Near Valentine’s Day the hair and makeup artist Jessica Mariin held a contest–and Hayley and Kyle won! We were so excited not only because they won by a landslide vote, but also because we actually photographed them before for their wedding! Shortly after Valentine’s Day we set a date and time for their session, but due to car problems and weather we postponed their session to a later date–which truly worked out for the best because then their daughter joined in on the fun! We swooned over the winter lighting, freshly fallen snow, and their snowball fight! Congrats to the Roberts’ Family on winning!



Jennifer of Wren Photography is celebrating her birthday today! As her husband I am obligated to tell the world that my lovely wife is one year older today. First, we will walk down memory lane a bit…

Born in the 80’s and grown in the 90’s she fondly remembers slap bracelets and jellies being “Da Bomb!”. Also, remember frosted tips? Justin Timberlake is looking much better now, I think Bill Nye could come up with some science to support this theory. Ah the early 90’s! John Stamos, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jared Leto, and Devon Sawa (que women’s sighs)! Come on ladies there’s no denying those crushes. So, pull up an inflatable chair, grab a lunchable, and let’s watch some reruns of Salute Your Shorts, Wild and Crazy Kids, or anything with that dreamy JTT! Or we could make some Spin Art and enjoy a cupcake from our easy bake oven, but remember to not eat the Gak or the Silly Putty! Anyway, put away your Pogs and scented markers, turn down “The Thong Song”, tear down your Spice Girls poster, Spit out those Warheads candies, put away that Trapper Keeper, close your Goosebumps book, shut off Carmen Sandiego, and let’s all wish Jen a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Now, for the sweet sentiments. Jen, in all seriosness, you are the light of my life. I am honored to share lifes triunphs and pitfalls with you. you inspire me every day with how talented you are in your photography, creative marketing, and genuine fondness for our clients and our business. You are a testiment of dedication and drive in the way you work putting care in everything you put out as fisished, final products. You are amazing! Iove you! Happy Birthday!

Here’s a few of pics of my lovely wife.



I love a good sale! Majority of the time when I’m shopping I head straight back to the sale rack first, but one thing I wish I wouldn’t have skimped on was my wedding day shoes. I purchased a pair of red, kitten heels off the internet that were adorable, but they ended up being so uncomfortable that I changed immediately after the ceremony. So here is the best advice I’m going to give you (quickly grab a pen and paper, you are not going to want to miss this):

1. Treat yourself to a gorgeous pair of shoes! Those $200 pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing up, buy them! Just think about it, after the wedding is all said and done those shoes will be one of the only items that you wear after the wedding. Why not treat yourself?!

2. Wear your wedding shoes around the house for weeks leading up to the wedding. Like I said before my shoes were so uncomfortable I couldn’t wait to take them off. At least if I tried wearing them around the house leading up to the wedding they could of stretched out. Or if nothing else, I could have found out how horrible they were and purchased new ones.

3. Heels aren’t always necessary. Yep, this is coming from the gal that owns heels upon heels, but let’s be real–if you can’t walk in them then don’t wear them. I’ve seen beautiful brides try to wear heels for their outdoor wedding and all they end up doing is just sinking into the ground. There are many great options for flats or wedges, make sure that your shoe choice reflects the locations of your big day.

I hope you took notes and are now walking around the house in your wedding shoes. And hey, if worse comes to worse and you fall on wedding day–just make sure someone photographs it. Kidding of course.



We want to run to the nearest mountain and scream out, “We LOVE engagement photos!”. There are so many reasons why we love them, the main being it’s a celebration of a couple madly in love and the photographs reflect that. When couples book a wedding with us we include the engagement session automatically, it is a great way for us as photographers to truly get to know our couple! Here is just a few tips that we share with our amazing couples:

Pin, pinning, pinned: Pinterest has been a powerful tool for us. It has allowed us to show clients inspirations and ideas! We have created a board geared towards engagement portraits that showcase color combos, style, trends, and so much more! Make sure to follow us–>Wren Photography.

Goodbye Matchy-Matchy, Hello Coordinating: Long gone are the days of matching khaki pants and a white shirt! For engagement portraits you want to complement each others outfits by choosing colors that work well together. Check out our pinterest boards (mentioned  above) for ideas.

Make It Personal: These are YOUR images and of course you want them to speak volumes about you and your fiance. Discuss things you both enjoy doing together and bring “props” and accessories that will help compliment who you are. If you both enjoy playing music together, bring your instruments to your session. If you both enjoy boating, suggest doing your session on a boat or, at the very least, near the water. Bring along items that will represent each individual AND who you both are as a couple collectively.

These are just a few main points that we tell our clients and each photographer should have some sort of helpful times to guide you in the right direction. The more you know and have planned in advance, the less worry on the day of the session! After all, you just want to relax and show how madly in love you two are!



We’ve found that over the years of photographing that there is a couple things you can’t control: 1. The weather 2. Kids. The day that we had scheduled for the Krause family had a little of both, but thankfully it all worked out in the end. We started near the shores of Marquette, but the winter wind was blowing pretty hard. After a change of locations and a warm up for everyone we were ready to truly get the photo session underway. And boy oh boy Dylan was cracking us up with his big laugh and adorable little smirk. He was quite the character! You can see his personality shine through in the images to follow, so rather than talk about it, we want to just show you!


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