedding reception_0003NMU wedding reception_0004NMU wedding reception_0005NMU wedding reception_0006NMU wedding reception_0007NMU wedding reception_0008NMU wedding reception_0009NMU wedding reception_0010NMU wedding reception_0011NMU wedding reception_0012NMU wedding reception_0013NMU wedding reception_0014NMU wedding reception_0015NMU wedding reception_0016NMU wedding reception_0017NMU wedding reception_0018NMU wedding reception_0019NMU wedding reception_0020NMU wedding reception_0021NMU wedding reception_0022NMU wedding reception_0023NMU wedding reception_0024NMU wedding reception_0025

Leann’s face in this picture is nothing but pure joy!

NMU wedding reception_0026NMU wedding reception_0027NMU wedding reception_0028NMU wedding reception_0029NMU wedding reception_0030NMU wedding reception_0031NMU wedding reception_0032NMU wedding reception_0033NMU wedding reception_0034NMU wedding reception_0035NMU wedding reception_0036NMU wedding reception_0037NMU wedding reception_0038NMU wedding reception_0039NMU wedding reception_0040NMU wedding reception_0041NMU wedding reception_0042NMU wedding reception_0043NMU wedding reception_0044NMU wedding reception_0045NMU wedding reception_0046NMU wedding reception_0047NMU wedding reception_0049NMU wedding reception_0048NMU wedding reception_0050NMU wedding reception_0051NMU wedding reception_0052NMU wedding reception_0053NMU wedding reception_0054NMU wedding reception_0055NMU wedding reception_0056NMU wedding reception_0057NMU wedding reception_0058NMU wedding reception_0059NMU wedding reception_0060NMU wedding reception_0061NMU wedding reception_0062NMU wedding reception_0063NMU wedding reception_0064NMU wedding reception_0065NMU wedding reception_0066NMU wedding reception_0067NMU wedding reception_0068NMU wedding reception_0069NMU wedding reception_0070NMU wedding reception_0071NMU wedding reception_0072NMU wedding reception_0073NMU wedding reception_0074NMU wedding reception_0075NMU wedding reception_0076NMU wedding reception_0077NMU wedding reception_0078NMU wedding reception_0079NMU wedding reception_0080NMU wedding reception_0081NMU wedding reception_0082NMU wedding reception_0083NMU wedding reception_0084NMU wedding reception_0085NMU wedding reception_0086NMU wedding reception_0087NMU wedding reception_0088NMU wedding reception_0089NMU wedding reception_0091NMU wedding reception_0092NMU wedding reception_0093NMU wedding reception_0094NMU wedding reception_0095NMU wedding reception_0096NMU wedding reception_0097NMU wedding reception_0098NMU wedding reception_0099NMU wedding reception_0100NMU wedding reception_0101NMU wedding reception_0102NMU wedding reception_0103NMU wedding reception_0104NMU wedding reception_0105NMU wedding reception_0106NMU wedding reception_0107NMU wedding reception_0108NMU wedding reception_0109NMU wedding reception_0110NMU wedding reception_0111NMU wedding reception_0112NMU wedding reception_0113NMU wedding reception_0114NMU wedding reception_0115NMU wedding reception_0116NMU wedding reception_0117NMU wedding reception_0118NMU wedding reception_0119NMU wedding reception_0120NMU wedding reception_0121NMU wedding reception_0122NMU wedding reception_0123NMU wedding reception_0124NMU wedding reception_0125NMU wedding reception_0126NMU wedding reception_0127NMU wedding reception_0128NMU wedding reception_0129NMU wedding reception_0130NMU wedding reception_0131NMU wedding reception_0132NMU wedding reception_0133NMU wedding reception_0134NMU wedding reception_0135NMU wedding reception_0136NMU wedding reception_0137NMU wedding reception_0138NMU wedding reception_0139NMU wedding reception_0140NMU wedding reception_0141

Ceremony: Presque Isle Bandshell

Reception: University Center at Northern Michigan University

DJ: Double Trouble DJ’s

Decorator: Panache Decorating

Florist: Econo

Cake: Gopher’s Bakery


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