Winter is our favorite time of year to photograph, hands down. The quality of light, the bare branches, the simplicity of clean white snow….we fall in love more with each photo shoot! That is why we truly wanted to show off how gorgeous a winter wedding could be. We are so happy that Savvy Deets Bridal Blog thought so too and published our winter styled wedding on their blog. Enjoy!

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This winter has been all over the place; below negative temperature, snowy, rainy, no snow at all, windy. The day of Jake and Lauren’s engagement session was no exception; we had a snowless witner day. There was something about the quality of light; it was so delicious that we could have eaten up with a spoon! On top of that Jake and Lauren are that couple that we always adore–the kind of couple that interact well together during the photo shoot. We barely had to give these two any directions, they are just madly in love and it shows. For their wedding next month we hope to either have loads of snow or 80 degree weather (stranger things have happened).



2003 doesn’t seem like that long ago. Yet it is the year that so many things happened; I moved to Mackinac Island, I met Alex, I fell in love him, I moved to Indiana with him, and I knew that he would be the man I married. How did I know that? He made me laugh all the time. Alex has always had a nack for comedy, many people tell him that he should be a stand up comedian and I couldn’t agree more. Even when I thought his humor was inappropriate at times, looking back I realize it’s exactly what I needed. He is great like that; he always knows what I need, even if I don’t know it. I’m so lucky to have him in my life.

Now today is no ordinary day, today is the day that my dear Alex was born. Sharing the day with another great man in my life; my grandfather (r.i.p. Grandpa Bob). For all the years I’ve known Alex he has hated celebrating his birthday. I’ve never met anyone before that dreaded a birthday like he has. Before you ask, no it’s not because he is getting older (although I do heckle him about it). It’s the fact that he has had the worst luck on his birthdays in years past. Heck, a few years ago he ended up in the hospital because the burger he was eating had a jalapeno stem on it that cut his throat. Seriously–my poor husband has the worst luck on his birthday. This year though, I say screw luck–who needs it anyways. I want to show him that his birthday is grand! That no matter what happens today let’s celebrate anyways! I want to show him that I too know what he needs; he needs to remember that even if he ends up in the hospital again, I will still be by his side. At the end of the day isn’t that what anybody needs–someone to be by their side; even if it’s a wife, friend, family member?! Today WILL be great because we will make it great! Happy 29th Birthday to my best friend, my husband, my business partner…my love Alex. Laugh anything off today, because who needs luck anyways!?




It’s hard to believe that Ally, the daughter of the Thompson’s, is now a year old. It truly doesn’t feel like that long since we photographed their destination wedding in Arizone (in 2010), but time has been flying by since then. We are so honored to have photographed the Thompson’s for so many big life events and we are looking forward to the many years ahead with all of them. Happy One Year Ally!


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