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I think the ultimate test on a marriage is being together in a car for 50+ hours, but we survived and actually had an absolute blast. When

Stressing Out

This past weekend we hit over 4,000 fans on Facebook–I keep saying it out loud just to remind myself that it’s true. I’m

Ridiculously Good Looking

Anytime that we get to people to model for us we can’t help but get the line from the movie Zoolander stuck in our head,

Ten Years

Ten years ago today my life changed, I officially started dating a man I met just three days prior. Crazy as that seems it’s nothing

Che Bello Winner

During the month of December Che Bello, Salon Salon, and us at Wren Photography had a little giveaway to one lucky winner! The winner


I find it a little strange that I’m on my blog, blogging about being blogged. Yep, how’s that for a conundrum?! Recently I was

Happy Birthday Jen!

Jennifer of Wren Photography is celebrating her birthday today! As her husband I am obligated to tell the world that my lovely wife is one

Experiencing WPPI

When we leave the photography conference of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) we feel like we can take of the world.

Sled dogs & Showdown Rail Jam

Ohhhh Marquette, what a wonderful town I get to call home. I’ll be honest with you though, years ago when I moved to Marquette it was

Hey from Vegas

Hello from sunny Las Vegas! With only one more day left till we head back to the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we are taking advantage

Eben Ice Caves

If you’ve never been out to the Eben Ice Caves it’s totally worth the hike! Nestled about a mile into the woods you’ll

Who needs luck anyways

2003 doesn’t seem like that long ago. Yet it is the year that so many things happened; I moved to Mackinac Island, I met Alex, I fell

S e a r c h